• ¿Puedo hablar de mi salud mental! (Spanish Edition)

    Dos personas cucú te explican que ir al psicólogo no es ninguna locura.

    Desde su exitoso pódcast, ¿Puedo hablar!, Enrique Aparicio (Esnórquel) y Beatriz Cepeda (Perra de Satán) rompen tabúes y tratan con naturalidad cuestiones como la ansiedad, la depresión, los trastornos de la conducta alimentaria o la ideación suicida. El libro ¿Puedo hablar de mi salud mental! es el puente que quieren tender a todas las personas que intuyen que hay algo en su vida que falla, pero no se atreven a pedir ayuda. Su ejemplo, el de dos personas para las que la terapia ha sido fundamental, puede servir de impulso para quienes saben que deben arreglar algo en su cabeza, aunque no sepan bien lo que es.

    «Durante mucho tiempo creí que el sufrimiento era intrínseco a la vida, una consecuencia natural de hacerse mayor. En terapia empecé a deshacer el precario castillo de naipes sobre el que había construido mi visión del mundo: descubrí que ser gay y gordo no solo eran dos simpáticas circunstancias, sino partes de mi identidad que me habían expuesto a una serie de violencias que me condicionaban. La ayuda profesional me dado herramientas fundamentales. Por eso quiero que, si crees que la necesitas, acudas a ella cuanto antes».
    Enrique Aparicio, Esnórquel

    «Cuando empecé a engordar mi vida cambió por completo. Pasé de ser una niña sin problemas a una con un problema muy gordo. Nuestra sociedad hace creer a las niñas que engordar es algo muy grave contra lo que deben luchar. Cuando iba al médico y me quejaba de los nervios, ya que no sabía lo que era la ansiedad, le explicaba que sufría ataques, doloresde cabeza muy frecuentes y otros síntomas. La única respuesta que recibía era: Tienes que adelgazar, haz deporte y come menos. Acabé desarrollando un trastorno de la conducta alimentaria. Si he contado mi historia y he escrito este libro es para ponérselo más fácil a otras personas».
    Beatriz Cepeda, Perra de Satán

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  • …And What Do You Do?: What the royal family don’t want you to know


    The royal family: the quintessential British institution or an antiquated, overindulged drain on the taxpayer?

    For all their foibles and idiosyncrasies, the royal family wield considerable influence and yet rather than facing the scrutiny their position merits, they enjoy sickeningly obsequious coverage which reports their activities with breathless awe.

    And What Do You Do? is a provocative and hard-hitting analysis, exposing the royals extravagant use of public money and the highly dubious behaviour of some among their number. Former Minister of State and current Privy Counsellor Norman Baker breaks ranks to explore the wider role the royals play in society, including the link with House of Lords reform and the constitutional position of the monarch.

    Now fully updated to include new material on Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this irreverent and uncompromising account asks urgent questions about the future of the world s most famous royal family.

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  • ‘Halo: The Great Journey – The Art of Building Worlds’

    “‘The Art of Halo’; is the ultimate gallery of the Halo universe, with over 400 images including sketches and concept art by acclaimed artists such as Ashley Wood, detailed interiors and sweeping landscapes of Alex Chu, and Frank Capezzuto’s breathtaking spacescapes, plus commentary from the artists themselves and a Foreword from ‘the face of Halo,’ Frank O’Connor.”

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  • ‘Tis the Season: Christmas short stories and poems for you to enjoy

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly… and to be entertained!

    Like your fiction thought-provoking, heart-warming or maybe a little bit cheeky? Well, there’s something for everyone in this fabulous selection of Christmas short stories, poems, flash fiction and trivia.

    Join Judi on her journey to the Rhondda in search of new beginnings, find out what really makes elves tick and enjoy poems about the joys (or not) of Christmas.

    Two new authors have come together to brighten up your Christmas in this perfect fiction-packed stocking filler!

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  • ‘Unsuitable for Females’: The Rise of the Lionesses and Women’s Football in England


    Shortlisted for the 2023 Sports Book Awards for Best Football Writing of the Year

    Discover the origins of the Lionesses that brought football home. 

    England’s Lionesses are on the front and back pages; their stars feature on prime-time television; they are named in the national honours lists for their contribution to their sport and to society. The names of Lucy Bronze, Steph Houghton and Ellen White are emblazoned across the backs of children’s replica jerseys. These women are top athletes – and top celebrities. But in 1921, the Football Association introduced a ban on women’s football, pronouncing the sport ‘quite unsuitable for females’.

    That ban would last for half a century – but despite official prohibition the women’s game went underground. From the Dick, Kerr Ladies touring the world to the Lost Lionesses who played at the unsanctioned Women’s World Cup in Mexico in 1971, generations of women defied the restrictions and laid the foundations for today’s Lionesses – so much so that in 2018 England’s Women’s Super League became the first fully professional league in Europe…when just a few decades previously women were forbidden to play the sport in England at all.

    This book tells the story of women’s football in England since its 19th-century inception through pen portraits of its trailblazers. The game might have once been banned because of its popularity – find out about the subversive women who kept organising their teams and matches despite the prohibition, who broke barriers and set records – the legends of the game who built the foundations of the stage upon which today’s stars flourish.

    ‘At what feels like a pivotal moment, Carrie’s forensic research and depth of knowledge make her the perfect person to guide us through the constantly changing landscape of women’s football’ – Kelly Cates, TV presenter

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  • “Artistry unleased “: the sketch Book

    Certainly! A sketchbook is a blank or partially blank book used by artists, designers, and creative individuals to draw, doodle, jot down ideas, or experiment with various forms of artistic expression. They come in various sizes, paper types, and covers. Sketchbooks are essential tools for capturing and nurturing creativity, offering a portable canvas for visual exploration and the development of artistic skills. Whether it’s pencil sketches, ink drawings, watercolors, or any other medium, a sketchbook is a versatile companion for artists to bring their ideas to life.

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  • “Black Lives F*cking Matter” Journal/Planner, 7″ x 10″ BLM Composition Notebook/Calendar – 100 Pages Lined/Ruled

    Organize your ideas, journal your thoughts, or plan your next business with this 7″ x 10″ paperback lined notebook! With 100 ruled white pages, you’ll find the space you need for note taking, list making, or just plain creative brainstorming magic. Start your day in an inspirational mood, remember your favorite quotes, and get after your goals all with a single planner.

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  • “Flavors Unleashed: A Culinary Journey of Veg and Non-Veg Delights”

    Embark on a gastronomic adventure with our collection of mouthwatering recipes that celebrate the vibrant world of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. From sizzling vegetable stir-fries to succulent grilled meats, each recipe is crafted to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your home-cooking game. Discover the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and aromas that will turn your kitchen into a culinary haven. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, these recipes promise an exciting exploration of diverse ingredients and cooking techniques. Get ready to transform your meals into unforgettable dining experiences that leave everyone craving for more. Let the journey begin, and let the flavors speak for themselves!

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  • “Is That A Zombie?”

    When the zombie apocalypse begins none of us know how we’d react. Here are three tales of the first few days of the dead rising and how some of us approach this new world.
    The couple transporting a body across the country. The two young men going for a joyride, and the family on their farm waking up to the zombie apocalypse.

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  • “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s There”: “The Ultimate Joke and Knock, Knock Book”


    Unlock the doors to a world of pure laughter with “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s There”. This entertaining book is more than just a collection of jokes; it’s an invitation to a realm of laughter and endless entertainment.

    Step into the realm of “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s There” where every page is laughter waiting to happen. This book is a treasure trove of engaging jokes, and riddles that will captivate all ages. Whether you’re a child or a child at heart, these jokes are designed to entertain, leave a smile on your face, and leave you laughing.

    Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with humor, laughter, and endless comedy? “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s There” is the key to unlocking the door to a world where it can entertain kids and people of all ages. The desire to experience the funniest jokes around is just a page turn away

    Order your copy of “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s There” today and let the laughter begin. With its hundreds of jokes and riddles, this book is the perfect addition to your home library or an ideal gift for someone special. Get ready to knock, knock, and open the door to a world of laughing possibilities.

    Don’t wait – click “Add to Cart” now and bring the laughter of “Knock, Knock”, “Who’s There” into your life.

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  • “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t”: Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools (Corwin Ltd)


    Do you want to be an inspiring teacher for everyone you teach, even the trickier cherubs in your class? Or maybe you just want to get through a lesson without a desk flying at you or a blazer being set alight?

    In this down-to-earth book Adele Bates shares practical approaches, strategies and tips from the classroom on how to help pupils with behavioural needs thrive with their education. Packed full of real-life classroom scenarios, student voice and relevant theory, every chapter offers an Action Box helping you to implement these strategies – next lesson, next week and long term. 

    From relationship building and teaching self-regulation, to fostering inclusivity, paying attention to your own self-care and schoolwide approaches, Adele Bates unpicks some of the most difficult aspects of being a teacher and empowers you to grow as a confident classroom professional.

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  • “Radio Times” Guide to TV Comedy

    The Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy, by Mark Lewisohn, is the definitive and only guide to every single comedy show screened on British television.

    Five years on from the widely acclaimed first edition, the guide has been fully revised and updated to 2003 and now includes more than 3000 shows – sitcom, stand-up, sketch, serial, satire, impressionism, monologue, animation and more.

    Exceeding a million words over 960 pages, the book details every comedy programme shown by British TV channels from 1936 to the present day – all of those produced in Britain plus some 350 shows imported from America and elsewhere, everything from five-minute shorts in the 1930s to long-running series attracting headlines in the new millennium. Every show has its own entry, beginning with essential facts (cast list, key production credits, broadcast dates/days/times, etc) and concluding with an informative synopsis as well as an entertaining and often lively critique. There is also a raft of invaluable lists and appendices, multiple indexes, and – new to this edition – more than 80 rare comedy photographs from the Radio Times archive.

    Paul Merton described the first edition as ‘thorough, opinionated and meticulously researched’ and Ronnie Barker said it was ‘wonderful and monumental’. Victoria Wood has contributed the foreword to the new edition.

    Written with style, authority, wit and flair, the product of ten yearsÂ’ work, Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy (the only all-inclusive encyclopedia of any British television genre) makes the perfect gift and is an absorbing read for television viewers of all ages. It is also an indispensable tool for anyone working in TV and entertainment.

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  • “Take The Note”, notebook for actors, filmmakers or film lovers

    From The Actors’ Essentials collection

    The perfect film script themed notebook for an actor, filmmaker or film lover.

    200 page lined notebook

    A5 Size Paperback

    Designed to spark the imagination and inspire individuality, “Actors’ Essentials” are a range of books and products created for actors to aid their individual process when creating a role.

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  • “With a fine disregard…”: A Portrait of Rugby School

    Founded in 1567 by Lawrence Sheriff, Grocer to Queen Elizabeth I, Rugby School grew to national fame under Dr Thomas Arnold in the early nineteenth-century as a model for progressive boarding school education, a model subsequently replicated throughout Britain and Empire.

    Rugby combines an illustrious past with a progressive spirit. Other famous names include the Doctor’s fictional pupil Tom Brown, the legendary founder of rugby football William Webb Ellis, ‘who with a fine disregard for the rules of football as played in his time first took the ball in his arms and ran with it’, and literary luminaries like the poet Rupert Brooke and children’s author Lewis Carroll. Today Rugby maintains many valuable traditions such as the boarding house system, the cultivation of educated all-rounders and service to the community, but it is also seen as a leading coeducational boarding school, offering state-of-the-art facilities in many subjects (languages, science, sport, design) and taking a lead in the development of local inter-school partnership and access, through its Arnold Foundation, to less-well-off boys and girls who can benefit significantly from a boarding school education. Respect for tradition goes hand in hand with response to the needs of the modern world.

    This first full-colour celebration of Rugby School offers a richly illustrated and elegantly produced account of Rugby in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with, in this case, a fine disregard for the rules of scientific scholarship as developed in our time. A distinctive feature of the book is its emphasis on the first-hand accounts of living Rugbeians of every age and stage – as well as the records of deceased Rugbeians – to give a vividly personal portrayal of School life as it was and is lived day-to-day.

    “This is the first book on Rugby School for 40 years and the response from all those who have bought it or seen it has been tremendous.” Kerry Wilson, Development Director

    Book of the Month – Rugby World Magazine (June 2007 issue)

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  • “I’m ok” said the bee: Journal

    A 30 day journal designed to be a safe and supportive space for users to explore their mental health and well being. It is a place where users can express their thoughts and feelings without judgement. This journal focuses on positivity and gratitude.

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  • “I’m OK” Said The Bee: The Collection




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  • “Vaccine” Injuries, Lies, and Deaths: The Alarming Facts About the Covid Vaccines and Helpful Resources for Healing

    The COVID vaccine has caused more injuries than all other vaccines combinedin the history of modern medicine – yet highly-regarded 3-letter government organizations fail to communicate this critical information to the public. Instead, they convince doctors to administer the vaccine . . . persuade patients to receive it . . . and lie to those who question it. Yet the casualties are real.

    Take Kyle Warner, for example: a healthy 29-year-old professional mountain biker, who quit riding after his COVID vaccine due to the onset of pericarditis and reactive arthritis – similar to numerous otherwise healthy young adults who suffered from myocarditis, stroke, and more. Or consider the 50-year-old man who went from healthy to handicapped. Or ponder the hundreds of thousands of senior citizens who, post-jab, couldn’t maintain their balance, suffered from heart failure, and developed other serious illnesses.

    When Deanna Kline, a USAF Veteran and nurse with more than 35 years of experience, began encountering numerous patients suffering from COVID vaccine injuries, she was shocked when uncovering the staggering number of adverse events resulting from a single vaccine – numbers that seemed to be carefully hidden from the public eye.

    Written in clear, easy to understand language, Kline shares the stories of real people who suffered myriad adverse vaccine events, to educate the public and put an end to the ridicule aimed at those who speak out against this dangerous vaccine. It is her hope that, armed with powerful information, you will be equipped to make informed decisions about a controversial vaccine that has ruined – and ended – the lives of far too many individuals.

    In the words of Ken Ruettgers, Ph.D. College Professor of Sociology and Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inductee: “Kline provides an honest and transparent look behind the medical curtain of COVID-19 vax reactions and the fallout from a failed policy that devastated hundreds of thousands of people that trusted our medical and governmental institutions. A real eye-opener!”

    Publisher’s note: This book was previously published as Gasoline: Observations After New Covid Inoculations, in Layman’s Terms

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  • (ISC)2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide & Practice Tests Bundle


    Two bestselling CISSP guides in one serious study set

    This value-packed packed set for the serious CISSP certification candidate combines the bestselling (ISC)² CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 9th Edition with an updated and refined collection of Practice Exams to give you the best preparation ever for the high-stakes CISSP Exam.

    (ISC)² CISSP Study Guide, 9th Edition has been completely updated for the latest 2021 CISSP Body of Knowledge. This bestselling Sybex study guide covers 100% of all exam objectives. You’ll prepare for the exam smarter and faster with Sybex thanks to expert content, real-world examples, advice on passing each section of the exam, access to the Sybex online interactive learning environment, and much more. Reinforce what you’ve learned with key topic exam essentials and chapter review questions.

    Along with the book, you also get access to Sybex’s superior online interactive learning environment that includes four practice exams each with 125 unique questions to help you identify where you need to study more, more than 1000 Electronic Flashcards to reinforce your learning and give you last-minute test prep before the exam, a searchable glossary in PDF to give you instant access to the key terms you need to know for the exam.

    Add to that the updated (ISC)² CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Practice Tests, 3rd edition with 4 more complete 125-question exams and another 100 questions for each of the 8 domains and you’ll be as ready as you can be for the CISSP exam.

    All of the practice questions from both books have been vetted again for 2021 by multiple CISSPs and instructors, retaining only the best questions from previous editions insuring that the questions you practice with give you the best possible preparation.

    Coverage of all of the exam topics in each book means you’ll be ready for:

    • Security and Risk Management
    • Asset Security
    • Security Architecture and Engineering
    • Communication and Network Security
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Security Assessment and Testing
    • Security Operations
    • Software Development Security

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  • (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love: Gender and Aspirational Labor in the Social Media Economy

    An illuminating investigation into a class of enterprising women aspiring to “make it” in the social media economy but often finding only unpaid work

    Profound transformations in our digital society have brought many enterprising women to social media platforms―from blogs to YouTube to Instagram―in hopes of channeling their talents into fulfilling careers. In this eye-opening book, Brooke Erin Duffy draws much-needed attention to the gap between the handful who find lucrative careers and the rest, whose “passion projects” amount to free work for corporate brands.
    Drawing on interviews and fieldwork, Duffy offers fascinating insights into the work and lives of fashion bloggers, beauty vloggers, and designers. She connects the activities of these women to larger shifts in unpaid and gendered labor, offering a lens through which to understand, anticipate, and critique broader transformations in the creative economy. At a moment when social media offer the rousing assurance that anyone can “make it”―and stand out among freelancers, temps, and gig workers―Duffy asks us all to consider the stakes of not getting paid to do what you love.

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  • (Out)Law: From Teenage Mum to Legal Trailblazer

    (Out)Law is a journey of survival and resourcefulness, exploring the remarkable life of Alice Stephenson, who defied adversity to become a beacon of change in the legal world. At just 18, Alice faced the challenges of teenage motherhood and homelessness, yet refused to be defined by her circumstances. Determined and focused, she embarked on a path of education, navigating the complexities of university while juggling her responsibilities as a young mother.

    Having qualified as a solicitor, Alice had proven that barriers could be broken down thanks to grit and passion, but her story doesn’t stop there. In 2017, she set out to disrupt the legal industry by founding her own law firm – Stephenson Law.

    (Out)Law shines a light on the author’s defiance of societal expectations when coupled with drive and ambition. It explores the struggles and challenges that women and those whose faces don’t fit the mould encounter, as Alice stands against the norms of a male-dominated, elitist legal profession.

    Taking aim at archaic traditions, outdated perspectives, and an industry rife with discrimination, (Out)Law explores how innovation, inclusivity and the humanisation of lawyers are the key to delivering change within one of the world’s oldest professions.

    And, oh yes, how tattoos won’t bring the skies crashing onto people’s heads, either.

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  • [2 Pack] 2024 Wall Planner Extra Wide Size (120 x 42 cm) by planners4winners | Yearly Wall Chart Runs Jan’ 24 to Dec’ 24 | Excellent for office, home & school | Non Laminated,…

    • ✅ ❰ TWIN PACK – 2 PLANNERS ❱ We are offering amazing value for money when you buy this 2 pack combo. You get 2 planners and 2 set of stickers with great savings.
    • ✅ ❰ FULL YEAR 2024 FORMAT ❱ Runs from January 2024 to December 2024. Includes holidays for England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland.
    • ✅ ❰ Forget boring designs, get this stylish planner ❱ Designed by artists and productivity nerds. Looks great on any wall. Unmounted planner, delivered rolled.
    • ✅ ❰ Perfect for professionals and schools ❱ The wall planner offers generous space for each date allowing detailed planning. Fits perfect for office, work from home, small business and schools.
    • ✅ ❰ NON LAMINATED ❱ Write with any pen or pencil, enough space in each block. Satin finish thick photographic quality paper. NOT suitable for dry/wet wipe.
    • ✅ ❰ MAXIMUM Writing Space ❱ We are passionate planners and we understand what serious planning needs. Get max writing space in each date block to plan business, school or family needs.
    • ✅ ❰ MOUNT STICKERS INCLUDED ❱ 2×8 (16) foam stickers included to stick wall planner to any surface.
  • #BLM Journal

    This 120-page journal features:

    • 120 pages
    • 6″ x 9″
    • white-color paper
    • a cover page
    • a matte-finish cover for an elegant, professional look and feel

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    #BLM Journal

  • #BLM: Black Lives Matter 120 College Ruled Lined Pages, Black & White Notebook With Inspirational Saying For Social Justice

    Show your support with this straight-to-the-point black & white Black Lives Matter notebook.

    Keep your vibes high with another one of our positive notebooks – this time one that says “#BLM”. This notebook is the ideal gift for that special person in your life. It’s the perfect size to be transported with you, ready to record your school notes, thoughts, inspiration, positive motivation, and more.

    • 6×9″
    • 120 Lightly Lined College Ruled Pages
    • Soft Touch Matte Cover
    • Great Gift Idea

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  • #Saynotobullyinginmidwifery: TRIGGER WARNING – This report contains frank accounts of bullying behaviours and consequences and as such may trigger those who have experiences of…

    The #Saynotobullyinginmidwifery Facebook group was set up in April 2017 in order to support midwives and maternity workers who found themselves the victims of bullying behaviour. It was very apparent that the systems that had been put in place to protect the employee were not working and in many cases worked against the employee, who after raising concerns about culture, practices and safety, often became a bigger target by systems who either ignored the concerns, or even worse, supported the perpetrators of poor and unsafe culture, in turn making the situation worse and the employee members ended up resigning or retiring early in order to get away from the behaviours. This was considered by the systems as “problem solved.”

    In October 2021, the question “Why do Midwives leave? was asked within the group. The consequence of asking this question was a tsunami of accounts from midwives, student midwives, maternity support workers, lecturers, heads of midwifery and others. Accounts which repeatedly describe awful experiences which left the employees damaged and broken with lives and careers ruined, which impacted on their own families. As already described, they reported that they found that the systems that should have been in place to support them worked against them, Factors other than bullying also come into play, workload, short staffing, hierarchy, lack of safety, lack of compassion, racism, disregarding disabilities, poor training environment….. the list goes on.

    In the numerous accounts this book/report, all areas of the system from CQC, CEO, HR, midwifery management, universities and the unions are described as being complicit, inadequate, disinterested + even corrupt. Work environments are described as unsafe, exit interviews were not performed, recorded or acted upon. Staff are not valued, they describe not having a safe working environment. All too often after speaking out whistle-blowers are demonised until they leave. Health and safety issues and truly evidence base practice ignored with no lessons learned. The mental anguish caused by these failures is very difficult to read.

    Several reports have been published which clearly illustrate the devastation of unsafe care. We know from report after report that poor culture is described in these reports impacts on the safety of care given We also know that maternity is extremely understaffed and midwives and maternity workers are leaving in droves.

    Universities and training hospitals need to provide a safe supportive place in which students can learn, train, work and develop good quality and safe care with adequate and experienced mentorship. This is essential in order to retain and facilitate newly qualified midwives who are happy and supported and then in turn become experienced and happy staff, essential in what is an extremely responsible role. Staffing levels and training need to be optimal to ensure the safety of women and babies is optimal.

    This report will also show that despite leaving the roles that they loved, many midwifery and maternity staff members remain incredibly passionate about midwifery, maternity, mothers, babies, families and their colleagues and want the system to do better and be safer for all concerned. Many of the accounts in this book/report are from midwives who have reluctantly left the profession, many others are contemplating leaving.

    We haven’t included solutions in the report/book because we recognise there are no easy solutions. The damage cannot be instantly be repaired over night. Any solution needs an urgent multi-faceted approach where the focus is on doing and not just talking. These changes involve listening and speaking to those on the front line and including experienced health and wellbeing teams and systems for staff. The safety of mothers, babies, families, midwives and maternity staff depends on it.

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  • 1 joke a day: 366 jokes to read with your family | A book of hilarious jokes for kids 8-12.


    What if we had some family time to laugh every day of the year? wouldn’t that be great?

    Laughing makes you feel happy, helps reduce conflicts, and combats boredom and fatigue.

    “1 joke a day” is a book compiled with love with a very careful selection of 366 short jokes with simple vocabulary. Here you won’t find any jokes that involve violence, stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice.

    This book aims to make everyone laugh without offending anyone.

    Kids are the leaders of this great adventure. they’ll be able to tell short, simple, and fun jokes while:

    • expanding their vocabulary
    • practicing reading
    • developing a sense of humor.

    Here you won’t find:

    • any jokes that involve violence, stereotypes, discrimination, and prejudice.
    • long and difficult jokes

    Here you will find:

    • easy jokes suitable for kids from 6 to 12 years
    • texts in capital letters to facilitate reading

    Start listening families: the fun begins here!

    Click “buy now”, have a laugh together with your kids, and remember every day that life should be fun!

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  • 1 Page Online Marketing Gameplan: Get More Leads and Make More Money Using Social Media & Online

    If I were to give any other title to this book, I would’ve called it ‘A guide to social media marketing for new businesses and entrepreneurs’ or probably ‘Digital Marketing, How to do it right!’. However, I had to settle for a catchier title for obvious marketing reasons.

    Look, we all know the challenges with our business. When I talk to a new businesses, in majority of the cases I come across a pre-set number of queries. ‘How I grow my company’, ‘how I get more leads’, ‘how much budget should I allocate to digital marketing’ are some of the questions which should be addressed even before you start your online marketing journey. These questions should be addressed a as part of your strategy. Because strategy should dictate your competitive advantage and it is important to keep your strategy simple if you are a start-up, a new business or a small business. As your business grows, your strategy will inevitably grow more complex over time.

    We’ve talked about execution too. Find out which campaign works well on Social Media / PPC and SEO and throughout the book I addressed many of the prevalent queries. These are typically budget, audience targeting, client retention, and most importantly getting your online marketing strategy (and execution) right, so that you don’t diverge from your core business objectives.

    Selling a product is very different then selling a service online. The underlying objective and difference here is that a product is a tangible object whereas service is value added through time intangible skills and expertise.

    • Products are designed to meet the needs of the customer. So when you’re selling a product you would want to highlight the features / attributes and display the items appropriately online or in store. With product it’s easier for customers to appreciates its value. In the unlikely circumstances if they don’t like a product they can simply return it. They can also leave a review online for prospective customers and in turn the prospective customers can make a decision on the back of the reviews as well.
    • Service based selling: are usually less expensive to operate than product businesses because you’re not having to maintain an inventory and it typically requires building relationship with the customers when necessary. Getting the pricing right for a service based service is often time consuming. This will vary between industries and experience of those operating in these industries. It is also more difficult to get ratings because it takes longer to get a service completed or to take effect.

    In this amazing book you will also discover:

    • The type of social media marketing campaigns you can use to dissect your marketing strategy
    • How to use PPC, SEO and Social Media ads effectively for your digital marketing campaigns
    • A step by step guide to create your own personalised online marketing plan that fits within a page (hence the name1 Page Online Marketing Gameplan)
    • Get results on your digital marketing efforts from get go
    • Find the budget and pricing that’s right for you

    More about the Author
    Sam and his ability to observe, capture, leverage and optimise the customer buying experience through data-driven strategy and decisions, and translate this into meticulously efficient, high-return campaigns that drive conversions. This no doubt stems from his years of experience in the streamlined financial industries, and it translates into a scientific yet pragmatic approach to marketing strategy and implementation. The result is an unrivalled success, whatever your KPI — Dillan Gandhi, Searchlight London

    Sam Mahmud takes the intrigues of social media to a new level of understanding — Anita Amoa, Business Coach

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  • 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand out From The Crowd

    WARNING: Do Not Read This Book If You Hate Money

    To build a successful business, you need to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth. Traditionally, creating a marketing plan has been a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why it often doesn’t get done.

    In The 1-Page Marketing Plan, serial entrepreneur and rebellious marketer Allan Dib reveals a marketing implementation breakthrough that makes creating a marketing plan simple and fast. It’s literally a single page, divided up into nine squares. With it, you’ll be able to map out your own sophisticated marketing plan and go from zero to marketing hero.

    Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur, The 1-Page Marketing Plan is the easiest and fastest way to create a marketing plan that will propel your business growth.

    In this groundbreaking new book you’ll discover:
    • How to get new customers, clients or patients and how to make more profit from existing ones.
    • Why “big business” style marketing could kill your business and strategies that actually work for small and medium-sized businesses.
    • How to close sales without being pushy, needy, or obnoxious while turning the tables and having prospects begging you to take their money.
    • A simple step-by-step process for creating your own personalized marketing plan that is literally one page. Simply follow along and fill in each of the nine squares that make up your own 1-Page Marketing Plan.
    • How to annihilate competitors and make yourself the only logical choice.
    • How to get amazing results on a small budget using the secrets of direct response marketing.
    • How to charge high prices for your products and services and have customers actually thank you for it.

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  • 1,100 Designs and Motifs from Historic Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive)

    Hundreds of beautifully rendered, royalty-free images painstakingly adapted from a host of design traditions: primitive tribal, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Byzantine, French Renaissance and more. Also, decorative motifs derived from metalwork, heraldic ornament, floral vignettes, letters, other elements. Invaluable sourcebook for artists, craftworkers and decorative art enthusiasts.

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  • 10 Advanced Techniques That Will Make You a Pro of Amazon Advertising

    10 Advanced Techniques That Will Make You a Pro of Amazon Advertising

    Curious about the secrets to achieving Amazon Advertising success? It’s no surprise that 8 out of 10 accomplished sellers begin by learning from the mistakes of others. These invaluable lessons serve as stepping stones towards becoming a Pro Seller on Amazon. Let’s delve into an enlightening journey where we discover 10 advanced techniques.

    These proven strategies and tactics will empower you with practical knowledge for excelling in Amazon Advertising PPC. With a focus on revenue growth, targeted advertising, and leveraging data for effective campaigns, you’ll be equipped to thrive in the competitive marketplace.


    • What is Amazon Advertising?
    • Technique 1 – Set your clear advertising goals
    • Technique 2 – Begin with Sponsored Product Ads
    • Technique 3 – Product listing recommendations
    • Technique 4 – Creative and Free Advertising
    • Technique 5 – Sponsored Brands
    • Technique 6 – Product Display Ads
    • Technique 7 – Product Targeting
    • Technique 8 – Keywords Strategy for Amazon Ads
    • Technique 9 – Analytics and Reporting
    • Technique 10 – Get, Set, Ready for Shopping day events

    If you’re ready to take your Amazon Advertising game to the next level and join the ranks of Pro Sellers, this book is your roadmap to success.

    Get your copy now and start dominating the Amazon marketplace!

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  • 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity


    How can we believe the Bible is true? Why can’t we just agree that love is love? Isn’t Christianity against diversity?

    Going to school, hanging out with friends, or scrolling through social media feeds, teenagers are sure to face real challenges to faith in Jesus Christ. And whether you consider yourself a Christ follower or not, these questions can seem like deal breakers.

    Backed by state-of-the-art research, personal stories, Harry Potter illustrations (warning: spoilers!), and careful biblical study, this book doesn’t dodge tough questions. Instead, it invites teenagers to ask their hardest questions about Christianity and to find surprising, life-giving answers.

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  • 10 Scotland Street

    This is a triumph. A love letter to the ghosts of Edinburgh. I feel its hand upon my shoulder. -Sara Sheridan

    As a writer of fiction, I found myself itching to lift some of these characters from the page into the fertile fields of my own imagination. -Val McDermid

    About the book

    10 Scotland Street – the story of an Edinburgh home and its cast of booksellers, silk merchants, sailors, preachers, politicians, cholera and coincidence and its widespread connections over two centuries across the globe.

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  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uranus: A Collection of Interesting Stories, Facts and Trivia about Mythical Creatures, Unsolved Mysteries, The Human Body, Space and Much More!


    Attention all knowledge-seekers, hilarity indulgers, and Uranus inspectors!

    Welcome to 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uranus, a glorious, witty, and fact-filled compendium of stupendous and stupid knowledge! You’ll want to know it all!

    This book is literally brimming with knowledge. There are ten chapters which all have ten headline facts in them, and in those ten facts are many factoids and titbits.

    The subject matter varies across the book, focusing on subjects such as historical mysteries, mythical animals, the human body, culinary calamities, and Uranus. The topics are humorously detailed and are designed to be engaging and fun for the readers. The book, however, still prioritizes the acquisition of information and is educational for any and all.

    10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uranus is designed to be read by anyone in the family, from a child to a grandparent. The book contains some silly topics and touches on areas that might be confusing for young readers, so it’s important to discuss the knowledge with children that read it to pique their curiosity and guide any further research they may want to do. Encouraging children to create a quiz using this book is a great way to engage their creativity and discuss the bizarre facts hidden within!

    This book contains:

    • A broad spectrum of knowledge from many areas of study in the natural and human world
    • No politics! The book doesn’t marginalize, nor does it seek to bully. The book is about facts of the world and detailing the truth of our history, not to indoctrinate anyone.
    • Humorous writing that focuses on positivity and the entertainment factor.
    • If you’re not smiling, ‘hmm’ing, or giggling then you’re not getting it!

    The message of 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Uranus is that learning doesn’t just happen within four walls with an adult standing at the front of it.

    Children should be excited to learn, and the book provides a wide range of topics to help them find what they’re interested in. They’re encouraged to consider their passions and try to self-educate in a world that can often discourage it.

    Fun for the whole family!

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  • 10 Voyages Through the Human Mind: Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution (The RI Lectures)


    The third in a series of books in association with the Royal Institution on their world-renowned Christmas Lectures, this time exploring the intriguing pathways of the human brain and the complexities of the mind – with a foreword by Robin Ince.

    Following on from the success of 13 Journeys Through Space and Time and 11 Explorations into Life on Earth, this third book in the series takes a look at the staggering capabilities of the human brain through ten of the most revealing Christmas Lectures on the subject given at the RI over the last two centuries.

    Undoubtedly the most complex material in the universe, the human brain makes us who we are, but how it works and why has long been a mystery. Through this series of fascinating lectures, spanning over a hundred years, experts in the fields of psychology, neurology and biology examine the workings of our most important organ, revealing a hidden and complex world.

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  • 10-Minute Chinese Takeaway: Simple, Classic Dishes Ready in Just 10 Minutes!


    10-Minute Takeaway is the fastest, easiest ever cookbook for all your favourite Chinese dishes.

    Cooking star Kwoklyn Wan offers over 80 inventive ways of getting food on the table in 10 minutes flat, from start to finish – quicker than doing an online order or picking up the phone!

    Here he shares fuss-free and delicious recipes for the likes of Sweet and Sour Pork, Roast Duck in Hoi Sin Sauce, King Prawn Noodles, Rice Noodle Soup, Crispy Chilli Tofu, Marinated Tofu and many more.

    With Kwoklyn’s amazing recipes and handy shortcuts, it really is THAT easy.

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  • 10,000 DICK PICS: Dirty Gag Gifts For Men & Woman, Funny Fake Book Cover Notebook, Cool Stuff, 110 Blank Lined Pages

    This is a lined notebook, 110 pages, and (6×9) inches in size. Original office gift. You can customize according to your personal planning needs.

    Perfect for

    • Funny business journal notebook
    • Humor office gifts for coworkers
    • Boss meeting planner
    • Employee staff appreciation leaving gifts
    • Awesome great gift idea for boss
    • Staff appreciation gifts
    • Coworker birthday brilliant gift idea
    • Best gifts for coworkers
    • Boss appreciation stuff
    • Creative task manager
    • Boss gag gift

    Used as

    • To do diary
    • Decision Notepad
    • Pros and Cons notebook
    • Meeting Planner
    • Event planning guide
    • Party planning guide
    • Habit tracking
    • Journaling
    • Organizing thoughts
    • Project manager
    • To do list book
    • Taking notes
    • and so on…

    To view more, click on Fucking Brilliant Notebooks Author page (amazon.com/author/notebooksfu). We highly appreciate and Thank You for your review.Your review helps others make a better purchase decision

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  • 100 Amazing Facts about Rugby: Dive into the Heart of the Fray

    Immerse yourself in the world of rugby like never before!

    100 Amazing Facts About Rugby is the perfect companion for anyone looking to discover the hidden gems and memorable moments of this spectacular sport. Whether they are novices or enthusiasts, this book will amaze and educate its readers.

    • Educational and Inspiring: This book is more than just a collection of facts. It traces the evolution of rugby, from the muddy pitches of British schools to the glittering stadiums of the professional world. Give your child the opportunity to discover the history, culture and techniques of this majestic sport.
    • For All Ages: The facts are presented clearly and concisely, making the book accessible to both young fans and older teens. It’s never too early or too late to immerse yourself in the world of rugby!
    • Engaging and Captivating: Each fact has been meticulously chosen for its unique and fascinating nature. From the magic of sidestep to the power of front packs, each page is an adventure in itself.
    • A Perfect Gift: Whether your child is already a player on the field or simply curious to know more about this sport, this book is the ideal gift to fuel their passion.
    • Cultivate Team Spirit: Rugby is not just a game; It’s a life lesson. It teaches teamwork, respect, discipline and fair play. By diving into this book, your child will absorb these fundamental values that go beyond just the field.

    In short, “100 Amazing Facts about Rugby” is much more than a book. It is a journey through the history, techniques and values of a sport that has touched millions of hearts around the world. Gift it today and watch your child transform into a passionate rugby fan!

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  • 100 Amazing Facts about Thailand: Amazing Discoveries in the Heart of Asia

    Immerse yourself in the mystical heart of Thailand with “100 Amazing Facts about Thailand”.

    Thailand isn’t just about golden beaches and sparkling temples; it is a country rich in millennia-old history, ancestral traditions and natural wonders. “100 Amazing Facts about Thailand” invites you on a breathtaking journey through the land of smiles, revealing its most precious secrets and surprising anecdotes.

    Why this book is the perfect gift for your children:

    • Educational and Entertaining: Every fact is carefully researched and presented in a fun way. Your children will enrich their general knowledge while being captivated by the fascinating stories.
    • Suitable for all ages: Whether your children are beginners or advanced readers, the writing style is accessible, with clear and concise information.
    • Immersive journey: Without leaving the comfort of your home, your children will be able to travel through the mountains, forests, cities and villages of Thailand, discovering a new adventure on each page.
    • Stimulates Curiosity: This book will spark lots of questions, encouraging your children’s natural curiosity and pushing them to learn more about the world around them.
    • Encourages respect for cultures: By immersing themselves in the traditions, customs and history of Thailand, your children will develop a deeper appreciation and respect for cultures different from their own.
    • Durability: Built to last, this book will become a family library favorite that your children can read again and again, discovering something new each time.

    Give your children a window into a world that is both exotic and fascinating. “100 Amazing Facts about Thailand” is not just a book; it’s a ticket to an unforgettable adventure.

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