• 100 for 100 – Macbeth: 100 days. 100 revision activities

    Are you struggling to revise for Macbeth? Are you finding it difficult to remember all the characters, alongside the plot, themes and key quotations? If you are 100 for 100: Macbeth has got you covered!

    100 for 100: Macbeth is a revision workbook to help GCSE students revise the play thoroughly, regardless of exam board. Containing 100 days’ worth of activities, 100 for 100: Macbeth covers the entirety of Shakespeare’s tragedy, allowing you to revise in great detail over an extended period of time to help reduce the stress of exams. Accompanied by a full set of answers and guidance, each day contains:
    – a series of 20 to 25 minute activities designed to help you revise the plot, characters, themes, motifs, symbols and the context of the play.
    – a quotation of the day with accompanying commentary and analysis so that you can confidently sit your exams armed with a wealth of ideas about Shakespeare’s intent.
    – directions as to what scenes you need to revise if you are struggling with the knowledge needed to complete the tasks.
    – ideas for extra revision that will push, stretch and challenge those of you who are aiming for 7, 8 or 9.

    100 days. 100 activities. Your time starts now!

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  • 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Writing (100 Ideas for Teachers)

    Experienced trio Adam Bushnell, Rob Smith (founder of The Literacy Shed) and David Waugh present 100 quick, exciting and inspiring writing activities for the primary classroom. Focusing on the underpinnings of literacy, including grammar, spelling and syntax, this must-have book provides ideas for ’30-minute writes’ – fun and engaging writing activities that can be completed within 30 minutes. The ideas can be completed in a standalone literacy session focusing on a particular writing skill, or incorporated into a longer session relating to literacy or even other subjects. With cross-curriculum links to blend writing and other subject areas such as history, art, PE, music and more, 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Writing is ideal for all teachers looking for fresh, invigorating ideas that have been tried and tested in primary classrooms.

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  • 30 Days Learning to Draw Like an Artist: An Interesting Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners: 1 (How to Draw Guide for Beginners)

    🎨 Discover Your Inner Artist in Just 30 Days!

    Are you ready to unlock your artistic potential and embark on an exciting journey into the world of drawing? Introducing 30 Days Learning to Draw Like an Artist, the ultimate guide tailored for beginners like you. Say goodbye to the intimidation of a blank canvas and hello to a month-long adventure of creativity and skill enhancement!

    In this transformative guide, we’ve curated a step-by-step program designed to nurture your artistic talents day by day. Embrace the joy of creation as you explore fundamental concepts, master essential techniques, and bring your imagination to life on paper. Whether you dream of sketching captivating animals, intricate human features, or the wonders of nature, this book is your gateway to artistic brilliance.
    What Sets Our Book Apart:

    • 🎨 Guided Daily Progress: With our structured 30-day plan, you’ll have a clear roadmap to follow. Each day, you’ll dive into new challenges and exercises, ensuring steady improvement.
    • 🌟 Inspiring Subjects: From vibrant flowers to majestic wildlife and beyond, we offer a diverse range of subjects to ignite your creativity. Every day presents a new opportunity to hone your skills.
    • ✍️ Clear Instructions, Beautiful Results: Our expertly crafted instructions are tailored for young artists. Easy-to-follow steps paired with vivid illustrations ensure that your drawings evolve with grace and precision.
    • 🌿 Beyond the Lines: This isn’t just about drawing; it’s about self-expression, relaxation, and boosting your confidence. Our book becomes your sanctuary, a place to unwind, de-stress, and let your creativity flow.
    • 🎉 Celebrate Your Progress: Engage with our interactive sections, allowing you to proudly display your artwork and witness your evolution. Every stroke tells a story of your growth!

    Are you ready to embark on this artistic adventure? Grab your copy of “30 Days Learning to Draw Like an Artist” today and let the transformation begin! Unleash your creativity, gain confidence in your skills, and step into a world where your imagination knows no bounds. Happy drawing! 🎨✨

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  • 300 Crazy Rugby Facts For Kids: Rugby Fan Book With Facts You Had No Idea About Including World Cups, Six Nations, European Rugby And Much More! (Crazy Fact Books By Utopia Press)

    Think you know Rugby facts?

    This brilliant rugby fact book is packed full of the sports wildest facts from around the world including the the greatest players to grace the game and all the major tournaments throughout the years such as world cups, six nations and much more! This can be the perfect gift for any rugby fan looking to add to their knowledge with some great unusual facts to mention to friends and family!

    • Perfectly Sized Paperback Copy 6″ x 9″
    • 300 Crazy Rugby Facts
    • Great Gift For Rugby Fanatics

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  • 47 Days: The True Story of Two Teen Boys Defying Hitler’s Reich (Biographical WWII Stories for Teens)


    “…intriguing and fascinating young adult adventure…” Readers’ Favorite

    ’47 DAYS’ is a novelette and an excerpt from the award-winning biographical novel, SURVIVING THE FATHERLAND–A True Coming-of-age Love Story Set in WWII Germany.

    In March 1945 Hitler ordered his last propaganda command: send all 15 and 16-year old boys to defend the fatherland. 47 DAYS tells the true story of Günter and Helmut, best friends, who dared to defy and disobey. Without knowing how long the war might continue, they spent 47 harrowing days as fugitives on the run. Being caught meant certain execution.

    SURVIVING THE FATHERLAND tells the true and heart-wrenching stories of Lilly and Günter struggling with the terror-filled reality of life in the Third Reich, each embarking on their own dangerous path toward survival, freedom, and ultimately each other. Based on the author’s own family and anchored in historical facts, this story celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the strength of war children.

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  • A Biography of Johnny Sexton: The Story of One of the Greatest Irish Rugby Legend and Players of All Time (Legend of the Game Series)

    Attention all rugby fans!

    Are you ready for the definitive biography of Johnny Sexton, one of the greatest Irish rugby legends and players of all time?

    This book is the first to tell the full story of Sexton’s remarkable career, from his humble beginnings in Dublin to his rise to the top of the game. Along the way, you’ll learn about his incredible work ethic, his unbreakable determination, and his passion for rugby.

    You’ll also get behind the scenes of Sexton’s greatest moments, including his Heineken Cup wins with Leinster, his Six Nations Championships with Ireland, and his historic victory over the All Blacks.

    But this book is more than just a story of sporting success. It’s also a story of a man who overcame adversity to achieve his dreams. Sexton has faced many challenges throughout his career, but he has always come out stronger. He is an inspiration to us all.

    If you’re a rugby fan, you won’t want to miss this book. It’s the essential read for all followers of the game.

    Order your copy today and discover the story of Johnny Sexton, one of the greatest rugby players of all time!

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  • A Certain Scientific Railgun Vol. 14

    Academy City’s newest corrections facility offers a dark bargain: The Jailbreak Challenge. It’s said that anyone who runs the dangerous gauntlet of security systems, rescues their target from imprisonment, and escapes with both their lives intact is entitled to an impressive prize: One billion yen. Cash. Deep in the trials of the Challenge, Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten find themselves up against desperate odds — as well as every force in Academy City with an eye for the prize.

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  • A Christmas Carol – The Complete Novel with Annotations and Knowledge Organisers: for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP School Classics)

    A Christmas Carol – The Complete Text contains the full text of the novel, with helpful annotations to explain characters, themes, context and more! Plus, we’ve included Knowledge Organiser pages, where all the key info is laid out in one handy place. And there are discussion questions to help students dig deeper into the novel. The CGP range for English Literature also includes a matching Text Guide (9781782943099), which contains all the notes and practice you need to really master A Christmas Carol!

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  • A Christmas Carol: GCSE 9-1 set text student edition (Collins Classroom Classics)


    Exam board: AQA, Edexcel, Eduqas, WJEC
    Level & Subject: GCSE English Literature
    First teaching: September 2015
    Next exam: June 2024

    This edition of A Christmas Carol is perfect for GCSE-level students: it comes complete with the novel, plus an introduction providing context, and a glossary explaining key terms.

    ‘If I could work my will,’ said Scrooge, indignantly, ‘every idiot who goes about with “Merry Christmas” on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.’

    Miser and misanthropist Ebenezer Scrooge hates the festive season. Can the visitations of his dead business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas past, present and yet to come shake him from his habits, to show him the true value of Christmas?

    Dickens’s 1843 story was written in response to the plight of the poor, the hungry, the exploited and the uneducated in Victorian society, suggesting that the true test of a society is the way it treats its children.

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  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder: TikTok made me buy it! The first book in the bestselling thriller trilogy, soon to be a major TV series starring Emma Myers from Netflix’…


    The New York Times No.1 bestselling YA crime thriller that everyone is talking about. Soon to be a major BBC series!



    ‘A fiendishly-plotted mystery that kept me guessing until the very end.’ – Laura Purcell, bestselling author of The Silent Companions

    A debut YA crime thriller as addictive as Serial as compelling as Riverdale and as page-turning as One of Us Is Lying

    The case is closed. Five years ago, schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it.

    But having grown up in the same small town that was consumed by the crime, Pippa Fitz-Amobi isn’t so sure. When she chooses the case as the topic for her final project, she starts to uncover secrets that someone in town desperately wants to stay hidden. And if the real killer is still out there, how far will they go to keep Pip from the truth … ?

    Perfect for fans of One of Us Is Lying, Gone Girl, We Were Liars and Riverdale

    Holly Jackson started writing stories from a young age, completing her first (poor) attempt at a novel aged fifteen. She lives in London and aside from reading and writing, she enjoys playing video games and watching true crime documentaries so she can pretend to be a detective. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is her first novel. You can follow Holly on Twitter and Instagram @HoJay92

    Holly Jackson’s book ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 18-09-2023.

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  • A Head Full of Everything: Inspiration for Teenagers With the World on Their Mind


    Welcome to life. Teenage life. The most awkward 7 years you’ll ever have; 84 months of change, 364 weeks of weird and 2,555 days of scrolling and inconvenience. In the grand scheme of life, it’s not a lot. Unless you’re an actual teenager, in which case, it’s EVERYTHING!

    “It’s the best years of your life!” they tell us.

    And yet, while it should be, for so many it just doesn’t feel like it. For most it’s an emotional assault course of acceptance, stress, anxiety, heartbreak and peer pressure, all whilst navigating the ‘hashtagony’ of social media. Misunderstood by society and misrepresented by the media, teenagers have it tough.

    A Head Full of Everything demonstrates that being a teenager doesn’t have to suck. And when it does, there’s some cool things you can do to make it suck a little less. This book will challenge you to embrace your inner weird, to never grow up, be true to yourself, protect your mental health and be sure that for your 7 glorious teenage years, you act your age. Literally.

    Bestselling author, award-winning comedian and international keynote speaker, Gavin Oattes has written a personal development title for teens with a difference – there’s no waffle, no dad chat, no fluff. Full of hilarious, real-life inspiration and a few crazy ideas along the way, A Head Full of Everythingwill leave you feeling motivated, energised and reassured that nobody has life all figured out.

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  • A Heartstopper novella — NICK AND CHARLIE: TikTok made me buy it! The teen bestseller from the YA Prize winning author and creator of Netflix series HEARTSTOPPER



    A short novella based on the beloved characters from Alice Oseman’s acclaimed debut novel Solitaire and graphic novel series Heartstopper – now a major Netflix series. From the author of the 2021 YA Book Prize winning Loveless.

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

    CHARLIE: “I have been going out with Nick Nelson for two years. He likes rugby, Formula 1, dogs, the Marvel universe, the sound felt-tips make on paper, rain and drawing on shoes. He also likes me.”

    NICK: “Things me and Charlie Spring do together include: Watch films. Sit in the same room on different laptops. Text each other from different rooms. Make out. Make food. Make drinks. Get drunk. Talk. Argue. Laugh. Maybe we’re kind of boring. But that’s fine with us.”

    Everyone knows that Nick and Charlie are the perfect couple – that they’re inseparable. But now Nick is leaving for university, and Charlie will be left behind at Sixth Form. Everyone’s asking if they’re staying together, which is a stupid question – they’re ‘Nick and Charlie’ for God’s sake!

    But as the time to say goodbye gets inevitably closer, both Nick and Charlie question whether their love is strong enough to survive being apart. Or are they delaying the inevitable? Because everyone knows that first loves rarely last forever…

    Alice Oseman’s book ‘A Heartstopper novella NICK AND CHARLIE’ was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 04-07-2022.

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  • A Heartstopper novella — THIS WINTER: TikTok made me buy it! From the YA Prize winning author and creator of Netflix series HEARTSTOPPER


    A short novella based on the beloved characters from Alice Oseman’s acclaimed debut novel Solitaire and graphic novel series Heartstopper – now a major Netflix series. From the author of the 2021 YA Book Prize winning Loveless.

    The festive season isn’t always happy for Tori Spring and her brother Charlie. And this year’s going to be harder than most.

    I used to think that difficult was better than boring, but I know better now…

    I’m not going to think about the past few months, about Charlie and me, and all of the sad. I’m going to block it all out Just for today.

    “Happy Christmas, ” I say.

    Alice Oseman’s book ‘A Heartstopper novella NICK AND CHARLIE’ was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 04-07-2022.

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  • A Study of the Gospel of Mark: Ccea GCSE Religious Studies


    This popular resource has been comprehensively updated to cover Unit 5, ‘Christianity through a Study of the Gospel of Mark’, of the current CCEA GCSE Religious Studies specification. It has been through a meticulous quality assurance process.

    The text provides an interesting and in-depth study of the Gospel of Mark. Following the content of the specification, it explores the following areas:

    • Background to Mark’s Gospel

    • The identity of Jesus

    • Jesus the miracle worker

    • The teaching of Jesus

    • The death and resurrection of Jesus

    • The role and nature of Christian discipleship

    Each chapter contains various exercises to improve skills and capabilities; and questions to test knowledge, understanding and evaluation skills. 

    An accompanying digital resource is also available to complement the text with additional worksheets, quizzes and exam practice questions.

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  • A-Level Chemistry: AQA Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice with Online Edition: superb for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP AQA A-Level Chemistry)


    Achieve the best grades in 2024 or 2025 with this all-in-one book from CGP – the No.1 for A Level Science!

    You’ll find everything you need for both years of A-Level AQA Chemistry in this CGP Complete Revision & Practice Guide! It has straightforward study notes, helpful examples and full-colour diagrams. We’ve included more challenging exam practice than ever before with plenty of practice questions and exam-style questions (with detailed answers) for every topic – plus a section of mixed (synoptic) practice testing different parts of the course. To round things off there are sections of in-depth advice on Practical Skills and how to pick up top marks in the exams. There’s even a free Online Edition of the whole book – just use the code printed inside the book to access it on your PC, Mac or tablet. For even more practice don’t miss CGP’s A-Level Chemistry Exam Practice Workbook (9781782949138).

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  • A-Level Chemistry: OCR A Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice with Online Edition: ideal for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP OCR A A-Level Chemistry)


    Achieve the best grades in 2024 or 2025 with this all-in-one book from CGP – the No.1 for A Level Science!

    This superb Complete CGP Revision & Practice covers both years of OCR A A-Level Chemistry – and it’s fully up to date for the latest specifications! It has straightforward study notes, helpful examples and full-colour diagrams. We’ve included plenty of exam practice with practice questions and exam-style questions (with detailed answers) for every topic – plus a section of mixed (synoptic) practice testing different parts of the course. To round things off there’s a section of advice on Practical Skills. There’s even a free Online Edition of the whole book – just use the code printed inside the book to access it on your PC, Mac or tablet. Don’t miss our OCR A A-Level Chemistry Exam Practice Workbook (9781782949220) for even more practice.

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  • A-Level Economics: Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice (with Online Edition): for the 2024 and 2025 exams (CGP A-Level Economics)


    Achieve the best grades in 2024 and 2025 with this all-in-one book from CGP – including study notes, examples and practice questions!

    We have all your A-Level Economics revision needs covered in one bumper book! This hefty and handsome tome covers Year 1 and Year 2 of the latest AQA, Edexcel A and OCR exam specifications. Inside, you’ll find straightforward study notes explaining all the theory, plus plenty of helpful diagrams and examples. Warm-up questions and exam-style questions are included for every topic, and the book is rounded off with a section of in-depth advice on how to do well in the exams! What’s more, we’ve thrown in a free Online Edition that lets you read the entire book on a PC, Mac or tablet.

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  • A/AS Level Computer Science for OCR Student Book (A Level Comp 2 Computer Science OCR)

    Written for the OCR A/AS Level Computer Science specifications for first teaching from 2015, this print student book helps students build their knowledge and master underlying computing principles and concepts. The student book develops computational thinking, programming and problem-solving skills. Suitable for all abilities, it puts computing into context and gives students a real-life view on professional applications of computing skills. Answers to end-of-chapter questions are located in the free online teacher’s resource. A Cambridge Elevate enhanced edition is also available.

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  • A/AS Level English Language for AQA Student Book (A Level (AS) English Language AQA)

    A new series of bespoke, full-coverage resources developed for the 2015 A Level English qualifications. Endorsed for the AQA A/AS Level English Language specifications for first teaching from 2015, this print Student Book is suitable for all abilities, providing stretch opportunities for the more able and additional scaffolding for those who need it. Helping bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level, the unique three-part structure provides essential knowledge and allows students to develop their skills through a deeper study of key topics, whilst encouraging independent learning. An enhanced digital version and free Teacher’s Resource are also available.

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  • ABCs of LGBT+ Guided Journal: A Companion Guide to Ash Hardell’s The ABC’s of LBGT (Teen & Young Adult Social Issues, LGBTQ+, Gender Expression)

    The Perfect Journal for Identity and Gender Expression (Ages 12-16)

    #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Composition & Creative Writing

    The official companion journal to The ABC’s of LGBT+, bestseller in transgender studies, bisexuality, and sexuality & pregnancy, The ABC’s of LGBT+ Guided Journal is the how-to journal for processing all things LGBT+, from gender expression and identity to anything on the queer spectrum.

    It feels good to be yourself. We are living in a post-binary world where gender fluency, gender expression, and gender identity are necessary to understand. LGBT literature can be helpful, but paired with this guided journal you’ll meet yourself , affirm your truth, and process your thoughts and feelings through thoughtful prompts.

    The best LGBTQ teen workbook from an expert. Ash Hardell, one of the most trusted voices on YouTube, presents a detailed look at all things LGBT+. And with all that information comes a lot of self-reflection. This official companion journal helps you on that journey as you find your way and learn how to be yourself-completely.

    Inside you’ll find:

    • Journal prompts to help you process your emotions
    • Blank pages to unleash your inner thoughts 
    • Words from an expert: Ash Hardell

    If you liked lgbtq self help books like Beyond the Gender Binary, Gender Identity Workbook for Teens, or The ABC’s of LGBT+, you’ll love The ABCs of LGBT Guided Journal.

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  • Acting for Teens: Finding Your Voice, Playing the Part, and Shining on Stage

    Quite a lot of teenagers are drawn to acting as a profession. But the big question is: Is acting as glamorous as it seems? With Acting for Teens, you’ll discover more about the industry and where to start your journey into the world of acting. Becoming a full-time actor doesn’t happen overnight. Venturing into show business has many routes, and it often takes years before getting to the goal you envision.

    Whether you are looking to start acting for fun or as a career, this book can help!

    In Acting for Teens, you’ll learn:

    • All about community theater
    • About the different kinds of monologues
    • How to find a coach and learning materials
    • What your actor “type” is
    • Where to find auditions
    • How to build a resume
    • And so much more!

    While acting certainly can be adventurous and fun, it requires hard work, patience, determination, and talent. Some people have natural acting skills, and some have to work to acquire them. The best thing to remember is that everybody can learn and develop acting skills.

    Are you ready to explore your dreams of becoming an actor?

    Scroll up, click on “Buy Now with 1-click”, and Get Your Copy Now!

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  • Acting for Young Actors: For Money Or Just for Fun

    Do you know a teen that’s been bitten by the acting bug? Here’s just the book they need! “Acting for Young Actors”, aimed at teens and tweens, lets kids hone their skills and develop their craft. It begins with the five W’s: Who am I? What do I want? Why do I want it? Where am I? When does this event take place? Sounds basic – but many young child actors are told simply to “get up there and act.” This book explores each of these questions, using helpful exercises to allow young actors to work through problems of character identity and motivation. With comprehensive chapters on auditioning, rehearsal, and improvisation, plus a primer on how young actors can break into film, theatre, and television, “Acting for Young Actors” is every kid’s ticket to the big time. It is aimed at teens age 12-18, and is written in a full accessible style.

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  • AHHHH I’m So Bored! Activity Book for Teens Made By Teens Creeped Out Edition: 102 Pages of Creepy Fun Mandala Coloring, M.A.S.H., Sudoku, Mazes; Halloween themed gift for teens…

    Is your teen too old OR too cool for trick or treating this year?

    Color Your Own Cover for a unique design!

    If you are looking to get your teen something to keep them busy during the Halloween season to keep them out of trouble this book is for you. The Creeped Out Edition is full of PG-13 horror fun from Sugar Skull coloring pages for solo entertainment to Wicked Word Play for group fun and everything in between.
    Don’t forget that it is fun too because this book is jam packed with activities to get the creative and logic mind going.

    Features include:

    • Color your own Creepy Skull paperback cover
    • 102 Pages of fun
      • Horror Mandalas
      • Creative Coloring
      • Sudoku
      • Themed Mazes
      • Mystic M.A.S.H
      • CateGORIES game
      • Wicked Word Play
      • Themed Word Searches
      • Would You Rather
      • and more!
    • Coloring pages are backless and darkened to eliminate ink bleed issues
    • 8.5×11 Size

    Also great ALL YEAR AROUND for long car rides, vacations, air travel, slumber parties, boring family functions, the list is endless!

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  • AI for Smart Pre-Teens and Teens Ages 10-19: Using Artificial Intelligence to Learn, Think, and Create. Explore Machine Learning, Deep Learning, LLMs, and the New STEM…

    Artificial intelligence is shaping our world in fascinating ways, from digital assistants to self-driving cars. But AI can seem complex and intimidating. This fun and engaging book unravels the mysteries of AI for pre-teens and teens ages 10-19 in an accessible way.

    In ‘AI for Smart Pre-Teens and Teens Ages 10-19’, you will learn all about the building blocks of AI, including machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. The book covers the history of AI from early computational systems up through the cutting-edge innovations powering the future. You will discover how AI already impacts your daily life and see future applications in healthcare, sustainability, and more.

    We learn from what leading AI experts like Sam Altman, Andrew Ng, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, and others think about the role AI will play in the future. The book also stresses the importance of addressing ethics and bias in these powerful systems. A special chapter provides resources to continue your AI education, like online courses, competitions, and open-source communities.

    Whether you’re a total beginner in AI or already coding, this book will empower you to participate in the AI revolution. You will gain basic AI literacy and skills for creating innovative projects, and pursuing STEM careers. Most importantly, you’ll be ready to help shape how AI technologies are used to benefit society. Unlock the mysteries of AI and start unleashing your inner expert today!

    Dr. Leo Lexicon is an educator and author. He is the founder of Lexicon Labs, a publishing imprint that is focused on creating entertaining books for active minds.

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  • Amazing Transport: 1

    Fasten your seat belts and get ready to zoom through the history of transport and discover incredible facts about all kinds of vehicles along the way.

    Every day, all over the world, people are busy travelling – short hops or great, long voyages, moving slowly and steadily or racing along at super-fast speeds. They make their trips in cars, trains, planes, ships and on bikes – and some people even blast off in rockets!

    Make your own amazing transport journeys as you explore timelines and discover the people and stories behind the machines that keep the world moving. Take a twist or turn and find out what happened when the Freedom 7 blasted into space, race your way through Japan at lightning speed on the awesomely fast bullet train, set sail on a Viking longship and let the wind carry you away in a hot-air balloon with the Montgolfier brothers.

    With wonderfully intricate illustrations from Chris Mould, Amazing Transport tells the story of some of science’s most recognisable inventions in a way you’ve never seen before. Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime.

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    Amazing Transport: 1

  • American Royals


    The New York Times Bestseller

    ‘An addictive Jilly Cooperesque saga’ Guardian
    ‘A fun, fast-paced read packed with drama, scandal and romance’ The Sun

    Crazy Rich Asians meets The Crown in this completely addictive modern-day royal romance.

    The Washingtons have ruled America for almost 250 years.

    They’re gorgeous, fiercely famous and the beating heart of the most glorious royal court in the world.

    But behind the glittering ballrooms, elegant gowns, and seemingly perfect public personas lie forbidden romances and scandalous secrets. Together four young women will navigate gossip, drama, and the eyes of the world upon them.

    There’s everything to play for – but there can only be one queen.

    This is the story of the most famous family in the world.

    This is the story of the American royals.

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  • An Anxiety Book for Teens: An Easy To Read A-Z Anxiety Book for Teenagers (With Tips & Activities)


    ★ FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE AMAZON BESTSELLER HELP WITH ANXIETY – This book will help teenagers with anxiety to cope with their anxious thoughts and feelings. ★

    This anxiety book for teens is full of proven, tried, and tested strategies that can help to ease anxiety and start to work immediately.


    This new and fast-acting anxiety book for teenagers makes a complex illness easier to read and understand. It is written in an easy to digest format for the social media generation who like information quickly and easily.



    ✓ What anxiety is and why teenagers might feel the way they do.

    ✓ Tips and strategies to help teens cope with and overcome anxiety and panic.

    ✓ How to stop anxiety and panic attacks.

    ✓ How to stop being scared of anxiety.

    ✓ How to relax an anxious mind.

    ✓ And lots more…


    It is written in a simple A-Z format with each section breaking down complicated topics into easy activities. For example:

    A is for Anxiety

    B is for Breathing

    C is for Causes

    D is for Diet

    E is for Exercise

    F is for Fear

    And so on…



    If you or a teenager in your life want to stop worrying and obsessing over negative and anxious thoughts, then this is the anxiety book for you!





    A Suitable:

    Anxiety Book for Teens

    Anxiety Book for Teenagers

    Anxiety Book for Teen Girls

    Anxiety Book for Teen Boys

    Anxiety Book for Girls

    Anxiety Book for Boys

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  • An Introduction to Christian Ethics: Ccea GCSE Religious Studies

    This popular resource has been comprehensively updated to cover Unit 6 of the current CCEA GCSE Religious Studies specification. It has been through a meticulous quality assurance process.

    The text provides a thought-provoking introduction to ethics within the study of religion. Following the content of the specication, it explores the following areas:

    • Personal and family issues

    • Matters of life and death

    • Developments in bioethics

    • Contemporary issues in Christianity

    • Modern warfare

    Each chapter contains various exercises to improve skills and capabilities; and questions to test knowledge, understanding and evaluation skills.

    An accompanying digital resource is available to complement the text with additional worksheets, quizzes and exam practice questions.

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  • Anime Boys Coloring Book: Collection Of Handsome And Cute Anime For Teens And Adults

    Dive into the thrilling world of anime with the “Anime Boys Coloring Book: Collection Of Handsome And Cute Anime For Teens And Adults”. This exciting coloring book is tailor-made for anime lovers, offering a fantastic exploration into the dynamic, captivating universe of anime boys.

    This coloring book is filled with over 50 anime boy designs in a variety of scenes and poses. Every illustration in the Anime Boys Coloring Book presents an engaging narrative, inviting you to bring each character to life with your personal touch. It’s a platform to express your creativity, play with colors. The Anime Boys Coloring Book: Charming Collection Of Handsome And Cute Anime For Teens And Adults is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates anime, art, or simply the joy of coloring. Whether you’re a seasoned anime fan or new to the genre, this book offers an engaging and soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

    So, grab your coloring tools and embark on an exciting journey into the world of anime. It’s time to color, relax, and let your imagination run free with the Anime Boys Coloring Book.

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  • Anime Coloring Book for Teens: Trendy and Beautiful Manga Fashion Illustrations for Teenagers, Girls and Adults

    Do you love Anime & Fashion?

    Then this is the perfect coloring book for you. It offers hours of creative coloring with a whopping 70 pages of unique and trendy Anime girls. It includes a variety of fashion styles and outfits for different occasions, so whether you have just 15 minutes or a few hours, you will find a coloring page to suit your mood.

    Relax and step into this fun & fashionable Anime world with:

    • Hours of mindful and creative coloring therapy
    • 70 stunning pages full of inspiration and beautiful characters
    • Large-sized 8.5″ x 11” coloring pages
    • Single sided pages to prevent bleed-through and make them easy to frame

    An ideal gift for all Anime lovers

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  • AQA A Level Business Calculation Practice Book: comprehensive practice questions to develop quantitative and numerical skills for the 2024 AQA A Level Business exams (tutor2u…

    This is THE revision booklet you need if you are preparing for AQA A-Level Business exams and want to get as many of the marks as possible for quantitative and numerical skills. Written by experienced AQA A-Level Business examiners and teachers, the Calculation Practice Book is guides A-Level students step-by-step through a range of questions which get progressivly more challenging. Full answers to each activity are provided by way of digital download by way of a QR code. Now in use by over 700 schools and colleges in the UK preparing students for the AQA A Level Business exams. The questions in the AQA A-Level Business Calculation Practice Book cover: The Measurement of Profit | Decision Trees | Market Share, Size and Growth | Price and Income Elasticity of Demand | Calculation of Operations Data | Inventory Control | Return on Investment | Analysing Budgets | Cash Flow Forecasts | Break-Even Analysis | Analysing Profitability | Calculation of Human Resources Data | Financial Ratio Analysis | Investment Appraisal | Network Analysis | Interpreting Index Numbers.

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  • AQA A Level Business Knowledge Book: structured knowledge retrieval activities to support revision for 2024 exams (tutor2u AQA A-Level Business)

    The ultimate knowledge organiser for AQA A Level Business – featuring structured knowledge-acquisition activities that guide students through the entire AQA A-Level Business specification. The Knowledge Book comes with suggested responses for each activity which means it builds into an invaluable AQA A-Level Business revision aid.

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  • AQA A level Computer Science


    Exam Board: AQA
    Level: AS/A-level
    Subject: Computer Science
    First Teaching: September 2015
    First Exam: June 2016

    This title has been approved by AQA for use with the AS and A-level AQA Computer Science specifications.

    AQA A-level Computer Science gives students the chance to think creatively and progress through the AQA AS and A-level Computer Science specifications. Detailed coverage of the specifications will enrich understanding of the fundamental principles of computing, whilst a range of activities help to develop the programming skills and computational thinking skills at A-level and beyond.

    – Enables students to build a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles in the AQA AS and A-Level Computer Science specifications, with detailed coverage of programming, algorithms, data structures and representation, systems, databases and networks, uses and consequences.
    – Helps to tackle the various demands of the course confidently, with advice and support for programming and theoretical assessments and the problem-solving or investigative project at A-level.
    – Develops the programming and computational thinking skills for A-level and beyond – frequent coding and question practice will help students apply their knowledge of the principles of computer science, and design, program and evaluate problem-solving computer systems.

    Bob Reeves is an experienced teacher with examining experience, and well-respected author of resources for Computing and ICT across the curriculum.

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  • AQA GCSE 9-1 English Language and Literature Complete Revision & Practice: Ideal for the 2024 and 2025 exams (Collins GCSE Grade 9-1 Revision)


    Exam Board: AQA
    Level: GCSE 9-1
    Subject: English Language and Literature
    Suitable for the 2023 exams

    Complete revision and practice to fully prepare for the GCSE grade 9-1 exams

    Revision that Sticks! Collins AQA GCSE 9-1 English Language and Literature Complete All-in-One Revision and Practice uses a revision method that really works: repeated practice throughout.

    A revision guide, workbook and practice paper in one book!
    With clear and concise revision for every topic, plus seven practice opportunities, Collins offers the best revision at the best price.

    For even more practice QR codes link directly from the topics in the revision guide to online interactive quick recall quizzes and to worked solution videos in the workbook.

    • quick tests as you go
    • end-of-topic practice questions
    • topic review questions later in the book
    • mixed practice questions at the end of the book
    • more topic-by-topic practice in the workbook
    • a complete exam-style paper
    • online quick recall quizzes for every topic
    • online video solutions for every topic
    • free Q&A flashcards to download online
    • free ebook version

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  • AQA GCSE 9-1 English Language Writing (Papers 1 & 2) Revision Guide: Ideal for the 2024 and 2025 exams (Collins GCSE Grade 9-1 SNAP Revision)


    Exam Board: AQA
    Level: GCSE Grade 9-1
    Subject: English Language
    Suitable for the 2024 exams

    Everything you need to revise for GCSE 9-1 English language writing papers 1 and 2

    Let’s face it, exams can be tricky. Because everyone has different strengths when it comes to test taking, this new Snap Revision guide from Collins helps you focus on areas of your revision that you find tricky or need extra practice in. This is no ordinary GCSE Grade 9-1 English Language revision guide – it’s focussed revision designed to help you with the writing component of papers 1 and 2 in the AQA GCSE Grade 9-1 exam. Spaced practice opportunities allow you to test, revisit and review understanding throughout your revision. Ideal to use at home for extra practice, revising tricky topics is a snap with this Collins Snap Revision guide for writing. Need to brush up on your reading skills too? Reading for papers 1 and 2 (9780008218089) is another excellent GCSE Grade 9-1 revision guide that will get you ready for your AQA English Language exam.

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  • AQA GCSE Religious Studies A: Christianity and Islam (Oxford Revise: Religious Studies)

    Oxford Revise Christianity and Islam covers everything that you need to revise for AQA GCSE Religious Studies A.

    Knowledge Organisers cover beliefs and practices, from sin and salvation in Christianity to The Five Pillars of Islam. Thematic studies help you look at themes through the eyes of both religions.

    By working through the Knowledge – Retrieval – Practice sections, you will be using proven ways to revise, check and recall so that what you revise sticks in your memory.

    Knowledge Organisers present you with the beliefs and practices for both Christianity and Islam, as well as the thematic studies which look at themes through the lens of both religions. Key quotes from each religion are given, while charts and tables help memory retention. An online glossary helps you to learn the definitions to key terms.

    Regular Retrieval questions give you an opportunity to check that you remember what you have learned. Retrieval questions from previous chapters help you to re-remember what you have learned.

    Finally, exam-style Practice questions give you loads of experience of the type of question you will face in your exam. This will strengthen your ability to recall and apply knowledge in your exams. All the answers to the practice questions as well as a helpful mark scheme are provided online.

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  • AQA GCSE Religious Studies A: Christianity and Islam Revision Guide: With all you need to know for your 2022 assessments (GCSE Religious Studies for AQA)

    Building on the Oxford AQA GCSE Religious Studies Student Books, this Revision Guide offers a structured approach to revising.
    1. RECAP: key content from the Student Book is condensed and re-presented in simple visual styles to make content memorable and help retention.
    2. APPLY: students actively apply the content they have just revised to build the knowledge and evaluative skills needed for the exams.
    3. REVIEW: regular opportunities to practice exam questions and review answers direct students to pinpoint any areas of weakness in knowledge or skills, identifying where they’ll need to concentrate their efforts for further revision.
    This Revision Guide is ideal for students combining Christianity and Islam. With all the essential content condensed and made memorable, and plenty of exam practice, tips and annotated sample answers, students can feel confidently prepared.

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  • AQA Poetry Anthology Power and Conflict Revision Guide: Ideal for the 2024 and 2025 exams (Collins GCSE Grade 9-1 SNAP Revision)


    Exam Board: AQA
    Level: GCSE Grade 9-1
    Subject: English Literature
    Suitable for the 2023 exams

    Everything you need to revise for GCSE 9-1 power and conflict

    Need extra help with the Power & Conflict AQA GCSE Grade 9-1 Poetry Anthology ahead of the exam? Revise tricky topics in a snap with this handy Snap Revision Guide.

    · Includes all 15 Power & Conflict poems, like The Prelude by William Wordsworth and War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy, along with detailed analysis.
    · Revise and review your understanding of the poems, themes, context, poetic voice and structure with easy-to-read sections on key quotations, additional context, sample analysis and quick tests
    · Advice on how to come up with ideas and structure a comparison of two poems
    · Loads of top tips throughout
    · Score top marks on your AQA GCSE Grade 9-1 English Literature exam with assessment objectives, Grade 5 and Grade 7 annotated answers and exam-style practice questions
    · QR codes link directly to online videos providing further analysis of the poems

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