The Plot: The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson

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‘A riveting read that skips along at pace. Illuminating and concerning, it lifts the lid on the tawdry world of Westminster powerbroking’ Tim Shipman, The Times

The explosive behind-the-scenes account of the plot to bring down Boris Johnson



When Boris Johnson came to power in 2019, he did so with the largest Conservative majority since Margaret Thatcher. Rewriting the political map, he united a party and shattered Labour’s fabled red wall. And yet, just three years later, he was ousted by the same members who had once greeted his leadership so rapturously.

What had gone so wrong?

The Plot is the seismic, fly-on-the-wall account of how the saviour of the Conservative Party became a pariah. Told with unparalleled access, from multiple inside sources talking with astonishing candour, it reveals the shocking truth about powerful forces operating behind the scenes in the heart of Westminster and those who became the architects of a Prime Minister’s downfall.

This is the story of a damning trail of treachery and deceit fuelled by an obsessive pursuit of power, which threatens to topple the very fabric of our democracy.

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HarperCollins (9 Nov. 2023)




352 pages






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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Geordiep

    Not sure what is fact or fiction. If you are going to write an expose, you need to name the culprits.

  2. 08

    by elainep

    This is my first political book I’ve read.
    I’ve always found politics interesting and concerning at the same time. What I didn’t expect was what was going on behind the scenes at No10 and within the Conservative Party.
    Who was behind the ousting of Boris Johnson and why? What part did the media and civil servants play or were there darker forces at No 10 out to manipulate today’s political party.
    I was totally engrossed. What a page turner. Whether these are your politics or not, it was an interesting read and such an eye opener of the going ons within No 10

  3. 08

    by C A Reilly

    Buy the book. It’s a corker. My thoughts – no spoilers. Knowing a few people on the inside over the years, some of the revelations were no surprise to me, but others were genuinely jaw-dropping.

    There are many nuggets of info which explain a few mysteries, and the connections going back decades of some of the key players and many supporting roles, are laid out. Of course Dorries is a Boris fan, but what she uncovers is manipulation of other Conservative leaders of the past, one of whom, still a prominent backbencher, confirms that identical tactics were used on him. I found his corroboration very powerful, and Westminster Lobby journalists should have done so too. I suspect their motives in rubbishing the book, and also wonder why they have not been more interested in the Friday night Lockdown partying in the Press Office…

    I enjoyed the book’s breathless style, the highly charged atmosphere lightened by descriptions of the covert locations and the food/drink consumed while interviewing the large number of civil servants, SpAds, past and present MPs and Tory party figures who were keen to reveal all, their anonymity guaranteed, and contributed to a composite picture which is at best unsavoury, and at worst a treacherous betrayal of Conservative leaders and those who elected them, some as leaders of the party, others to govern the country.

    The shenanigans around the appointment of the Ofcom chair are extremely concerning. If journalists don’t mention that in their appallingly snobbish, dismissive reviews of this book, ask yourself why not? The answer is either that they haven’t actually read the book properly, or that they have allowed their dislike of Nadine and of Boris Johnson to cloud their judgement. They must be unbothered by subversion of our democracy; a form of insider dealing where a cabal, mostly unelected, interfered with a Prime Minister’s premiership for their own ends, for the promotion of their favoured colleagues, and to bring him down. A plan they had from the moment of his convincing General Election victory.

    The Plot is a page turner; an extraordinary account of the fraught past few years and those behind it. How we have arrived where we are, with PM Sunak at the helm of a listing ship, and who they have lined up for us next. It left me wanting to box a few ears.

    I read it in 5 hours flat, annotating as I went, and ordered 10 copies to sell in my shop this Christmas. Every year we sell one book I think is the perfect present or stocking filler. This year that’s The Plot. Highly recommended.

  4. 08

    by London mum

    Wow. Amazing book. Tory need to grow a pair and remove Rishi, Gove and Douglas before it’s to late.. It’s not over till the fat lady sings..

  5. 08

    by AChapman

    I nearly didn’t buy this book as Nadine Dorries has been such a slavish supporter of Boris Johnson but having heard her on The Difficult Women podcast (Rachel Johnson) I was swayed – she claims that a written note to the PM about her recommendation for a new Ofcom chief was doctored and that she was lobbied unofficially by a BBC Director and No10 advisors (p81-84).

    If true, this is interference in our democratic system at the highest level.

    I am writing this review 10 days after the book has been published and I can find only one journalist (Alan Rusbridger) online who is asking questions…

    Then there is the reference to an MP who is known to have committed multiple rapes by drugging victims and the Conservative Party have been informed and have done nothing (WTAF?! p306) and she poses the question “Do you think that a Party with MPs who have behaved like ours deserves to remain in power?”.

    It’s also peculiar that all of the 1 star reviews were posted on 9th Nov which was the official release date and don’t seem to be approved purchases. Nor do they refer to these significant accusations.

    Aside from these questions, Dorries serves up her dose of revenge steaming hot to a variety of characters who she clearly loathes. I laughed out loud at some of the smears. She has pulled no punches and woven a marvellous story out of checkable facts. It remains to be seen how much of the opinions and predictions are accurate. Many are a stretch… apparently Liz Truss was squeezed out by a cabal of international money men and not because her fiscal policies were irresponsible and unchecked by due process… but it certainly makes one wonder about the back room circumstances which have led to the return of David Cameron (despite the ongoing Greensill lobbying enquiries) last week…

  6. 08

    by T. Denniss

    Well done Nadine for giving us a different picture from all the biassed rubbish put out by the media about what was happening at No.10 in 2022. I’m sure that Boris would’ve made a much more effective job of running the country than his successors had he been given full support and continued as the PM chosen overwhelmingly by the electorate. The subsequent chaos inflamed by the media and the infighting and disarray within the Conservative Party has done nothing but harm, both nationally and internationally, to the Great Britain that we knew during the 20th century. Let us hope that the forthcoming election will enable us to find our way again and help recover at least some of our reputation and reestablish the United Kingdom that we have known and enjoyed in the past!

  7. 08

    by Antonia

    Those giving a 1 star review haven’t read it. It’s a gripping read. Only 4 because of much of the revelations are now already in the media.

  8. 08

    by Maureen L.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book, I knew Boris wasn’t as bad as people made out. It’s just a shame he had to resign. The Conservative Party is rubbish now and I won’t be voting for them!

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The Plot: The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson

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