My Chaos, His Calm (Men of Fairlake)


My world is chaos, and he’s my only peace—but at what cost?

My scars are both visible and hidden. I’m lonely, but I do okay…I think. I’m still a bit of a disaster, but I have a job and a roof over my head, and the medication keeps my demons at bay. What I don’t need is a babysitter, but try telling my overprotective brother that.

When I first saw Luke, I couldn’t stop staring—his beauty and strength captivated me. As I get to know him, I realize he’s the calm to my chaos—the light to my darkness. Of course, he’s straight, so I can’t have him. But all it takes is what I thought was a hot dream, and it appears we’re both open to change. The lines are blurred, and he doesn’t have a problem with that…or me. I don’t deserve him, but he doesn’t see it that way. He’s perfect.

But he doesn’t know what I did. If he knew the ugly truth, I’d lose him. Luke and I can only ever be temporary, so I keep my secrets.

When the past threatens to catch up with me, I have a choice…keep the secret for the sake of me and my brother…or take a chance and tell Luke everything. But damn it, I can’t even get that right.

Is it too much to ask to love and be loved and have a chance at the future I desperately want…with Luke? The past is dead. So why won’t it stay buried?

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My Chaos, His Calm (Men of Fairlake)