Be Useful: Seven tools for life

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The seven rules to follow to realise your true purpose in life-distilled by Arnold Schwarzenegger from his own journey of ceaseless reinvention and extraordinary achievement, and available for absolutely anyone.

The world’s greatest bodybuilder. The world’s highest paid movie star. The leader of the world’s sixth largest economy. That these are the same person sounds like the setup to a joke. But this is no joke. This is Arnold Schwarzenegger. And this did not happen by accident.

Arnold’s stratospheric success happened as part of a process. As the result of clear vision, big thinking, hard work, direct communication, resilient problem-solving, open-minded curiosity, and a commitment to giving back. All of it guided by the one lesson Arnold’s father hammered into him above all: be useful. As Arnold conquered every realm he entered, he kept his father’s adage close to his heart.

Written with his uniquely earnest, blunt, powerful voice, BE USEFUL takes readers on an inspirational tour through Arnold’s toolkit for a meaningful life. Arnold shows us how to put those tools to work, in service of whatever fulfilling future we can dream up for ourselves. He brings his insights to vivid life with compelling personal stories, life-changing successes and life-threatening failures alike–some of them famous, some told here for the first time ever.

Too many of us struggle to disconnect from our self-pity and connect to our purpose. At an early age, Arnold forged the mental tools to build the ladder out of the poverty and narrow-mindedness of his rural Austrian hometown, tools he used to add rung after rung from there. Now he has shared that wisdom with all of us. As he puts it, no one is going to come rescue you — you only have yourself. The good news, it turns out, is that you are all you need.

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Ebury Edge (10 Oct. 2023)




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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by miss j phillips

    I listened to a podcast with Arnie disguising the premise of the book and I knew it would be a good read. My boyfriend hasn’t stopped quoting Arnie for weeks and even had a tweet replied to by the author himself. If you are a fan of Arnie or simply interested in his philosophy to being useful this book is well worth a read.

  2. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    As a massive Arnold fan for over 40 years having seen the truly inspirational Pumping Iron and numerous awesome films he made, a fantastic read so far just shows you what is possible with the right work ethic and mindset. Without question one of the most influential people who has achieved greatness in so many different fields from bodybuilding, films and politics who defied the odds.

  3. 08

    by Nigel D.

    I’m hoping my teenage son will read the whole book, take on board Arnie’s lessons and set himself goals!

  4. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    After joining Arnold’s Pump Club and listening to all the podcasts I had to purchase this book. I finished reading the book the other day and it is a truly inspiring read, it was the kick up the backside that I needed to look at myself and make changes that will make my life and hopefully everyone else around me a little better. Whenever a situation seems daunting, I used to back out, but now thanks to Arnold I push through. It’s very well written book, with the 7 tools and peppered with examples from his experience and research. Highly recommended. Thanks so much Arnold.

  5. 08

    by Michael cawley

    This book is a must for any Arnie fan. It’s fascinating to see him split his life and career into 4 chapters and then explore is inspirations, allies and adversaries, trials and triumps and finally laying out his vision and hopes for not only his family and hus own state, California but the World and it’s people as a whole

  6. 08

    by Sue Bird

    I do admire Arnie. Still walking past my handweights – maybe my new years resolution to get some muscles.

  7. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Love this book. Has great advice, and loads of interesting anecdotes. Arnie is not just muscle. He is a true role model for everything on your life.

  8. 08

    by Ross

    i would highly reccommend reading Arnolds very concise and useful tips and tools. His personality and methodology shine through the words on the page and i found it to be very honest and revealed much i didn’t know about the man and they way he thinks.

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Be Useful: Seven tools for life

£9.50£19.00 (-50%)

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