• 23 ½ Lies: (A Women’s Murder Club Novella)


    The thrilling new novella in the globally bestselling series plus two gripping new stories from the master of suspense.

    23 ½ Lies
    When SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer is called to investigate a crime scene, nothing can prepare her for what she finds: her estranged father gunned down execution style. The case will soon reveal to Lindsay a series life-altering truths . . .

    Fallen Ranger
    A series of armed robberies are linked to a gang of motorcycle bandits. Rory Yates, the hero of Texas Ranger, is tasked with hunting them down.

    Watch Your Back
    A starving artist is paid to expose his client’s cheating wife. But no amount of money can protect him from a world of corruption . . .

    Praise for James Patterson

    ‘The master storyteller of our times’ Hillary Rodham Clinton
    ‘James Patterson is the gold standard by which all others are judged’ Steve Berry
    ‘No one gets this big without natural storytelling talent’ Lee Child
    ‘Nobody does it better’ Jeffrey Deaver
    ‘James Patterson is The Boss. End of.’ Ian Rankin

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  • 23rd Midnight: A serial killer behind bars. A copycat killer on the loose… (Women’s Murder Club 23) (Women’s Murder Club)


    ‘Smart characters, shocking twists’ Lisa Gardner
    ‘A compelling read with great set pieces and, most of all, that charismatic cast of characters’ Sun
    ‘I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough’ Heidi Perks
    ‘Terrific, high-octane, really pacy’ Jo Spain

    Detective Lindsay Boxer put serial killer Evan Burke behind bars. Now a new killer has recreated Burke’s most infamous crimes-and disappeared without a trace.

    Detective Lindsay Boxer put serial killer Evan Burke in jail.

    Reporter Cindy Thomas put Burke on the bestseller list, in her true-crime book about the case.

    An obsessed fan is studying every detail-and committing fresh horrors that carry Burke’s signature.

    Now Lindsay’s tracking an elusive suspect, one who’s penning a deadly playbook featuring Cindy’s name in blood-red ink.

    Readers are loving 23rd Midnight . . .
    ‘A very gripping book’
    ‘Patterson does it again’
    ‘Easy and addictive read’
    ‘Enjoyed every moment’
    ‘I was hooked from page 1’


    Praise for James Patterson

    ‘The master storyteller of our times’ Hillary Rodham Clinton
    ‘Nobody does it better’ Jeffrey Deaver
    ‘One of the greatest storytellers of all time’ Patricia Cornwell
    ‘James Patterson is The Boss. End of.’ Ian Rankin

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  • A Country Wedding Murder: A totally gripping and unputdownable cozy murder mystery (Julia Bird Mysteries Book 5)

    The joyous crowd applauds as the happy couple strides down the aisle. This Cotswolds country wedding has everything – friends and family, beautiful flowers and… murder?

    When Julia Bird’s ex-husband Peter and his lovely partner Christopher decide to get married in Berrywick, Julia is delighted – after all, who doesn’t love a country wedding? Little does Julia know that normally calm and collected Christopher will turn into a full-on Groomzilla – and that by the end of the night, someone will end up dead.

    The morning after the big day, the jolly nuptial mood turns grim when Julia discovers the lifeless body of the caterer, Desmond. Someone locked him in the cold truck and the poor man froze to death. Now looking for a murderer, all eyes are on Christopher who, mid-tantrum, had publicly threatened to kill him. Convinced that Christopher is innocent, Julia vows to find the real culprit.

    Julia soon discovers Desmond had a long list of enemies as she races against the clock to clear Christopher’s name. Could his death be the work of the respected wedding planner who was heard exchanging choice words with the victim? Or perhaps it was his wife – ‘til death do them part – who didn’t shed a single tear at his funeral?

    But just when Julia thinks she’s cracked the case, her prime suspect is found dead with a knife in their back. Can Julia find the murderer before they strike again?

    An utterly gripping, charming cosy mystery set in the English countryside. Fans of M.C. Beaton, Faith Martin and Betty Rowlands will love the Julia Bird Mysteries.

    Readers are loving the Julia Bird Mysteries:

    ‘I absolutely LOVED this… Julia Bird was an amazing and lovable character… Once I started it, I couldn’t stop.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘There just aren’t enough stars for this one, so I can only give it FIVE!!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘Oh my, I loved Julia Bird… she is a delight! I can’t wait for the next one! Please don’t let it be long!’ MoongloTexas, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘Fabulous… addictive… a witty and delightful crime novel full of delicious red herrings, rural mischief and bucolic charm that is impossible to put down.’ Bookish Jottings

    ‘I was hooked on the mystery immediately… If you haven’t read this series you are missing out! Pure entertainment… a fabulous read and I can’t wait for the next one.’ @onceuponatimebookreviews, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘Kept me engrossed and I completed the book within a day… I would highly recommend this cosy crime page-turner as the perfect indulgent summer evening escape.’ NetGalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  • A Death in the Parish: The sequel to Murder Before Evensong (Canon Clement Mystery)




    ‘Champton joins St Mary Mead and Midsomer in the great atlas of fictional English villages where the crimes are as dastardly as the residents delightful’ – DAMIAN BARR

    It’s been a few months since murder tore apart the community of Champton apart. As Canon Daniel Clement tries to steady his flock, the parish is joined with Upper and Lower Badsaddle, bringing a new tide of unwanted change. But church politics soon become the least of Daniel’s problems. His mother – headstrong, fearless Audrey – is obviously up to something, something she is determined to keep from him. And she is not the only one. And then all hell breaks loose when murder returns to Champton in the form of a shocking ritualistic killing…

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  • A Frightfully Fatal Affair: A funny and unputdownable village cosy mystery (The Dinner Lady Detectives Book 4)


    Cloaked strangers and danger abound…

    Margery and Clementine Butcher-Baker are coming to the end of another busy half term as dinner ladies at Summerview Secondary school. The school is abuzz with chatter about the upcoming break, the local harvest festival, and the fact that maths teacher, Mr Weaver, hasn’t turned up to work in days.

    When the pair embark on an evening walk, they discover Mr Weaver’s body in the woods, with a mysterious symbol painted on the tree beside him. Something suspicious is clearly afoot.

    As the nights grow darker and the mysterious symbols continue to appear around Dewstow, the Dinner Lady Detectives are pulled deeper into the case. Can they solve the mystery as deceit and chaos reigns, or will their killer pull off another deadly trick?

    A fun and charming cosy mystery, perfect for fans of J.M Hall and Fiona Leitch.

    Praise for Hannah Hendy

    ‘Hannah is at the top of the tree of modern whodunnits. The characters, bar none, are real; the settings are glorious and the plots are devilishly clever’ Ian Moore, author of Death and Croissants

    ‘Who knew being a dinner lady could be so dangerous – but so much fun?! With a plot that’s twistier than school dinner spag bol, Clem and Margery are the only school dinner ladies guaranteed to give you belly laughs rather than indigestion’ Fiona Leitch, author of The Cornish Village Murder

    ‘Hendy is, by far, one of the very best cosy writers we have – and A Frightfully Fatal Affair sees her on sparkling form’ Jonathan Whitelaw, author of The Bingo Hall Detectives

    ‘Twisty, delightful, and laugh-out-loud funny. I fell in love with Margery and Clementine from the first page’ Antony Johnston, author of The Dog Sitter Detective on The Dinner Lady Detectives

    ‘I really enjoyed this – a terrific zesty look at the dark underside of a modern-day secondary school’ J.M. Hall, author of A Spoonful of Murder

    ‘A captivating murder mystery’ Women’s Own

    ‘Great to catch up with the dinner ladies and their detective skills. A fantastic read, roll on the next instalment!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

    ‘This sucked me in from the beginning with its relatable characters and really original plot! I will be reading more by Hannah Hendy for sure, I love her writing style.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

    ‘The characters and descriptions are well written. It’s a fast paced and easy to read book. I was surprised by the ending. I will be recommending this book.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

    ‘I love this series and I have a rather big soft spot for Clementine and Margery. This book has the right mix of mystery, laughs and murder. If you are a fan of murder mysteries and cosy crime then please give this series a go.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

    ‘It was hard to put this one down before I turned that last page. A really good cozy. I’ll be back for more in this series!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reader review

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  • A Heart Full of Headstones: The Gripping New Must-Read Thriller from the No.1 Bestseller Ian Rankin



    ‘I loved it – Rebus is one of fiction’s greatest creations’ MARIAN KEYES

    John Rebus stands accused: the once legendary detective is on trial, facing the rest of his life behind bars.

    How does a hero turn villain?
    Or have times changed, and the rules with them?

    Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke tackles Edinburgh’s most explosive case in years, as a corrupt cop harbouring huge secrets goes missing.

    But is her loyalty to the police or the public? And who can she trust when nobody is truly innocent – including her former mentor Rebus – and a killer walks among them?

    As the time comes to choose sides, it becomes clear: after a lifetime of lies, the truth will break your heart…

    * * * * *


    ‘I loved it hugely! Rebus is one of fiction’s greatest creations.’

    ‘Phenomenal … The ending is going to floor readers. Everyone is going to be talking about this!’

    ‘Magnificent – beautifully written, clever – and what an ending!’

    ‘Peerless. Immaculately crafted, gripping, intricately textured. By turns wry, brutal, unflinching, heart-filled.’

    ‘The standout novel from one of the great storytellers of our generation … The kind of ending you won’t ever forget.’

    * * * * *


    ‘Ian Rankin is a genius’

    ‘Rebus is one of British crime writing’s greatest characters: alongside Holmes, Poirot and Morse’

    ‘Whatever he writes, it will be worth reading … Rankin has redefined the genre’

    ‘The arrival of a Rankin novel remains one of life’s pleasures’

    ‘Rankin is a phenomenon’

    ‘Worthy of Agatha Christie at her best’

    ‘The king of crime fiction’

    ‘Great fiction, full stop’

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  • A Right Royal Cozy Investigation Mystery EBox Set Vol 1: Three page turning female amateur sleuth cozy mysteries with a hint of humour


    A game of wits between a Royal sleuth and a seasoned detective – but who will crack the case first in these three page-turning mysteries?

    “Richard Osman and MC Beaton fans are going to love Helen Golden…Irrepressible, hilarious, intriguing and full of mischief, mayhem and red herrings.”

    “I am a huge fan of ‘A Right Royal Cozy Investigation’ series and have read all the books. I love Helen’s writing style and find her humour sassy and fun to read.”

    Spruced Up For Murder
    Death at Francis Court Now Confirmed as Murder! Speculation is rife that the victim, estate manager Alex Sterling (44), was found by Lady Beatrice (35), the Countess of Rossex, niece of King James. Lady Beatrice, who has finally come out of hiding following her son’s departure to boarding school, has been managing the project to refurbish and redesign the Events Suite at Francis Court, alongside Perry Juke. Heading up the murder investigation is Detective Chief Inspector Richard Fitzwilliam. Rumour has it that he and Lady Beatrice have a fractious history…

    Awful man! How dare Fitzwilliam suggest Lady Beatrice’s sister is the number one suspect for Alex’s murder. It could be any one of the staff who were on-site that morning. Well, she’ll show Mr High and Mighty Fitzwilliam! With her attention to detail, her clever dog Daisy, Perry’s imagination, and his partner’s contacts at Fenshire CID, they’ll find the murderer before him. And then they’ll see who’ll look like a fool. Because it won’t be Lady Beatrice, will it?

    For Richer, For Deader
    Is the Wedding Between TV’s Sir Hewitt Willoughby-Franklin’s Step-Daughter and Billionaire’s Son Off? Rumours are that the recent death of Kelley Lindsell (29), the personal chef of tycoon Rudy (68) and Sheri Trotman (65) at Sir Hewitt’s Fawstead Manor country estate in Fenshire, has spooked Sybil Bransgrove (36) so badly she’s considering cancelling her nuptials. Meanwhile the bride and her mother Lady Grace (61) are being supported by family friend Lady Beatrice (36), the Countess of Rossex, who, alongside her business partner Perry Juke, is currently managing the project to refurbish the Manor House and Lodge on the estate.

    Not again! Now that Lady Grace has asked amateur sleuth Lady Beatrice to liaise with the police during the investigation into Kelley’s death, she’ll have to cooperate with boorish Detective Chief Inspector Richard Fitzwilliam whether she likes it or not. Her only relief will be solving the murder with the help of her friends Perry and Simon and her dog Daisy to get rid of him faster. But with so many wedding party guests staying on-site, any one of them could be the killer. Can they find out who it is before Sybil calls off the wedding…

    Not Mushroom For
    TV Chef Luca Mazza Dies After Collapse at Food Show on the King’s Private Estate. Luca Mazza (38), who was taken ill during a food demonstration at the Fenn House Food and Wine Festival two days ago, is now known to have ingested poison. Lady Beatrice (36), the king’s niece, who is working on a refurbishment project at Fenn House with her business partner Perry Juke (34), is believed to be comforting Luca’s boss and close friend Sebastiano Marchetti (38), who she began dating last month.

    Is he crazy? Why else would Detective Chief Inspector Richard Fitzwilliam suggest that Sebastiano poisoned Luca without any evidence? So now, with the help of her little dog Daisy and her best friends Perry and Simon, amateur sleuth Lady Beatrice will have to prove to Mr Know-it-all Fitzwilliam that Seb is innocent. But with so many people having access to the food preparation area at the show how will she find out who did murder Luca before Fitzwilliam lets his personal dislike get the better of him and arrests Seb?

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  • A Trace of Hares: A totally gripping British cozy murder mystery (A Dr Nell Ward Mystery Book 5)

    A family wedding. An unsolved murder. Til death us do part?

    Dr Nell Ward is in the lush, emerald-green hills of Ireland to attend the wedding of two dear friends at a picture-perfect farmhouse.

    But family tensions are running high in the days before the happy couple tie the knot. And when Nell hears a fox kill a hare in the early morning, the bad omen sends shivers down her spine. Almost like it is a sign of something to come…

    Then one of the locals makes a gruesome discovery in a nearby peat bog. The habitats are famous for the ancient bodies they can preserve for thousands of years. This woman, however, died much more recently and was clearly a victim of foul play.

    Nell and her friends are suddenly in the middle of another murder case. Can they trace the truth to unmask a long-hidden killer and save the wedding, before it’s too late?

    An absolutely gripping and page-turning cozy mystery to curl up with. Perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Robert Thorogood and Janice Hallett.

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  • Above the Law: An Edge of Your Seat Crime Thriller (The Detective Jesse McCord Police Thriller Series Book 11)

    Walking in a southwesterly direction, a killer leaves a trail of death as he strikes down random Chicago homeowners.

    Homicide Detective Jesse McCord and his team vow to get ahead of the madman, yet the only clue they have is the direction in which he’s going. Because he doesn’t use a car or a credit card and has no traceable hotel stays, the killer remains invisible.

    Chicago is overtaken by the fear of a serial killer on the roam, and a vague description given by two homeless men is cold comfort. The killer could be anyone’s next-door neighbor.

    Thinking outside the box, Jesse and his partner, Frank Mills, work tirelessly to unearth the killer’s motive, yet it’s the why that has them baffled.

    When an unexpected breakthrough comes in the form of a single fingerprint, it sets off a chain of events that shakes the foundations of Chicago’s legal system. Privacy is pitted against justice, and the lives of everyone touched by this case are forever changed.

    Editorial Review:
    “A serial killer manages to elude Chicago police until the day he leaves a partial fingerprint in a victim’s wallet. For Homicide Detective Jesse McCord and his colleagues, learning the killer’s identity is almost as shocking as the discovery of the grisly bodies. A spine-tingling read!” Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

    The Detective Jesse McCord Police Thriller Series books are listed in chronological order below
    #1 Sniper’s Nest
    #2 At Large
    #3 Deadly Pursuit
    #4 To Die For
    #5 Booked For Murder
    #6 End of the Line
    #7 Deadly Deception
    #8 Hard to Kill
    #9 Final Shot
    #10 Identity Crisis
    #11 Above the Law

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  • After That Night: The gripping new 2023 crime suspense thriller from the No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author (The Will Trent Series, Book 11)


    The No.1 Sunday Times bestseller!

    Will Trent and Sara Linton are back! Don’t miss the electrifying thriller featuring GBI investigator Will Trent and medical examiner Sara Linton from the international No.1 bestselling author Karin Slaughter.

    Watch Will Trent on Disney+!

    After that night, nothing was ever the same again …

    Fifteen years ago, Sara Linton’s life changed forever when a celebratory night out ended in a violent attack that tore her world apart. Since then, Sara has remade her life. A successful doctor, engaged to a man she loves, she has finally managed to leave the past behind her.

    Until one evening, on call in the ER, everything changes. Sara battles to save a broken young woman who’s been brutally attacked. But as the investigation progresses, led by GBI Special Agent Will Trent, it becomes clear that Dani Cooper’s assault is uncannily linked to Sara’s.

    And it seems the past isn’t going to stay buried forever …

    Love crime? Love Slaughter.

    After That Night was a No.1 Sunday Times bestseller w/c 26/6/22

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  • Alex Cross Must Die: (Alex Cross 31) The latest novel in the thrilling Sunday Times bestselling series



    When an American Airlines plane explodes in the sky, detectives Alex Cross and John Sampson are first on the scene. They don’t hear the gunfire. At first.

    It soon becomes clear that the plane was taken down by a rare, stolen machine gun. The list of people who could operate the weapon is short. And time runs even shorter.

    But this isn’t the only case the pair must solve. They’re also tracking a serial killer who’s ambushing young men in what the media are calling the ‘Dead Hours’ murders.

    With two killers and two different motives, Cross and Sampson are in a deadly race against time . . .

    The latest thriller in the globally bestselling series has arrived.


    Readers are loving Alex Cross Must Die . . .

    ***** ‘The brilliant new action-packed thriller’
    ***** ‘I just cannot get enough of these fast-paced, page-turning crime thrillers’
    ***** ‘This story is full of surprises’
    ***** ‘I LOVE Alex Cross, roll on the next book!’
    ***** ‘The Alex Cross books are amongst the finest detective stories in the world’



    ‘Patterson never, and I mean never, disappoints’ USA Today

    ‘Behind all the noise and the numbers, we shouldn’t forget that no one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent – which is what Jim has, in spades. The Alex Cross series proves it’ Lee Child

    ‘Alex Cross is a legend’ Harlan Coben

    ‘Alex Cross … only gets better and better’ Lisa Scottoline

    ‘[Alex Cross] has become one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time, a character for the ages’ Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

    Triple Cross was a Sunday Times bestseller October 27 2022

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  • An Unfortunate Christmas Murder: A charming and festive British cosy mystery (The Dinner Lady Detectives Book 2)


    ‘Tis the season for gold, frankincense and murder…

    It’s winter in the small town of Dewstow, and Margery is preparing for her first Christmas as Summerview school’s kitchen manager. She’s supported by her wife, Clementine, and is trying to stay focused on the task at hand.

    The pair are determined to stay out of the way of the Christmas concert planning that has gripped the rest of the staff. However, they are caught in the crossfire when the stage lights collapse at the first practice, killing Mrs Large, the music teacher.

    Mrs Smith, the Head of Drama, is the prime suspect and is desperate for the Dinner Lady Detectives to clear her name. Mrs Smith is convinced that it’s sabotage by her rival, Mrs Blossom, the drama teacher at Ittonvale Secondary, but there’s evidence that points to her own misdeeds. Can Margery and Clementine trust their friend? And when things start to heat up in the kitchen, will they make it out in time?

    A charming and festive British village mystery, perfect for fans of Robert Thorogood and Fiona Leitch.

    Praise for The Dinner Lady Detectives

    ‘This cosy crime novel has some hilarious moments and is perfect to curl up with’ Heat

    ‘A brilliant read! Bella

    ‘A brilliant whodunnit!’ Closer

    ‘The plot is great, the character cast is spot on, and the dialogue and humor is so quick, smart, and addictive. Margery and Clem play off one another brilliantly. I cannot wait to read the next book (please say there will be one!!!!!!) and highly recommend this gem.’ NetGalley review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    If you are after a gentle and amusing read, this will not disappoint!’ Reader review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘Heaps of fun. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the absurdities and the chaos that surrounded Clementine and Margery.’ Reader review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  • Blind Revenge: A Suspenseful Legal Thriller

    An emotionally charged narrative! – Mars Patterson

    Elias Nicholas is forcibly wrenched from his cherished life by the state for the murder of a university medical student, leaving behind his beloved wife and two little innocent children. But he soon finds an unexpected solace in the confines of the notorious Badagry prison and an unconventional connection to his remote family.

    Eighteen years after, the society uncovers the long-guarded truth of his wrongful incarceration. And presently, the state extends a bittersweet invitation to return Nicholas home to a world vastly transformed from the one he left behind.

    Nicholas faces an agonizing decision: between reintegration into a society that has evolved during his absence after nearly two decades, and the contemplation of spending the rest of his days within the confines of the much familiar prison terrain.

    In BLIND REVENGE, A. O. Nathaniels weaves a poignant narrative of love, loss, and the raw human spirit of resilience in the face of injustice. Explore the gripping tale of a man torn between two vastly different lives and the monumental decision that will shape the rest of his existence and the lives of those he holds dear. Will Nicholas choose to rebuild his life outside the prison walls or find enduring peace within the confines of his incarceration? Discover the unyielding power of hope and the complexities of human resilience in this compelling and emotionally charged narrative.

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  • Bonfire of the Calamities – A Cozy Mystery (with dragons): Tea, cake, and rogue wildlife in the Yorkshire Dales (A Beaufort Scales Mystery, Book 8)

    A body.
    A theft.
    A good cause gone bad …

    Miriam has never seen eye-to-eye with her sister. But when a body’s dumped on the doorstep of a Women’s Institute meeting and all signs point to Rainbow, Miriam knows her sister’s being framed. Rainbow might be monumentally irritating, but she’s no killer.

    Going to the police would be the smart move, but even without the damning evidence on hand Rainbow’s got her own reasons for avoiding them. Before long she’s on the run, trusting to Miriam and the W.I. to clear her name. The killer’s left nothing to chance, though, and Rainbow’s in more danger than she realises – and she’s dragging the others right in with her.

    Between rogue wildlife, clothing-optional informants, and Rainbow’s own team of obstinate rebels, the W.I. are in a desperate race to dodge the police and dig up the truth. But Miriam’s not backing down. Not this time. This is family, and she’s going to see this case through. Not even the dragons can stop her.

    The killer might, though …

    A funny cozy mystery (with dragons), for anyone that likes their mysteries British, gentle, and well-stocked with cake, tea, and friendship. And dragons, obviously.

    Bonfire of the Calamities is the eighth book in The Beaufort Scales series of cozy mysteries (with dragons) – pick up Baking Bad today to see where it all began!

    Note: This cozy mystery contains:

    • no graphic violence
    • no sex
    • no strong language; however it does contain some blasphemous language
    • but there are copious quantities of cake and tea. You may need supplies.

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  • Campervans, Cooking, and Corpses: A humorous vanlife cozy murder mystery (Max’s Campervan Case Files Book 1)

    From Chef’s Whites to Campervan Nights. Max’s Vanlife Adventure Careens into a Shocking Murder Mystery!

    Burned-out chef, and a bit of a hippy at heart if he’s honest, Max Effort, has had enough. He’s packed in his job at a swanky Michelin 3-star restaurant, grown his hair, berated his parents yet again for giving him such a “go get ’em” name, accepted he’s never going to get his ex-wife back, and he’s hitting the road.

    The house is sold, a VW Campervan bought, and Anxious his trusty Jack Russell Terrier has already picked his spot (the bed, duh!).

    Max has a plan, and he thinks it’s a cunning one. Sick of the sight of joux, defiant in the face of deconstructed trifle, green at the sight of truffles, and despairing of anything served on a slate rather than a plate, he’s about to embark on a tour of the backroads of Britain. He’ll weave his way around the country to visit the sights, go to a few festivals, catch up with friends, and just chill out.

    And every single night without fail, he’s going to make his main meal in his cast-iron pot. It’s one-pot cooking or bust for Max, and he cannot wait.

    Freedom at last. The open road with his best friend for company. No hot, sweaty kitchens, shouting chefs, uppity waiters, or demanding customers. Just countryside, campsites, back-to-basics cooking, and the stars at night.

    Then there was a murder…

    Contains a stunning one-pot recipe at the end. Perfect for those on the road, or anyone who wants a great meal without all the washing up!

    A journey of freedom, friendship, and murder mystery on the open road.

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  • Central Park West: the unmissable debut legal thriller of the year

    ‘The plot goes like a train . . . vivid and compelling’ Ian Rankin

    One chance to crack the case. A million ways to lose.

    Federal prosecutor Nora Carleton has spent years building a case against a powerful New York mobster. She finally has a star witness whose testimony will lock the defendant away for good.

    But the courtroom is an unpredictable place. While the killing of a disgraced former governor appears unconnected to the trial, the fallout from his death means a guilty verdict hangs in the balance.

    Desperate to stop the mobster walking free, Nora investigates the darker side of the city to find out how everything connects. The more she uncovers, the deeper the corruption runs. And Nora knows better than most that the truth is a fragile thing – especially in court.

    Drawing on James Comey’s thirty years in federal law enforcement, Central Park West is a fast-paced thriller, bursting with tension and authenticity – perfect for fans of John Grisham.

    Reviews for Central Park West

    ‘A great read. Brimming with been-there-done-that authority… James Comey knows this world like the back of his hand. And he delivers it with the addictive style of an expert storyteller.’ Michael Connelly
    ‘A masterful blend of legal thriller, police procedural and psychological drama.’ Jeffery Deaver
    ‘A gripping plot, and breathless pacing combine for a truly outstanding debut – one that announces a bold new talent in the mystery genre.’ Harlan Coben
    ‘Truly outstanding . . . Grabs the reader from the opening scene and doesn’t let go.’ Douglas Preston
    ‘James Comey combines his insider knowledge of every level of the justice system with a natural storytelling voice to create a winning debut. More books, please.’Alafair Burke
    ‘Comey’s experience as a New York City mob prosecutor brings plenty of credibility to this fast-paced legal drama.’ Reader’s Digest
    ‘I loved this novel… It’s a smart and satisfying read that I could not recommend more highly.’ Nicolle Wallace

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  • Chain Reaction (Brantley Walker: Off the Books Book 10)

    From New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nicole Edwards comes the tenth installment in her Brantley Walker: Off the Books series.

    During the two years since they created the Off the Books Task Force, Brantley Walker and Reese Tavoularis have had their share of difficult cases, but their next one hits close to home. Too close.

    After Jessica James is taken in broad daylight in the center of town, the Off the Books Task Force joins forces with family and friends in Coyote Ridge to find her. When JJ turns up safe and sound, they realize finding her was only half the battle. A series of chain reactions have the task force working to clear one of their own while searching for the person responsible for JJ’s disappearance.

    Some relationships are tested, while others grow stronger as the team works to stop the dominoes from falling.

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  • College Reunions and Clues: A Cozy Tiffany Black Travel Mystery (Tiffany Black Travel Mysteries Book 4)

    A Tiffany Black Travel Caper

    A killer college reunion can only mean one thing…
    Tiffany and Rosie accept another travel writing job, only to be surprised by the location in remote Colorado… It’s beautiful and mountainous, but far too chilly for hiking.

    The lodge is disconnected from the outside world and would be the perfect place to recharge and enjoy some peace and quiet… but their peace is soon disturbed when they realize their host, Grant, is having a mini college reunion of sorts.

    Feeling like the third wheel is just the beginning.

    A sudden snowstorm means everyone in the lodge is snowed in and unable to leave…

    And because of an unfortunate turn of events, Tiffany and Rosie end up investigating a murder.

    With a killer running loose among them, can the duo uncover the truth before it’s too late?

    Praise for A.R. Winters:

    “The perfect balance of being lighthearted, but still a serious page-turning mystery.” – Jaycie D,

    “A fun cozy mystery with engaging and entertaining characters” – lq,

    “For fans of Janet Evanovich, Rhys Bowen and Jana DeLeon, this is a funny, clean mystery.” – Clara B,

    College Reunions and Clues is the fourth book in the Tiffany Black Travel Mystery Series and is a standalone novel.

    This is a light-hearted story featuring a strong female protagonist, some unusual friends and family, and a mystery that needs solving! It has no graphic gore or love scenes, or bad language.

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  • Daughter of Damascus : Her Secret Life Will Shock the World

    Imagine yourself walking the cobblestone streets of Damascus, where history comes alive. You’ll hear the echoes of ancient civilizations and feel the magic of the city in the air. But be careful, for there are dangers lurking in the shadows.
    Then, you’ll be transported to the glittering metropolis of Dubai, where luxury is the norm. You’ll stay in five-star hotels, dine in Michelin-starred restaurants. But even in this paradise, there is darkness lurking beneath the surface.
    And throughout your journey, you’ll be trying to solve the mystery of a heartbreaking murder. And you’ll need to use all your wits to unravel the truth.

    “A deeply intelligent, dramatically captivating murder mystery.” Kirkus Reviews

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  • Dead Wood (Cold Case Psychic Book 24)

    After the harrowing events aboard the ghost train, Detective Ronan O’Mara is excited to reach the Double D Ranch in Deadwood, South Dakota. He plans to immerse himself in the old west by learning to ride horses, panning for gold and attending a rodeo. It’s the perfect mix of rest and relaxation he so desperately needs.

    Psychic Tennyson Grimm also plans to take full advantage of this well-deserved downtime, but a visit to the famously haunted Bullock Hotel changes everything. Ten and Everly encounter a spirit desperately searching for her lost baby. When questioned, the woman can’t remember who she is, only that her missing daughter’s name is Madeline.

    With the help of a local historian, Ten is able to determine the spirit is Grace Bailey, a southern debutante who’d fallen on hard times, dying in a brothel fire in 1894. When the ghost of Grace’s scoundrel husband appears, he has information that could solve the mystery of the fire and what happened to Madeline over a century ago, but the selfish man isn’t talking.

    Who started the fire? Why? More importantly, what happened to baby Madeline?

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  • Death at Bishop’s Keep (A Victorian Mystery Book 1)


    The first title in The Victorian Mysteries series, sure to delight fans of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.

    Kathryn Ardleigh is everything the Victorian English gentlewoman is not: outspoken, free-thinking, Irish-American, and a writer of penny-dreadfuls, sensational tales of adventure, romance, and crime-and-detection.

    When she takes possession of Bishop’s Keep, the Ardleigh estate in Essex England that she has inherited, she shocks the household and captures the attention of amateur detective Sir Charles Sheridan. Sir Charles is interested in the developing forensic sciences: toxicology, ballistics, fingerprints, X-ray, and crime scene photography.

    Soon there is something to interest both Kate and Sir Charles: a recently-dead body just uncovered at a nearby archaeological dig. The investigation provides the perfect research background for Kate’s next novel. But the inquisitive writer may be digging too deep–especially when the trail leads her into a secret occult society known as the Order of the Golden Dawn.

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  • DEATH AT THE DOG SHOW an absolutely gripping cozy mystery filled with twists and turns (The Charity Shop Detective Agency Mysteries Book 3)

    A brand-new cozy mystery from a bestselling author!


    Dog-lovers, please note none of our furry friends die in this book.

    It’s the day of the Christchurch Dog Show. The whole town is aquiver with excitement. The ladies of the Charity Shop Detective Agency are hoping to make lots of new furry friends.

    After a very dramatic Best Biscuit Catcher competition, Fiona, Sue and Daisy, from the Dogs Need Nice Homes charity shop, come across a shocking scene.

    The dog show’s vet is performing CPR on a woman. The ladies rush over, but it’s too late.

    Back at the shop, the ladies are shocked to learn that the poor woman was murdered. Someone injected Sylvia Steadman with something very nasty indeed.

    Then our silver sleuths uncover that Sylvia was the owner of ex-Crufts-winner Charlie. She must have had lots of very jealous competitors . . .

    There’s barely time for elevenses. The charity shop detectives must roll up their sleeves — they have a killer to catch.

    Fans of The Thursday Murder Club, Janice Hallett, Simon Brett, Ian Moore and Sarah Yarwood-Lovett will adore this exciting new talent in cozy crime.


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Fast becoming one of my favourite cosy crime series . . . The book contains a lot of wit, and humour, and a whole host of twists and turns.’ Natalie

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A rather glorious cosy mystery. . . Deftly drawn, often eccentric and endearing characters populate a pacy and humorous plot . . . A genuine delight.’ Reviewer 266180

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Got me laughing out loud and suspecting almost everyone. If you love cozies, this is a great one!’ Cindi

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A fun plot filled with red herrings, misdirections and creativity that will leave the reader laughing and guessing until the end.’ Sara

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Oh how I loved catching up with these ladies, beautifully written characters . . . Ingenious plot.’ Amanda

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A variety of unique characters with plenty of red herrings. This one deserves 5* from me.’ Anna

    Level-headed Fiona has found a quiet sanctuary volunteering at the local charity shop, Dogs Need Nice Homes. A charity shop that raises money for dogs in need of nice homes. And she’s found firm friendship with the strong-willed Partial Sue (she’s ever so partial to a cup of tea) and the kindly and surprisingly tech-savvy Daisy. Together, these ladies, with Simon Le Bon, Fiona’s scruffy-haired terrier cross, investigate murders as the Charity Shop Detective Agency.

    The lovely coastal town of Southbourne is, on paper, little more than a small suburb hemmed in by Bournemouth to the west and Christchurch to the north. But it’s home to the prettiest avenues lined with gorgeous Georgian homes which lead to a grass-topped cliff standing guard over a sweeping bay of blond sand, soft as Demerara sugar. Some say it’s also home to the best charity shops in the country. The ladies of the Charity Shop Detective Agency maintain that Dogs Need Nice Homes — though musty and more than a little cramped — is certainly number one. Well, they definitely solve the most crimes at least!


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  • Death on the Towpath (Booker & Fitch Mysteries Book 4)

    Unwelcome visitors can be murder

    It’s May, and Fi and Jade are taking part in a bank holiday fete at Spetisham Hall. Business is good, and for Fi at least, romance is in the air.

    But when a series of conversations suggest that Fi’s dead husband isn’t dead at all, her life starts to unravel. Could it be true? And if it is, what does that mean for her and her son Dylan?

    Before Fi has the chance to investigate, though, one of her informants is found dead at the river’s edge.

    If it’s murder, who benefits apart from Fi? And is she in danger too?

    Fi and Jade must discover the truth before anyone else is hurt and Fi’s fledgling relationship with Marcus is destroyed, even if it means confronting the man who deserted her so many years before.

    Death on the Towpath is the fourth book in the Booker and Fitch cozy mystery series, set in and around the English market town of Hazeby-on-Wyvern.

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  • DETECTIVE JEN GARNER BOX SET BOOKS 1–3: Three absolutely gripping and totally addictive crime thrillers full of twists (Mystery and Suspense Box Sets)


    Packed with twists and turns, fans of Joy Ellis, Helen H. Durrant, J.M. Dalgliesh or Lynda La Plante will be hooked by these addictive crime thrillers.


    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A clever page-turner of a thriller that will keep you guessing well into the night.’Fran

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A very well-crafted tale that hooked me from the first page.’ Amazon Customer

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Wow, just wow!’ Jenna Jeffery

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Everything was shock after shock after shock to the dramatic conclusion.’ Bristol Book Blogger

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘An excellent thriller which I found very hard to put down.’ MoziDogReads



    Behind Jen Garner’s picture-perfect family life lies a dark secret and a darker past. And when a murdered corpse is found by her home and she begins receiving strange gifts, Jen fears that past is coming back to haunt her. But as she’s drawn into the investigation, she has no idea how fast the perfect life can unravel . . .

    Life is just beginning to return to normal for Jen Garner. Until a woman’s body is pulled from a canal, and a small boy is found wandering the streets, repeating just one name. But Jen knows exactly who he’s asking for. And it’s enough to make her blood run cold.

    A devastating fire has destroyed a popular nightclub. But it was no accident. And the nightclub owner is more concerned about money than the casualties. Everywhere Detective Jen Garner turns, there is somebody with something to hide. But can Jen unravel a web of lies that stretches back years, or will more innocent lives pay the price?


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  • Duty Man: A Robbie Munro Legal Thriller (Best Defence series Book 2)

    #2 in the Best Defence/Robbie Munro Series ‘Do your duty and leave the rest to heaven’
    Continuing the trials and tribulations of Scots defence lawyer, Robbie Munro. When local lawyer Max Abercrombie is gunned down in cold blood, the historic town of Linlithgow is shocked by its first assassination in five hundred years. Robbie, Max’s childhood friend, is appalled to find himself duty bound to act in the accused’s defence, but when his investigations reveal a link between his friend’s murder and that of a High Court judge many years before, he wonders if his client might actually be an innocent man. The more Robbie digs into the past, the closer he gets to the truth and the more the bodies pile up.

    Duty Man is the second in a series of smart, fast-moving, crime novels by Scottish criminal defence lawyer, William McIntyre, featuring an engagingly head-strong protagonist and exploiting the kind of authentic court-room, prison and procedural details that stem from years of first-hand experience. The action is centred around the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow in West Lothian and roams over the Larger Central Belt of Scotland.

    The Best Defence/Robbie Munro Series:

    • Relatively Guilty
    • Duty Man
    • Sharp Practice
    • Killer Contract
    • Crime Fiction
    • Last Will
    • Present Tense
    • Good News Bad News
    • Stitch Up
    • Fixed odds
    • Bad Debt
    • Best Defence

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  • Exiles: The Page-turning Final Aaron Falk Mystery from the No. 1 Bestselling Author of The Dry and Force of Nature


    The slow-burning, brilliantly twisty mystery from Jane Harper, the international bestselling Number One author of The Dry

    ‘A fantastic crime writer’ – Bella Mackie

    In Exiles, Investigator Aaron Falk finds himself drawn into a complex web of tightly held secrets in South Australia’s wine country.

    A mother disappears from a busy festival on a warm spring night.

    Her baby lies alone in the pram, waiting for a return that never comes.

    A year later, Kim Gillespie’s absence still casts a long shadow as her friends and loved ones gather to welcome a new addition to the family.

    Joining the celebrations on a rare break from work is federal investigator Aaron Falk, who begins to suspect that all is not as it seems.

    As he looks into Kim’s case, long-held secrets and resentments begin to come to the fore, secrets that show that her community is not as close as it appears.

    Falk will have to tread carefully if he is to expose the dark fractures at its heart, but sometimes it takes an outsider to get to the truth . . .

    Exiles is a New York Times and Sunday Times Top 10 bestseller and the final Aaron falk mystery


    Praise for Jane Harper

    ‘An avalanche of suspense’ – David Baldacci
    ‘Addictive storytelling’ – Ann Cleeves
    ‘A hugely gifted writer’ – Marian Keyes
    ‘Exceptional’ – Jane Casey
    ‘Outstanding’ – C.L. Taylor
    ‘Spellbinding’ – Ian Rankin
    ‘A stunningly atmospheric read’ – Val McDermid
    ‘Brilliantly paced’ – Susie Steiner
    ‘I devoured it in a day. Her best yet!’ – Liane Moriarty
    ‘Phenomenal’ – Chris Whitaker

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  • Foul Play at the Seaview Hotel: A murderer plays a killer game in this charming, Scarborough-set cosy crime mystery (A Helen Dexter Cosy Crime Mystery Book 3)


    The third in the page-turning cosy crime series from Glenda Young, this unputdownable whodunnit is perfect for fans of Julia Chapman’s Dales Detective Agency, Richard Osman’s The Thursday Murder Club, Betty Rowlands and Helen Cox.

    Praise for Murder at the Seaview Hotel:

    ‘I loved this warm, humorous and involving whodunnit with its host of engaging characters and atmospheric Scarborough setting’ CLARE CHASE

    ‘Just the heart-warming tonic readers need right now. Endearing characters, intriguing twists and one very cute canine’ HELEN COX
    In the charming Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough, a killer game is being played . . .

    Helen Dexter is enjoying the new four-star status of the Seaview Hotel. But she begins to wonder if this accolade is cursed when a series of disasters strike.

    It starts when a crazy golf team arrive to play in a Scarborough tournament. Their odd behaviour heightens when the rival team captain turns up. Yet, there’s worse to come for Helen when one of the guests is murdered playing crazy golf.

    Then the Seaview’s prize-winning cook Jean quits, leaving Helen devastated. And so, as Helen’s fiftieth birthday approaches, the last thing she’s in the mood for is a celebration. However, mysterious invitations arrive to a party that Helen doesn’t want.

    Can Helen unmask the crazy golf killer, save the reputation of the Seaview, win Jean back and solve the mystery of the party invitations? With her rescue greyhound Suki by her side, Helen Dexter is on the case.

    Don’t miss Helen and Suki’s first two cosy crime capers in Murder at the Seaview Hotel and Curtain Call at the Seaview Hotel which are warmly praised:

    ‘I really do love this series. It is light, easy to read and a perfect cosy crime series. I highly recommend’

    ‘Wow I love this author. This book did not disappoint loved all the characters and how the author brought them to life. I enjoyed it so much I finished it within 24hrs’

    ‘A wholly entertaining mystery set . . . A fun plot and plenty of wry humour completes the package’

    ‘I really can’t wait for more seaside adventures!’

    Love Glenda Young’s cosy crime? Don’t miss her acclaimed Ryhope-set sagas, Belle of the Back Streets, The Tuppenny Child, Pearl of Pit Lane, The Girl with the Scarlet Ribbon, The Paper Mill Girl, The Miner’s Lass, A Mother’s Christmas Wish and The Sixpenny Orphan.

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  • Gambling to Kill (The Reluctant Detective Book 1)


    Josh and his sister are innocent bystanders caught up in a violent bank robbery. He is put in a tricky situation as he starts his new job, a Detective Sergeant, but as a witness.
    A young woman’s body is found in the local reservoir. The crime escalates to murder and closes on his family. Thrown into a new and difficult police environment, he struggles to cope with the pressure as criticism of him mounts. He is hoping for a breakthrough, but the clues do not join.

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  • Ghosted: An unmissable and haunting murder mystery

    A ghost trapped among us. A murder most haunting…

    Adam Albury finds himself at a funeral in his local church. Scanning the aisles and seeing his family and friends dressed in black, he’s shocked to learn the service is for him. Adam, now no more than a hovering spirit, is even more astonished to learn that his death was ruled as suicide.

    However, Adam is quite certain he wouldn’t have harmed himself. And as he watches those close to him chuck handfuls of earth on his coffin, he soon realises he’s been murdered. But who is responsible? And why?

    He may be a ghost, but he’s no angel. As Adam follows those still living, can he uncover the truth about his death?

    Praise for Mark McCrum’s Francis Meadowes Mysteries

    “A marvellous set of unsavoury suspects . . . good, nasty fun.” —The Mail on Sunday, Thriller of the Week

    “A rollicking read.” —London Evening Standard


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  • Gone without a Trace: A Small Town Riveting Kidnapping Mystery Thriller

    A mother’s desperate search for her abducted twins leads her into the heart of a shocking family conspiracy.

    When twins Emily and Erica vanish from their family’s farm, their mother, Susan, is shattered. Defying police skepticism, she courageously tracks their estranged aunt, Paula, uncovering a chilling plot. In a race against time, Susan’s relentless pursuit leads to a dramatic rescue from an underground trap. Facing Paula’s twisted revenge, Susan’s strength prevails, uniting her family in healing and hope.

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  • Hidden in Plain Sight (William Warwick Novels Book 2)


    Filled with Jeffrey Archer’s trademark twists and turns, Hidden in Plain Sight is the gripping next instalment in the life of William Warwick.

    Newly promoted, Detective Sergeant William Warwick has been reassigned to the drugs squad. His first case: to investigate a notorious south London drug lord known as the Viper.

    But as William and his team close the net around a criminal network unlike any they have ever encountered, he is also faced with an old enemy, Miles Faulkner. It will take all of William’s cunning to devise a means to bring both men to justice, a trap neither will expect, one that is hidden in plain sight . . .

    Hidden in Plain Sight follows on from Nothing Ventured and continues with Turn a Blind Eye, but can be read as a standalone story.

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  • Independence Square: Arkady Renko in Ukraine

    ‘The later Renko novels are stark, spare and beautiful, like trees in winter. Martin Cruz Smith does more on a page than most writers manage in a chapter. He is unique and irreplaceable’ MICK HERRON

    Renko has been confined to a desk job by his superiors to keep him out of the way. Although he’s more disillusioned with policing and the general state of Russia than ever, he feels an odd sense of hope. A rebellion is bubbling in the country, with new values butting heads against old-school regimes. People want change and politician Leonid Lebedev could be the man to do it.
    When Karina, a staunch supporter of Lebedev and member of the Forum, goes missing, Renko is asked by her father to find her. Soon after his investigation begins, Alex, a close friend of Arkady’s son, is found dead. He was also a member of the Forum.
    The night before his murder, Alex sent Arkady a cryptic message, simply containing three pictures of Russian writers. The link between the pictures is there, if only Renko could see it.
    But Arkady has just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the physical and psychological effects of the disease are taking their toll. This time, he must fight more than the impenetrable Russian regime to get answers – he will need to fight himself. 


    ‘Smith was among the first of a new generation of writers who made thrillers literary’ Guardian

    ‘One of those writers that anyone who is serious about their craft views with respect bordering on awe’ Val McDermid

    ‘Martin Cruz Smith writes with an immediacy, depth and lightness of touch that is rare in its combination, and impossible to resist . . . Independence Square is no exception, and further crystallises Cruz Smith as one of the finest writers of our age’ Charlotte Philby ​

    ‘The undisputed master of the political crime thriller’ Abir Mukherjee

    ‘A moving portrayal of struggle against political and personal tides’ New York Times

    ‘Renko started off investigating murders in Soviet Russia, now it’s political corruption in Putin’s Russia. And it’s even more gripping than before’ Gareth Rubin

    ‘Cruz Smith’s most powerful and engaging novel since Gorky Park’ Paul Burke, CrimeTime FM

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  • Jailhouse Lawyer: Two gripping legal thrillers (Ruby Bozarth series)


    ‘I could not put down Jailhouse Lawyer, a page-turning legal thriller’ Tony Messenger
    ‘A writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting’ Mark Lawson, Guardian
    ‘Nobody does it better’ Jeffery Deaver

    Two brand-new legal thrillers in one book – from the authors of Juror No. 3.

    A young lawyer takes on the judge who is destroying her hometown – and ends up behind bars.

    In picture-perfect Erva, Alabama, the most serious crimes are misdemeanors. Speeding tickets. Shoplifting. Contempt of court.

    Then why is the jail so crowded? And why are so few prisoners released? There is only one place to learn the truth.

    Sometimes the best education a lawyer can get is a short stretch of hard time. . .

    Praise for James Patterson

    ‘The master storyteller of our times’ Hillary Rodham Clinton
    ‘One of the greatest storytellers of all time’ Patricia Cornwell
    ‘James Patterson is The Boss. End of.’ Ian Rankin
    ‘No one gets this big without amazing natural storytelling talent’ Lee Child
    ‘Patterson boils a scene down to the single, telling detail, the element that defines a character or moves a plot along. It is what fires off the movie projector in the reader’s mind’ Michael Connelly

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  • Juror No. 3: A gripping legal thriller (Ruby Bozarth series)




    Ruby Bozarth, a newcomer to Rosedale, Mississippi, is also fresh to the Mississippi Bar – and she faces an impossible task defending a college football star accused of murder.

    The victim is a young woman from one of the town’s oldest families, and Rosedale’s upper crust are howling for blood.

    Then news breaks of a second murder, and lurid, intertwining investigations unfold.

    Ruby discovers that no one in Rosedale can be trusted, especially the twelve men and women on the jury.

    They may be hiding the biggest secret of all.

    Read more

  • Just Another Missing Person: The gripping new thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author



    ‘A cleverly crafted, emotional and thought-provoking thriller with one of the best twists I’ve read. Superb’ CLAIRE DOUGLAS

    ‘Extraordinary…a plot that takes the breath away’ DAILY MAIL


    22 years old.
    Last seen on CCTV, entering a dead-end alley.
    And not coming back out again.
    Missing for one day and counting . . .

    Julia is the detective heading up the case. She knows what to expect. A desperate family, a ticking clock, and long hours away from her husband and daughter. But Julia has no idea how close to home it’s going to get.

    Because there’s a man out there. And his weapon isn’t a gun, or a knife: it’s a secret. Her worst one.

    He tells her that her family’s safety depends on one thing: Julia must NOT find out what happened to Olivia – and must frame somebody else for her murder . . .

    What would you do?

    ‘The new queen of the what-would-you-do crime thriller is back with a tightly-plotted and twist-packed tale which will send your head spinning’ ELLERY LLOYD

    ‘Stunning. I dare you to not ingest this in one sitting’ JODI PICOULT

    ‘Exquisitely plotted, seamlessly constructed. With clever twist after twist, gasp out loud reveals and beautifully realised characters’ LISA JEWELL

    ‘Amazingly good’ MARIAN KEYES

    ‘Another sure-fire hit, we expect excellence from McAllister and she delivers’ ADELE PARKS
    ‘Starts with an impossible, irresistible premise – a woman who vanishes into thin air – and takes the reader on a thrilling journey of blind alleys and audacious twists. This is McAllister at the height of her powers’ ERIN KELLY

    ‘Another masterpiece from the queen of the emotional thriller. This book has one of the best twists I’ve ever come across’ BETH O’LEARY


    ‘I am totally in awe. This is one story I will not forget’ HEIDI PERKS

    ‘Genre-bending and totally original. A tour de force!’ CLAIRE DOUGLAS

    ‘This is bravura novel-writing’ IAN RANKIN

    ‘Extraordinary’ HARRIET TYCE

    *Gillian Mcallister novel Wrong Place Wrong Time was on the Sunaday Times bestseller list April 2023*

    Read more

  • Last Night


    From the Amazon Charts and New York Times bestselling author of The Shadow Box and Last Day comes a breathtaking thriller about a family shaken by lies, vengeance, and a cold-blooded crime.

    A fierce blizzard is burying the eastern seaboard, but on the icy Rhode Island shore renowned artist Maddie Morrison finds warm sanctuary from a contentious divorce at the legendary Ocean House. Hours later, her body is found buried under a blanket of snow and her little daughter, CeCe, has disappeared without a trace.

    For Detective Conor Reid; his brother, Tom, a coast guard commander; and Maddie’s grieving sister, Hadley, the posh hotel becomes ground zero for an investigation. Trapped by the blizzard, they must hunker down and determine who in the young mother’s life could have possibly wanted her dead. There are stories of a twisted romantic past. Of old jealousies and resentments that still cut to the bone. And a history of greed, rage, and revenge that created the perfect storm for murder. A storm that has just begun.

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    Last Night

  • Limelight: A Victorian Murder Mystery (Penny Green Series Book 1) (Penny Green Victorian Mystery Series)

    How did an actress die twice?

    Penny Green has lost her job. Once admired as Fleet Street’s first lady reporter, she’s been dismissed for criticising a police decision. So when Scotland Yard calls on her help in a murder case, she’s reluctant to assist.

    But the case perplexes her. How was a famous Victorian actress shot in Highgate Cemetery five years after she drowned in the River Thames? It makes no sense.

    Penny’s personal connection to the murdered actress draws her in. As does the charm of Scotland Yard inspector, James Blakely. But her return to work sparks the attentions of someone with evil intent. Who is so desperate to keep the past hidden?

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  • Magic & Mistletoe (Starry Hollow Witches Book 18)


    Welcome to Starry Hollow, where spells were made to be broken.

    It’s Christmastime in Starry Hollow and Ember is not full of good cheer. Instead of indulging in spiked eggnog by a cozy fire, our favorite descendant of the One True Witch is busy helping Aunt Hyacinth contend with three persistent ghosts just like dear Scrooge, along with another, more threatening ghost from the past.

    Can Ember save Christmas or will it all go to hell in a one horse open sleigh?

    Magic & Mistletoe is the 18th book in the Starry Hollow Witches series.

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  • Meantime: The gripping debut crime novel from Frankie Boyle



    *Shortlisted for the Bloody Scotland Debut Crime Novel of the Year*

    How do you solve a murder when you don’t have a clue? Frankie Boyle’s gripping crime debut novel, Meantime, is a hallucinogenic ride through Glasgow as one man seeks justice for his friend’s murder.

    Glasgow, 2015. When Valium addict Felix McAveety’s best friend Marina is found murdered in the local park, he goes looking for answers to questions that he quickly forgets. In a haze of uppers, hallucinogens, and diazepam, Felix enlists the help of a brilliant but mercurial GP; a bright young trade unionist; a failing screenwriter; semi-celebrity crime novelist Jane Pickford; and his crisis fuelled downstairs neighbour Donnie.

    Their investigation sends them on a bewildering expedition that takes in Scottish radical politics, Artificial Intelligence, cults, secret agents, smugglers and vegan record shops.

    Meantime is a thrilling detective story set against the backdrop of post-referendum Scotland. Frankie Boyle’s compelling debut novel is a tale of murder and revenge, and of personal and political loss.

    ‘A darkest noir, unputdownable crime novel that swerves and surprises, with a gut-punch ending. I loved it!’ Denise Mina, author of The Long Drop

    ‘Reads like a twisted Caledonian take on Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye. Inherent vices and scalpel-sharp jokes vie with a very human concern for those least garlanded in the rat race of life’ Ian Rankin

    ‘An enjoyably dark and entertaining tranche of Glasgow noir . . . [A] deft, engaging thriller’ Observer

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