• 100 Mandalas Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Beautiful Mandala Designs for Adults Relaxation.

    Discover this beautiful 100 Mandala Coloring Book For Adults,
    with 100 Wonderful and relaxing Hand-Drawn Mandala Patterns.
    Each coloring page is designed to provide calmness and relaxation.
    Mandala Coloring Book Specifications:

    • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches ( 21.59 x 27.94 cm)
    • 100 individual projects.
    • Premium Soft Cover.
    • Each mandala coloring page is different and printed on a single side, so you can use a broad variety of coloring choices without fearing bleed through.
    • This adult coloring book is a great gift for any occasion, or for anyone who needs a moment of peace and relaxation.
    • Perfect to relieve stress by coloring this 100 relaxing mandala pattern, to provide hours of fun, calm, and relaxation.

    Mandal Coloring Books make a nice gift idea for any occasion, with a wide variety of mandala illustrations
    for a relaxing moment and stress relief.

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  • 100 Years of Bentley – reissue


    Produced in conjunction with the Bentley Drivers Club and the W.O. Bentley Memorial Foundation,100 Years of Bentley is a lavish celebration of one of the most recognised and revered car brands in history, from its earliest models right up to the modern day cars.

    A six-times winner in the gruelling Le Mans 24-hour race, Bentley is also the brand behind iconic cars such as the 41/2-Litre ‘Blower’, the R-type Continental, and modern classics such as the Continental GT and Mulsanne.

    Featuring more than 200 pictures, many from the club’s archives and some never seen in print before, this beautiful book details the whole history of Bentley. From W.O. Bentley’s early days as a railway engineer along with his first attempts at modifying French DFP cars, to the company’s earlyracing exploits, including its victories in the early Le Mans races.

    Covering the Bentley brand’s revival in the 1980s and renewed impetus when it was acquired by the Volkswagen group, the story is brought up to date with the awesome new Bentleys built for the 21st century and the new era of electrification just around the corner.

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  • 125 Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring 125 of the World’s Most Beautiful Mandalas for Stress Relief and Relaxation (Mandala Coloring Books)


    Relieve stress with 125 most beautiful and relaxing mandalas by Coloring Book Cafe. Makes a great Christmas gift idea.

    A stunning collection of relaxing and easy to color mandalas can be found in our coloring book: 125 Mandalas. Discover a captivating array of sparkling gems, intricate classic designs, playful geometric patterns, and more in this symmetrical and elegantly simple mandala collection!

    Inside this ultimate collection, you’ll discover:

    • Stained Glass Mandalas: a gorgeous selection of patterns with a classic stained-glass theme
    • Ethnic Mandalas: beautiful cultural designs including Aztec, Native American, African, Celtic, Inuit, and Polynesian
    • Classic Mandalas: specially crafted to help you practice relaxation and experience mindfulness
    • Gemstone Mandalas: which combine relaxing patterns with vibrant emeralds, rubies, topaz, opal, and diamonds
    • Greek Mandalas: exquisite mandalas reflecting the artistic taste of classical Greek pottery and architecture

    Coloring is a scientifically-proven way of promoting feelings of calmness and tranquility. Whether you want to unwind from the day’s stress, hone your artistic talent, or feel the benefits of meditative mindfulness, this coloring book is for you. Inspired by religious art and beautiful mosaics, this mindful mandala collection includes something for everyone.

    Book details:

    • 125 hand-drawn images exclusively designed to stimulate your artistic ambition
    • Separately printed sheets to prevent bleed-through and allow you to easily remove and frame your favorites
    • Suitable for markers, gel pens, colored pencils, fine-liners, and watercolors
    • An assortment of simple and intricate designs to accommodate every skill level
    • And hours upon hours of coloring enjoyment and meditative relaxation

    So if you need the perfect way of relieving stress, or if you’re hunting for an ideal gift for a coloring fan in your life, then this book is for you. Mandala coloring books have become a popular tool in art therapy, offering individuals a meditative means to explore their emotions and promote mental well-being.

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  • 20 to Knit: Pocket Pets (Twenty to Make)


    Make your own collection of irresistibly cute knitted animals in soft, fleecy yarn. This gorgeous knitting book for knitters of all abilities by Sachiyo Ishii contains 20 lovely projects including a baby penguin, a koala bear, a guinea pig and a squirrel. All the projects are accompanied by clear, easy-to-follow patterns and photography. There is a useful page of basic techniques at the start of the book, including making up, stuffing, and simple, decorative surface stitching.

    These lovely mini knits are all bursting with character and feel extra soft and snuggly.

    All the projects are exquisitely designed and very easy to make. They make perfect gifts and will delight young and old alike.

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  • 200 Veg-Growing Basics By Richard Bird & [Hardcover] Allotment Month By Month By Alan Buckingham 2 Books Collection Set

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image Shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    Allotment Month By Month [Hardcover]
    200 Veg-Growing Basics

    200 Veg-Growing Basics By Richard Bird & [Hardcover] Allotment Month By Month By Alan Buckingham 2 Books Collection Set:

    Allotment Month By Month [Hardcover]:
    ISBN-10 : 0241360005
    ISBN-13 : 978-0241360002
    Wondering how to grow your own fruits and vegetables or how to make the most out of your existing allotment? Allotment Month by Month has everything you need to know about how to grow your own fruit and vegetables: when to sow, how to cultivate, advice on pesticide use – and step-by-step garden projects like making a compost bin. With more than 60 fruit and vegetable crop planners, this gardening book is your go-to guide to growing fresh, seasonal produce in your kitchen garden, on your plot or in smaller city spaces. Month-by-month alerts help you guard against the season’s garden pests and diseases to ensure a top-quality harvest.

    200 Veg-Growing Basics:
    ISBN-10 : 0600618331
    ISBN-13 : 978-0600618331
    Growing your own veg is an enjoyable, economical and environmentally-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you have a front garden, back garden or simply a humble window-box, anyone with green-fingers can plant, nurture and produce their own vegetables. Not only is it the perfect way to ensure that you and your family eat fresh, nutritious foods but it’s also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, this essential guide – all packed into a handy format – tells you everything you need to know to grow your own veg, with expert tips and practical advice along the way to ensure perfect results.

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  • 2024 – 2025 Calendar: Celeb and Entertainment Calendar, Eco Friendly, Jan 2024 to Jun 2026, 30 Months, 17″ x 11″ Opened, Thick & Sturdy Paper, Great … Canada Public Holidays,…

    Bid Farewell to Blurred Imagery, Fragile Pages, and Holiday Confusion!

    Introducing Our 30-Month Calendar Featuring Captivating Celebrity Portraits – An Ideal Gift for Avid Admirers of the Stars!

    What Distinguishes This Calendar:
    – Impressive Dimensions: Measuring a substantial 8.5 x 11 inches when closed and an expansive 17 x 11 inches when open, it proudly presents 30 mesmerizing, high-quality celebrity portraits.
    – Extended Coverage: Spanning from January 2024 to December 2025, with an additional 6 months included in 2026, all at no extra cost.
    – Holiday Clarity: Encompassing Canada public holidays and moon phases while thoughtfully excluding perplexing foreign holidays that disrupt your schedule.
    – High Quality Paper: Printed on high quality paper that resists ink smearing, avoids creasing and curling
    – Spacious Day Blocks: Generously-sized day blocks offer ample writing space for your scheduling and planning needs.
    – Versatile Decor: The perfect decorative addition to your home, office, or classroom, infusing the beauty of natural landscapes into your daily environment.
    – Ideal Gift: Share the joy with friends and family by presenting them with this calendar, a thoughtful gesture suitable for any occasion, including those on a budget.
    – Eco-Friendly: Current calendars are made with high-recycled-content paper. We are focused on eco-safety and social responsibility

    As a special incentive, your purchase will include a QR code granting access to our website and additional rewards.

    Elevate Your Connection to Celebrity Culture with the Celebrity Portraits 2024-2025 Calendar – Secure Yours Today and Revel in the Glamour of the Stars!

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  • 2024 Autograph Book for Girls: Notepad for Signatures and/or Photos of Characters at Amusement Parks, Vacation Resorts, and Cruises. For Kids of All … and Blue…

    Save cherished autographs and photographs from your vacation in one beautiful book!

    • 100 pages for any combination of photographs and autographs. For example, you can use left-hand pages for photos and right-hand pages for autographs…or you can use all pages for autographs.
    • Enter your name on the title page.
    • Plenty of space for large signatures
    • Portable 8.25 x 6 inches

    Get copies now for the whole crew!

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  • 2024 Diary and Gardeners Log Book: Gardening Organizer & Journal Notebook | Garden Planner with Yearly Planting Calendar


    🌱 The perfect gift idea for gardeners and garden lovers everywhere! 🌱
    Perfect Planning And Organization Your Garden– Planner With Calendar 2024.
    Keep your garden wonderful and stay organized with this great Gardening Journal.

    Product Details:
    -8.5×11 inches
    -166 pages
    -Printed on high quality solid white paper
    -Premium cover glossy finish

    Great Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed!
    Scroll up and BUY NOW!

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  • 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book: An Extensive Collection of Inspiring Images, Quotes & Affirmations for Personal Growth, Goal Setting, and … & words (2024 Vision Board Clip…

    Unlock Your Creative Future with the 2024 Vision Board Clipart Book, Over 500+ high-quality images, powerful affirmations, meaningful phrases, and motivating words,

    Value centers around empowering individuals to shape their aspirations, dreams, and goals into reality through the transformative medium of clipart art.

    benefits of your 2024 Vision Board Clipart Book:

    1. Elevate Your Vision:
    Transform your visions and dreams into visual masterpieces. Our clipart book provides an extensive collection of curated elements that help you craft compelling vision boards that reflect your goals.

    2. Unleash Creativity:
    Ignite your creativity with a diverse array of high-quality clipart. Create unique compositions that capture your imagination and convey your ambitions in a visually stunning way.

    3. Customizable Design:
    Craft your vision board exactly as you envision it. Our clipart book offers a wide selection of elements that can be easily customized to match your personal style and preferences.

    4. Accelerate Goal Achievement:
    Visualize your path to success. By assembling your goals and aspirations visually, you reinforce your commitment and motivation, propelling yourself towards achievement.

    5. Time-Efficient Solution:
    Skip the hassle of sourcing individual images. Our clipart book provides a one-stop solution, saving you time and effort in finding the perfect visual components for your vision board.

    6. Tangible Inspiration:
    Experience the satisfaction of creating something tangible. Assembling a vision board using our clipart elevates your motivation and transforms abstract ideas into concrete inspiration.

    7. Shareable Impact:
    Share your dreams visually with others. Craft vision boards for team projects, presentations, or social media, amplifying the impact of your ideas and inspiring those around you.

    8. Holistic Visualization:
    Capture a holistic view of your goals. Our clipart covers a range of categories, allowing you to visualize various aspects of your life, from career aspirations to personal growth.

    9. Lifetime Access:
    Enjoy timeless inspiration. With our clipart book, you have access to a versatile collection that continues to empower your visions for years to come.

    Unlock the potential within you, manifest your aspirations, and pave the way to a more vibrant future with the 2024 Vision Board Clipart Book. Your dreams are worth visualizing – let our clipart be your guide to success.

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  • 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book: Bring Your Dreams So Much Closer with These 800+ Elements Covering Finances, Relationships, Fitness, Health and So Much More! For Women and Men

    Here’s how to gain more clarity in your life so you can unlock your full potential, and thrive like never before.

    Do you feel overwhelmed when thinking about your future plans? Do you need more structure and motivation to achieve your goals faster?

    Perhaps you are looking for a perfect gift for the next birthday or holiday of your loved ones?

    If the answer is “yes”, then you need this book which contains 800+ pictures, quotes, bodacious affirmations, mantras and other elements for more than 50 life aspects, starting from sport and finances to mindfulness and hobbies.

    Let this Clip Art Book help you write your own inspirational story and visualize your path to success.

    Inside you will find:

    • 800+ elements covering health, wealth, relationships, traveling, and so much more.
    • Reflection questions to help you create an effective vision board that has a deep meaning to your life.
    • Each page in our vision board planner is designed around a specific color palette, making it easier to create a beautiful, stylish vision board you’ll want to share with your close people.

    All you’ll need is a large paper poster or cork board, a trusty pair of scissors, a glue stick, and this fantastic collection of Clip Art to help you bring your dreams to life.

    It’s time to make 2024 your best year ever. Let’s make this journey fun and creative.

    Are you ready to manifest your dreams and achieve the life you desire? Then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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  • 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book: Create Powerful Vision Boards from 500+ Images, Quotes, and Words to Achieve Your Best Year Ever | Inspirational Pictures For Women and Men…

    This book will help you create powerful, effective, and visually appealing vision boards to get exactly the life you want in 2024 and beyond. With more than 500 beautiful images and word art that you can cut and paste on your own vision board.

    “It’s like having a bunch of magazines compressed into one book. Only better!”
    ”Great for a one book buy.”

    The clip art collection is meticulously curated and printed on single-sided, high-quality paper.

    The 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book is your one-stop solution for defining your dreams, laying out a plan for 2024, and achieving it all through the proven visualization technique of using a vision board.

    Save a lot of time and effort while creating an aesthetically pleasing vision board masterpiece.
    You will find ethnic diversity and variety in inspiring photographs, stunning graphics, captivating word art, and quotes about:

    • Health
    • Money
    • Family
    • Career
    • Self-development
    • Friendships
    • Romance
    • Lifestyle
    • Aspirations
    • Travel
    and more that relate to both women and men.

    This book will lead you through building your vision board and taking the steps toward the life you’ve dreamed of.

    No more blank or boring boards. All you need is a large paper poster or cork board, scissors, glue, and this book to help you set, affirm, and reach your desires.


    What is your vision for the future? Are you struggling to establish your dreams? Or are you unaware of what you really want in the first place? If you can relate to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.


    In this book, you will also discover…

    • What vision boards are and their meaning
    • The essentials and benefits of creating and using a vision board
    • How vision boards will help you set, affirm, and reach your objectives
    • How to layout a future plan and figure out what you truly want
    • Crucial exercises to perform before creating a vision board
    • The different types of vision boards and how to choose one
    • A step-by-step guide to making your own vision board at home
    • The practical aspects of creating and using a vision board, including supplies, materials, and more

    This clip art book provides vision board artwork supplies that makes it easy for you to get started creating your own inspiring, powerful and effective vision board and putting the Law of Attraction to work for you.

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  • 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book: Design Your Dream Year with 500+ Powerful Images, Words, Phrases & More | Inspirational Pictures For Women & Men (Vision Board Supplies)

    Introducing the 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book

    Your Gateway to a Year of Extraordinary Achievements and Limitless Possibilities!

    Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of manifestation and personal growth? Look no further! The 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book is here to guide you towards the life of your dreams. Brace yourself for a breathtaking collection of over 500 unique clip art elements meticulously curated to empower and inspire you every step of the way.

    Unleash Your Imagination:
    • Immerse yourself in the beauty of your dreams as you explore a mesmerizing selection of stunning images, captivating words, and empowering affirmations. From the moment you open the pages, you’ll be transported to a world where possibilities know no bounds.

    Design Your Perfect Year:
    1. Craft a vision board that reflects your deepest desires and fuels your motivation. This comprehensive collection covers all areas of life – career, finances, relationships, health, hobbies, travel, and more.
    2. With a diverse range of clip art elements at your fingertips, you can curate a vision board that truly resonates with your unique aspirations.

    Manifest Success:
    • Tap into the power of visualization and attract abundance into your life. The clip art collection is meticulously designed to help you manifest success, whether it’s achieving your career goals, cultivating thriving relationships, or embracing adventures that ignite your spirit.
    • Let the energy of these clip art elements amplify your intentions and accelerate your journey towards fulfillment.

    Uncompromising Quality and Convenience:
    • The 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book ensures a seamless experience. Each clip art element is printed on single-sided, high-quality paper, ensuring you never have to choose between your favorite visuals.
    • Cut, arrange, and bring your vision board to life with ease, knowing that every element is meticulously crafted for your satisfaction.

    Join the Visionary Movement:
    • Elevate your vision and transform your future with the 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book. It’s not just a book; it’s a portal to endless possibilities. Immerse yourself in the power of manifestation, tap into your creative genius, and design a life that surpasses your wildest dreams.

    Embrace the extraordinary. Ignite your passions. Create your 2024 vision board masterpiece with this unparalleled clip art collection. Your journey to a remarkable year starts here. Get the 2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book now and unlock the magic of manifestation!

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  • A Dog’s Guide to Humans: 1 (Funny Dog Books)

    A Dog’s Guide to Humans A lighthearted look at the human species from a dog’s point of view. Bob the West Highland Terrier shares some tips and tricks on getting the best out of human beings, attempts to fathom some of their strange behaviour and imparts some of his wisdom on training and manipulation techniques. How well has YOUR dog trained you? Take the quiz at the end of the book to find out!

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  • A Dog’s Guide to Humans: 1 (Funny Dog Books)

    A Dog’s Guide to Humans A lighthearted look at the human species from a dog’s point of view. Bob the West Highland Terrier shares some tips and tricks on getting the best out of human beings, attempts to fathom some of their strange behaviour and imparts some of his wisdom on training and manipulation techniques. How well has YOUR dog trained you? Take the quiz at the end of the book to find out!

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  • A Dog’s Life 2024 – Wand-Kalender – Broschüren-Kalender – 30×30 – 30×60 geöffnet – Hunde – Cartoon

    A Dog’s Life A Dog’s Life by Gemma Correll – this humor calendar presents you with the everyday activities of a dog who takes life with humor. • Format 30 x 30 cm, open 30 x 60 cm • 6-language calendar• International holidays • Moon phases • Space for notes. The simple drawings combined with funny sayings show situations and quirks of the animals that every dog owner knows and for which he loves his hairy friends all the more. The accompanying sayings are in English and bring the message short and crisp to the point. In the open format of 30 x 60 cm, the brochure calendar allows a good view of the humorous picture motifs and still offers plenty of space for your appointment notes and other entries. The six-language calendar (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) of the funny wall calendar reliably informs about all moon phases and numerous international holidays. Also as a gift for dog lovers with a sense of slope, this humour calendar is a real luck handle and brings great joy to the recipient. The publishing team wishes you a lot of fun with this unusual wall Calender.

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  • A Dream in Red – Ferrari by Maggi & Maggi: A photographic journey through the finest cars ever made

    The definitive photographic celebration of 70 years of Ferrari’s production cars, by the world’s foremost Ferrari photography archive. Also including the key stats and stories behind more than 150 cars.

    Celebrate the performance, design and beauty of the prancing horse in these breathtaking photographs, captured by specialist Ferrari photographers, Maggi & Maggi. More than 300 jaw-dropping images covering over 150 cars from across Ferrari’s history – from the 125 S of 1947 and the era-defining 250 GTO to the notorious F40 and the Enzo – sit alongside detailed technical specifications and fascinating text telling the story behind each model by renowned Ferrari expert Stuart Codling.

    With some of the most beautiful, powerful and expensive cars in the world, this elegant collection is a stunning reminder of the enduring appeal of Ferrari.

    The MAGGI & MAGGI archive is the world’s foremost collection of Ferrari photography. The culmination of a forty-year project to photograph every Ferrari model, it houses close to 100,000 images. This book showcases the very best of the archive.

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  • A Handheld History: A comprehensive celebration of handheld consoles and their iconic games from indie journal publisher Lost In Cult


    A Handheld History is a unique celebration of portable platforms and their iconic games.

    Forty years ago, businessmen fiddling with calculators inspired Gunpei Yokoi to create the Game & Watch. Ever since then, handheld gaming has been hugely influential, spawning communities who trade Pokémon in the playground and share Miis on the subway. This introspective adventure will delve into decades of gaming memories and reconnect you to that long car journey full of discarded AA batteries before speeding ahead to the contemporary days of blockbusters in your backpack.

    Handheld gaming is celebrated loudly, proudly, and across hundreds of beautifully assembled pages of art and essays. Featuring words from many incredible voices, this is an unmissable ode to the gaming device that you keep close to your heart – right in your jacket pocket.

    Words and art by:
    Alex Olney
    Bob Wulff
    Brandon Saltalamacchia
    Brian Crecente
    Hannah Kwan Cosselmon
    Janet Garcia
    Jason Bradbury
    Jeff Grubb
    Jonathan Traynor
    Kevin Kenson
    Larry Bundy Jr.
    Mike Diver
    Raul Higuera
    Stephen Maurice Graham
    Plus many more!

    Made in collaboration with Retro Dodo. This edition published in partnership with Expanse, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers.

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  • A History of Playing Cards

    Intricate study based on research and card collections from around the world tells the story of playing cards and their manufacture, plus provides a fascinating overview of heraldry, geography, history, and the social and political activities of man over the past six centuries. “The most authoritative and complete treatment of its kind.” ― The New York Times.

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  • A Monk’s Guide to a Clean House and Mind


    Cleanliness is next to enlightenment. In this Japanese bestseller a Buddhist monk explains the traditional meditative techniques that will help cleanse not only your house – but your soul.

    Live clean. Feel calm. Be happy.

    We remove dust to sweep away our worldly cares. We live simply and take time to contemplate the self, mindfully living each moment. It’s not just monks that need to live this way. Everyone in today’s busy world needs it.

    In Japan, cleanliness is next to enlightenment. This bestselling guide by a Zen Buddhist monk draws on ancient traditions to show you how a few simple changes to your daily habits – from your early morning routine to preparingfood, from respecting the objects around you to working together as a team -will not only make your home calmer and cleaner, but will leave you feeling refreshed, happier and more fulfilled.

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  • A Summer Wedding at the Cornish Manor: Saved the date with the newest feel-good romantic read from Linn B. Halton! (Escape to Cornwall Book 3)

    This summer, save the date for Renweneth Farm’s very first wedding!

    As the seasons change, so do the lives of those who call the farm home. Bustling with activity in anticipation of a busy Spring, it’s all go with Jess and Riley’s wedding on the horizon and Renweneth Manor’s restoration in full swing.

    But while the farm business flourishes, Jess and Ivy need to learn to navigate unforeseen challenges – financial worries, two disgruntled locals, and even a blast from Riley’s past… In the midst of it all can Ivy juggle a new and unexpected arrival with her booming business, and can Jess keep track of her perfect day?

    Join Jess and the team at Renweneth Farm as they struggle to make the pieces of the intricate puzzle that bonds them together, fall neatly into place.

    A story that celebrates love, life, and the way friends become family in this growing community.

    Perfect for fans of Philippa Ashley, Sue Moorcroft and Holly Martin.

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  • A Wedding in the Country: From the #1 bestselling author of uplifting feel-good fiction


    Romance, friendship, joy and the possibility of happy endings: the heartwarming novel by number one bestseller, Katie Fforde.

    ‘The queen of uplifting, feel good romance’ AJ PEARCE
    ‘Effortlessly lovable, warm and fun’ CLOSER
    ‘Katie Fforde is on sparkling form’ INDEPENDENT
    ‘Top-drawer romantic escapism’ DAILY MAIL
    ‘Like a good wedding, it will leave you wiping away the tears’ SUNDAY EXPRESS
    ‘Warm, brilliant and full of love’ HEAT
    ‘Modern-day Austen. Great fun’ RED
    ‘This is the most perfect, feel-good read’ THE SUN

    1963: Lizzie has just arrived in London, determined to make the best of her new-found freedom.

    Her mother may be keen that she should have a conventional wedding in the country to a Suitable Man chosen by her . . . but she definitely wants to have some fun first.

    Soon Lizzie has cut her hair fashionably short, bought herself a minidress, and moved in with two of her best friends in a grand but run-down house in Belgravia.

    Before long, Lizzie’s life is so exciting that she has forgotten all about her mother’s marriage plans.

    All she can think about is that the handsome man she is falling in love with appears to be engaged to someone else . . .

    Praise for A Wedding in the Country . . .

    ‘Thoroughly enjoyable!’
    ‘A feel-good story you can curl up with’
    ‘Beautifully written’
    ‘The perfect book to relax with’
    ‘An absolutely blissful read!’
    ‘Katie Fforde at her best’

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  • A Wedding in Wildflower Lane (Return to Cornwall Book 12)

    The latest chapter of RETURN TO CORNWALL brings readers two very different weddings—and one very surprising client—for the final novel in the bestselling series!

    Having once dismissed Kitty’s fears about a rival wedding planner, Julianne’s words come back to haunt her when she learns that a smart, upscale event planning service is planning to open its newest branch in Cornwall. Elegant Settings and its lead event planner Emma Dumbridge caters to the kind of wealthy clients that Julianne and Kitty rely on to make their local client’s small weddings financially possible, and Julianne worries that this spells doom for Save the Date.

    Julianne’s worries will only be compounded by the shock of learning the name of their rival’s first Cornish wedding—Matt’s ex and Julianne’s first-ever wedding client, the model Petal Borroway. Much to her chagrin, she and Kitty are tapped by the chic event planner to oversee a few minor local affairs on their client’s behalf, a role which she feels they have no choice but to fulfill.

    Speaking of small-scale clients, Rosie and animal whisperer Thamis have decided to tie the knot, which means Julianne and Kitty are tasked with helping her create a memorable day on a budget. Planning what could be the last wedding before their beloved business begins slipping away—whilst helping create a wedding for her least-favorite client of all time—Julianne is surrounded by questions, doubts, and a few old ghosts, as she faces a future she can’t yet imagine.

    Will Save the Date survive its rivalry? Will Julianne be able to deal with Matt seeing Petal again? Will Rosie’s happy day come together despite all the challenges in the lives of its planners? All will be revealed as we say goodbye to the well-loved sequel series and to Julianne, Matt, and all the beloved characters of Ceffylgwyn.

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  • Accountant Gifts: A Funny Adult Coloring Book For Accountant CPA

    This is the perfect office gift for your favourite accountant coworker. A funny adult coloring book full of accounting puns and jokes, for CPAs that work their assets off.

    • 25 unique coloring sheets, each designed with beautiful patterns and detailed, stress relieving mandala designs that are great for relaxation after a hard day of accounting.
    • Single-sided, suitable for any pencils or pens
    • This funny adult coloring book makes a great gift for coworkers for any occasion: secret santa, a gag gift, Christmas, CPA gifts, Holidays, an employee appreciation gift, or just for coworkers who hate their jobs.

    Have a laugh and add this to your basket now!

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  • Acorn’s DEAFinitely Awesome Dictionary of Signs: Easy-to-Learn and Easy-to-Teach Sign Language for Training Deaf Dogs in the Basics of Good Behavior

    Acorn’s DEAFinitely Awesome Dictionary of Signs is designed to inspire anyone with a deaf dog to reach the goal of having a well-mannered dog that is a treasured family member. If you live or work with a dog who “just doesn’t listen” you should find these signs and training tips for 12 fundamentals of good behavior useful. Deaf dogs are not stubborn or hard to train, they simply need to learn a language they can understand.Acorn’s DEAFinitely Awesome Dictionary of Signs is part of The Acorn Project, a toolkit of resources for shelters, rescues, dog trainers and, ultimately, adopters to prepare deaf dogs for successful lives in Forever Homes. With eye-catching illustrations by nationally syndicated cartoonist Jenny Campbell and instructions from trainer Carol Peter, CPDT-KA, Acorn’s Dictionary is sure to make training time fun for both human and dog.Acorn’s remarkable true story is told in the popular children’s book DEAFinitely Awesome – The Story of Acorn, also available on amazon.com.

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  • Adoption Certificate: Puppy Cat or Any Pet Adoption Certificates for Parties or for Breeders | Puppy Dog Adoption Certificates | Dog Party Favors and Supplies | 20 Certificates

    Full color premium design certificates for dog breeders, or dog adoption parties so they can give them to new puppy owners.
    Notebook with 40 pages of 60lb/90 GSM paper / 20 certificates.
    Save time and supplies by the certificates already having been printed.Pages are 8,25″x6″, and must be extracted from the notebook. When cut, size will be 8″x6″.

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  • Adrift: The Curious Tale of the Lego Lost at Sea


    Winner of the Holyer an Gof Award 2023

    In 1997 sixty-two containers fell off the cargo ship Tokio Express after it was hit by a rogue wave off the coast of Cornwall, including one container filled with nearly five million pieces of Lego, much of it sea themed. In the months that followed, beachcombers started to find Lego washed up on beaches across the south west coast. Among the pieces they discovered were octopuses, sea grass, spear guns, life rafts, scuba tanks, cutlasses, flippers and dragons. The pieces are still washing up today.

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  • Adult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Designs Animals, Mandalas, Flowers, Paisley Patterns And So Much More: Coloring Book For Adults

    Over 60 Gorgeous Pages to Color! Color that Anxiety Away!

    Not Sure What Theme To Start Coloring? Grab One That Has Everything.

    Incredible Artwork With the Largest Variety of Animals, Mandalas and Paisley Designs.

    Join the hundreds of thousands of happy colorists that really appreciate good quality artwork.

    • Various Levels Of Intricacy Keeping You Excited and Inspired To Color!
    • So Many Different Themes To Choose From: Garden Designs, Flowers, Animals, Mandalas, and Paisley Patterns, Decorative Art.
    • Perfect For Every Skill Level: Great For Growing Your Skills. From Young Ones To Seniors.
    • Great Way to Relieve Stress. Great Anti- Anxiety Activity
    • Perfect With Your Choice Of Coloring Tools (Crayon, Gel Pens, Markers, Colored Pencils).
    • High Resolution Crisp Clean Printing of Illustrations.
    • Each Coloring Page Is On One Sheet. Printed One Sided. Don’t Worry About Bleed Through.
    • Frequently Gifted. This Book Makes The Perfect Gift For Christmas Holidays, Birthday and More. Grab a Set of Pencils To Go With It!

    Create Your Own Frame-Worthy Masterpieces!

    This adult coloring book from Cindy Elsharouni has over 60 animal patterns and provides hours of stress relief through creative expression. It features small and big creatures from forests, oceans, deserts, and woodland.

    About Selah Works

    Selah Works and Cindy Elsharouni create a wide range of coloring books, journal and sketchbooks that help you relax, unwind, and express your creativity. Explore the entire Selah Works collection to find your next coloring or creative adventure.

    Buy Now & Relax.

    Scroll to the top of the page and click the Add to Cart button.

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  • Adult Coloring Book Gym And Fitness Edition Eat Sleep Gym Repeat: Funny And Inspirational Gym And Fitness Quotes Coloring Book For Adults (Colorful Coloring Books For Adults)

    Adult Coloring Book Gym And Fitness Edition Eat Sleep Gym Repeat: Funny And Inspirational Gym And Fitness Quotes Coloring Book For Adults contains funny and inspirational exercise sayings to uplift you and make you smile. Spend some down time away from your busy schedule and relax by coloring this book for fitness lovers. Fill the pages with bright and beautiful colors and make the quotes pop from the pages. This coloring book makes a great gift for all the exercise lovers in your life and also for those starting their fitness journeys.

    This book features:

    • 25 unique funny and inspirational gym and fitness quotes/sayings on geometric backgrounds to color in
    • Every other page left intentionally blank to prevent colors from bleeding to other designs
    • Book is 52 pages and 8.5 x 11 inches with a lovely glossy finish

    This book contains the following exercise quotes/sayings:

    1. Gym Hair Don’t Care
    2. Gym Now Wine Later
    3. Body Under Construction
    4. Resting Gym Face
    5. Girl Just Wanna Have Guns
    6. Sore Worth It
    7. Aim High Squat Low
    8. Lift For Your Goals
    9. Installing Muscles Please Wait
    10. Squat Because No One Raps About Little Butts
    11. Eat Sleep Gym Repeat
    12. Meet Me At The Bar
    13. I Work Out To Burn Off The Crazy
    14. I Do It For The Tacos
    15. That’s Not Sweat It’s My Body Crying
    16. Top Knots And Squats
    17. Every Day I’m Musclin’
    18. Coffee And Cardio
    19. Leggings And Lattes
    20. Just A Girl With Goals
    21. I Am Not Swearing Just Using Workout Words
    22. I Won’t Quit Until I Am Fit
    23. Hustle For The Muscle
    24. Wake Up And Work Out
    25. Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

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  • Adult Swear Words Coloring Book: Live, Laugh, Fuck Off: Swear Words Colouring Book for Adults | Sweary Coloring Book for Stress Relief and Relaxation | Adult Coloring Book Cuss…

    Tired after a long day and pissed off because people… happened? Grab your pencils and color away your frustration with this wonderful Swearing Coloring Book for Adults.


    • 40 beautiful designs with your favorite cuss words
    • single sided coloring pages to prevent bleed-through
    • high quality illustration
    • designs vary from simple to more intricate to accommodate all skill levels
    • makes a great gag gift for family, friends or co-workers

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  • Advertising for Decorators: How to attract better customers and increase profits (Business support for decorators)


    This book will help you advertise your business and services in the best possible way

    Too many decorators believe that advertising is something you only need to do when you’re just starting out. Or as a last resort if you’re having a quiet spell.

    This is wrong.

    Apple are good at making phones and laptops, yet they still advertise. McDonalds are pretty good at making burger sand they still advertise. Coca Cola, Samsung, Tesco, they all do it. And you should too!

    This book covers everything you need to know about creating adverts that bring in quality and reliable business.

    I’ll guide you through all types of advertising, from leaflets and business cards, to videos and case studies.

    If you’re a painter and decorator with any of the following goals, this book can help you:

    – Start your own business

    – Grow your existing business

    – Target a different type of work

    – Specialise in a niche (E.G uPVC spraying or kitchen repainting)

    – Increase profits

    – Work for customers who value you more

    If you’re ready to say goodbye to those dreaded quiet spells and start smashing your business goals, this is the book for you!

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  • Affirmation Bible Verses For Women Adult Coloring Book: Color Your Faith: A Stress-Relieving and Inspirational Scripture Verse Coloring Book Designed … Grandmas, and Ladies…


    Are you looking for something that will encourage a dear friend or perhaps yourself? This amazing coloring book is the perfect gift for every woman in your life! Featuring a collection of powerful Bible verses that are tailored specifically to women, this book will inspire and encourage with every stroke of the colored pencil.

    • BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS: The beautiful illustrations and intricate designs will transport you to a world of tranquility and calmness, allowing you to focus on the affirmations and their message.

    • CONNECTING WITH GOD: Engaging in coloring as a form of prayer can be a beautiful way to connect with God and find inner peace. As you meditate on the scripture verses and focus on creating beauty with color, you may discover a deeper sense of spirituality and a renewed connection with the divine.

    •STRESS RELIEVING: Whether you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long day, or seeking to deepen your spiritual connection, this coloring book is the perfect companion.

    • ONE-SIDED PAGES: One-sided coloring pages allow for the creation of stunning, frame-worthy art pieces.

    • INSPIRATIONAL GIFT: This book makes for an ideal gift for the special woman in your life on Mother’s Day, or any special occasion. Show them how much you care with this thoughtful and heartfelt present.

    Don’t wait any longer to experience the joy and inspiration of this incredible coloring book. Order now and discover the power of affirmation Bible verses for women.

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  • All in Good Time: Reflections of a Watchmaker

    All in Good Time is the remarkable story of George Daniels (1926-2011), the master craftsman, who was born into poverty but raised himself to become the greatest watchmaker of the twentieth century. Daniels stands alone in modern times as the inventor of the revolutionary co-axial escapement, the first substantial advance in portable mechanical timekeeping over the lever escapement, which has dominated ever since its invention in 1759. Daniels’s love of mechanics embraced not only the minute, however – he was also a passionate collector and driver of historic motorcars. This revised and expanded edition of his autobiography also contains a new section that illustrates and discusses over thirty of the pocket and wrist-watches Daniels himself made over the years. Witness here the triumph of intelligence, ingenuity, matchless skill and singularity of purpose over the most unpromising of beginnings.

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  • Allotment Gardening For Dummies

    Allotment Gardening For Dummies is a lively, hands-on guide to getting the most out of your allotment. Whether you’re interested in eating fresh, saving money, getting exercise or enjoying wholesome family fun, this is the guide for you. The step-by-step advice takes you through all the stages in the process, from securing an allotment and preparing your plot, to choosing what to grow and enjoying the benefits of abundant fresh food and a sociable and healthy hobby. With over 50 handy line drawings, plus information on how to grow organic and advice on storing and cooking the food you grow, this guide really does have it all!

    Allotment Gardening For Dummies includes:

    Part 1: Getting to Grips with Allotment Gardening
    Chapter 1: What Are Allotments All About?
    Chapter 2: Getting hold of an Allotment
    Chapter 3: Getting Started

    Part 2: Preparing for Allotment Success
    Chapter 4: Deciding What to Grow, When
    Chapter 5: Preparing Your Plot
    Chapter 6: Keeping Your Soil Healthy
    Chapter 7: Keeping Your Plants Healthy
    Chapter 8: Growing Organic

    Part 3: Growing a Few of Your Favourite Vegetables
    Chapter 9: Going Underground
    Chapter 10: The Staples
    Chapter 11: Growing Leafy Greens
    Chapter 12: Planting Peas, Beans and Other Pods
    Chapter 13: Growing More Exotic Veg

    Part 4: Extending Your Allotment Repetoire
    Chapter 14: Growing Wholesome Herbs
    Chapter 15: Growing Fruitful Fruit
    Chapter 16: Nurturing Flowers on an Allotment

    Part 5: Getting the Most Out of Your Allotment
    Chapter 17: Involving Children Around the Allotment
    Chapter 18: Hobnobbing with Allotment Society
    Chapter 19: Growing Giant Veg

    Part 6: The Part of Tens Chapter
    Chapter 20: Ten Common Accidents and How to Prevent Them
    Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Revive a Flagging Allotment

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  • Allotment Log Book & Planner: Gardening Organizer Journal to Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg | Gardening Planner with Yearly Planting Calendar for Mom, Dad, and Gardening lovers.


    About this item
    If you want a garden planner to take you from the earliest stages of planning your season all the way through your harvest, and customize it to fit your particular garden’s needs. If you want a journal to record the details you’ll forget otherwise.
    This is a perfect planner and organizer that fits all of those things to keep a written record of your plans before you start, This planner is all in one easy-to-use book, A fun and easy way to plan and track the success of your garden.
    Features of This Book:
    • Suppliers information
    • Garden Layout Planner
    • Weekly Garden Tasks (48 weeks)
    • Plant Information Includes: plant name, date germinated,
    date planted, date harvested, price, location, starting from
    seed-plant, water requirements, sun requirement, plant type,
    planting instructions, care instructions, special notes,
    rating, and more.
    • Shopping List (Product/Amount, Price)
    • Pests and Problem
    • Harvest Tracker (Plant, Date Planted, Day to Harvest,
    • Notes
    Book Details:
    • 8.5 x 11 Inches(A4)
    • 150 Pages
    • Matte Cover

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  • Allotment Month By Month: Grow your Own Fruit and Vegetables, Know What to do When


    Start growing your own food at home!

    Whether you’re an urban gardener, a first-time vegetable grower, or have your own allotment, this illustrated guide takes the uncertainty out of your harvest with clear, reliable gardening advice for every month of the year.

    This gardening reference guide is filled with gardening tips on growing everything from herbs and kale to strawberries and rhubarb. Inside, you’ll find:

    – Month-by-month chapters that break down what to do through the year, with instructions on what to sow and plant and the gardening tasks to focus on
    – Visual galleries accompany every chapter that showcases the products that can be harvested during that month
    – Crop planners that provide a catalogue of more than 60 fruits, vegetables, and herbs that can be grown in an allotment or kitchen garden
    – “Allotment know-how” chapter that offers detailed, accessible advice on preparing your allotment, choosing the correct tools and equipment, and making the most of your plot with crop rotation
    – “Troubleshooter” chapter that breaks down the warning signs of pests, diseases, and disorders, with detailed advice on preventing and/or treating these issues

    Wondering how to grow your own fruits and vegetables or how to make the most out of your existing allotment? Allotment Month by Month has everything you need to know about how to grow your own fruit and vegetables: when to sow, how to cultivate, advice on pesticide use – and step-by-step garden projects like making a compost bin.

    With more than 60 fruit and vegetable crop planners, this gardening book is your go-to guide to growing fresh, seasonal produce in your kitchen garden, on your plot or in smaller city spaces. Month-by-month alerts help you guard against the season’s garden pests and diseases to ensure a top-quality harvest. This new edition has updated recommendations for the best varieties to grow and all the latest expert gardening advice.

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  • Amazing Art Adventures: Around the world in 400 immersive experiences

    Discover hundreds of the most interesting and memorable art experiences from around the world in this stunningly immersive and beautifully illustrated title!

    Amazing Art Adventures offers us art and culture as an experience both within and beyond the gallery, opening a door to unexpected adventures
    – art fairs, festivals, installations, art trails, galleries, art islands, monuments, sculpture parks and museums.
    Aimed at all of us who travel to learn about new places and cultures, the book gathers together hundreds of unforgettable art experiences around the world, acting as an inspirational travel guide for anyone interested in art. From the Lightning Field in New Mexico to an art island in Japan, expert guide Yolanda Zappaterra leads us on a comprehensive, worldwide tour of bucket list destinations for every season. 

    Divided into sections by continent, the book is a thrilling cultural journey, an insider’s guide to the visual arts that suggests different ways to experience art beyond the usual galleries and institutions, leads readers to art in unusual places, creates trails that will give insights into the lives of famous artists as well as putting the spotlight on more interesting and unknown works in well known museums.

    Through more than 400 entries, plus photographs and maps, the book expands our understanding and appreciation of the world’s art in exciting new ways. 

    • Uncover a Chagall masterpiece in a tiny Kentish church
    • Follow a land art map of North America from the Spiral Jetty and Lightning Fields to Seven Magic Mountains and the Star Axis
    • Trip the light fantastic at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris
    • Delight in the sinuous curves of Oscar Niemeyer’s MAC in Rio de Janeiro
    • Lay your head in a very arty bed at the aha Shakaland Hotel & Zulu Cultural Village
    • Be dazzled by recycled ceramics at the Rock Garden of Chandigarh in northern India
    • Exercise body and mind with a walk along London’s Art Line
    • Be blown away by Tacoma’s Museum of Glass
    • Trek into the Brazilian rainforest for art in the jungle at the Inhotim Art Museum
    • Sample big cheeses in Switzerland at Art Basel
    • Cross the Seto Inland Sea to land at the art island of Naoshima in Japan
    • Walk among the gods and monsters of Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tuscan Tarot Garden
    • Commune with a unicorn at the Met Cloisters in New York
    • See the seeds of Africa’s future art scene in a former grain silo at the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town
    • Enter a field of light in Uluru, Australia

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  • Amazing Patterns Adult Coloring Book: Featuring 54 Beautiful & Relaxing Pattern Designs for Stress Relief and Relaxation, with Floral and Mandala Patterns

    Enjoy This Amazing Patterns Adult Coloring Book with 108 pages and
    54 hand-drawn floral pattern relaxing illustrations. By coloring these beautiful patterns
    it’s gonna be easy to let go of the stress and anxiety, just express your creativity
    and get lost in the magical world of coloring with these beautiful, complex, and relaxing patterns.

    This Mandala and Flower Pattern Coloring Book is a nice present idea for yourself,
    and your family members, for any occasion like a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Holidays,
    or if you want to make a surprise for your loved one.
    This Mindful Adult Coloring Book has a wide variety of floral and mandala patterns.

    You will love this Amazing Mandala Pattern Adult Coloring Book For Relaxation because you find:

    • Colorful and Beautifully designed softcover.
    • 108 pages with 54 ready-to-color mandala pattern illustrations.
    • Large size 8.5×11 in.
    • Designed for expert skill level.
    • Mandala Patterns are printed single side to prevent bleeding through.

    Stress will be relieved easily, coloring is a great way to relax and enjoy the moment.

    Just Scroll Up And GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

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  • Amazing Patterns Coloring Book For Adults: Adult Coloring Book with Stress Relieving Designs and Mandalas | Mindfulness Coloring Book For Adults, … Relaxation | Coloring Book…


    Amazing Patterns – Adult Coloring Book
    Take a break from stressful everyday life and
    enjoy the relaxation with this coloring book!

    The coloring book for adults in detail:

    • 50 stress relieving designs
    • Soft Flexible Matte Cover
    • High quality paper
    • Hand drawn designs
    • Beautiful unique Illustrations
    • Single-sided Pages
    • Great gift idea

    Buy Now & Relax

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  • American Classic Cars Calendar 2024 | Square Car Wall Calendar – 16 Month: Original Avonside-Kalender [Mehrsprachig] [Kalender]

    Our American Classic Cars 2024 premium calendar features 13 pages in total | 4-months from the previous year at the start on a planner page | Included within are 13 full colour images | Featuring a large grid for entering important dates | Multilingual grid, English, French, German, Italian & Spanish | 24 inch x 12 inch (610mm x 305mm) open – 12 inch x 12 inch (305mm x 305mm) closed | This attractive premium quality calendar is a UK publication, PRINTED ON FSC PAPER | Treat yourself or choose as a thoughtful gift.

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  • American Sign Language Book For Beginners.Educational Book,Suitable for Children,Teens and Adults.Contains the Alphabet,Numbers and a few Colors.

    Learning the alphabet is amazing because it allows you to read books. Education starts with learning the alphabet.

    This stunning book contains the alphabet, tracing the letter, numbers and a few colors.

    This book is suitable also for teens and adults that care for others that communicate using the sign language.

    Get the perfect gift for your loved ones!

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