• A Long Walk Up the Water Slide: 4 (Neal Carey Mysteries)

    30th Anniversary Edition with a new introduction by the author

    Neal Carey has to keep the mob, the FBI, and a major television personality from killing his newest client, but he’s tempted to do the job himself.

    Sometime student and ever-reluctant detective Neal Carey would rather be finishing a dull doctoral thesis than staring down the nose of a loaded gun, but his new assignment doesn’t sound dangerous. All he has to do is pull off the ultimate makeover: turn Polly Paget, a gum-chewing, foul-mouthed, big-haired broad, into a perfect lady in time to testify in a rape case against Jack Landis, head of the Family Cable Network and America’s most beloved family man. But Polly isn’t cooperating, and everyone (including a former FBI agent, an obsessive-compulsive hit man, the Mafia, a porn prince, and a slew of tabloid reporters) is on her trail, turning Neal’s “simple” assignment into a deadly game of duck-duck-goose.

    In a hellish and hilarious escapade that takes him from the deserts of Nevada to the bright lights of Las Vegas and finally to a hair-raising climax in a shoddily built amusement park, Neal tries to escape the mob’s big guns while taking a slippery walk up the world’s biggest water slide.

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  • A Very British Murder


    This is the story of a national obsession.

    Ever since the Ratcliffe Highway Murders caused a nation-wide panic in Regency England, the British have taken an almost ghoulish pleasure in ‘a good murder’. This fascination helped create a whole new world of entertainment, inspiring novels, plays and films, puppet shows, paintings and true-crime journalism – as well as an army of fictional detectives who still enthrall us today. A Very British Murder is Lucy Worsley’s captivating account of this curious national obsession. It is a tale of dark deeds and guilty pleasures, a riveting investigation into the British soul by one of our finest historians.

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  • Act of Oblivion: The Sunday Times Bestseller



    ‘A belter of a thriller’ THE TIMES
    ‘A master storyteller . . . an important book for our particular historical moment’ OBSERVER
    ‘His best since Fatherland’ SUNDAY TIMES

    ‘From what is it they flee?’
    He took a while to reply. By the time he spoke the men had gone inside. He said quietly, ‘They killed the King.’

    1660. Colonel Edward Whalley and his son-in-law, Colonel William Goffe, cross the Atlantic. Having been found guilty of high treason for the murder of Charles the I, they are wanted and on the run. A reward hangs over their heads – for their capture, dead or alive.

    In London, Richard Nayler, secretary of the regicide committee of the Privy Council, is tasked with tracking down the fugitives. He’ll stop at nothing until the two men are brought to justice.

    Act of Oblivion is an epic journey across continents, and a chase like no other.

    ‘A ripping page-turner’ FINANCIAL TIMES
    ‘You could not do better than this’ DAILY TELEGRAPH

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  • Agatha Christie: Seven Deadly Sins Box Set: Seven Motives for Murder

    Seven Deadly Sins – Seven Motives For Murder. An attractive boxed set of seven of the best Agatha Christie crime thrillers, themed around the timeless motives of Sin…

    Murder and murderers abound in this specially themed boxed set, filled with some of the very best murder mysteries ever written. With flawless plotting, masterful characterisation and enough twists and turns to keep even the most talented armchair detective puzzled, these stories will enthral and entertain as the reader can only sit back and marvel as avarice, sloth, gluttony, lust, pride, envy and wrath devour their victims, and their victims, one by one…

    Pride is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities. A murderer has the arrogance to challenge Hercule Poirot’s detective prowess…

    Envy is the desire for another’s status and abilities. A mysterious joker is eager for Miss Blacklock’s money – and her death…

    Lust is the craving for the pleasures of the body. Actress Arlena Stuart has the reputation of a ‘man-eater’ – until her murder…

    Sloth is the idle avoidance of work. Money doesn’t need to be earned: it can be married, won or inherited – so long as someone dies…

    Avarice is the greed for material gain. Buy the perfect piece of land for your dream house – but be wary of curses and psychopaths…

    Gluttony is the appetite to consume more than you need. Miss Marple wonders if a series of robberies are for money – or just the thrill…

    Wrath is the fury when love is spurned. A woman is convicted of poisoning her adulterous husband – but there are five other suspects…

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  • America Fantastica: A Novel

    “Tim O’Brien is the one American author whose works I look forward to the most. His new novel’s ironic depiction of a post-Iraq war, mid-COVID, and mid-Trump world is piercing and razor-sharp.” —HARUKI MURAKAMI

    An American Master returns: the author of The Things They Carried delivers his first new novel in two decades, a brilliant and rollicking odyssey, in which a bank robbery sparks “a satirical romp through a country plagued by deceit” (Kirkus, starred review)

    Named one of Fall 2023’s most anticipated books: New York Times, Associated Press, Esquire, Kirkus, Goodreads, LitHub, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and more

    At 11:34 a.m. one Saturday in August 2019, Boyd Halverson strode into Community National Bank in Northern California.

    “How much is on hand, would you say?” he asked the teller. “I’ll want it all.”

    “You’re robbing me?”

    He revealed a Temptation .38 Special.

    The teller, a diminutive redhead named Angie Bing, collected eighty-one thousand dollars.

    Boyd stuffed the cash into a paper grocery bag.

    “I’m sorry about this,” he said, “but I’ll have to ask you to take a ride with me.”

    So begins the adventure of Boyd Halverson—star journalist turned notorious online disinformation troll turned JCPenney manager—and his irrepressible hostage, Angie Bing. Haunted by his past and weary of his present, Boyd has one goal before the authorities catch up with him: settle a score with the man who destroyed his life. By Monday the pair reach Mexico; by winter, they are in a lakefront mansion in Minnesota. On their trail are hitmen, jealous lovers, ex-cons, an heiress, a billionaire shipping tycoon, a three-tour veteran of Iraq, and the ghosts of Boyd’s past. Everyone, it seems, except the police.

    In the tradition of Jonathan Swift and Mark Twain, America Fantastica delivers a biting, witty, and entertaining story about the causes and costs of outlandish fantasy, while also marking the triumphant return of an essential voice in American letters. And at the heart of the novel, amid a teeming cast of characters, readers will delight in the tug-of-war between two memorable and iconic human beings—the exuberant savior-of-souls Angie Bing and the penitent but compulsive liar Boyd Halverson. Just as Tim O’Brien’s modern classic, The Things They Carried, so brilliantly reflected the unromantic truth of war, America Fantastica puts a mirror to a nation and a time that has become dangerously unmoored from truth and greedy for delusion.

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  • Cast a Cold Eye: A Gritty Historical Crime Thriller Set in 1930s Glasgow (Jimmy Dreghorn series, 2)


    ‘This is Peaky Blinders territory. Packed with dramatic action and unforgettable characters, it casts a hypnotic spell and stirs the blood’ – Daily Mail

    ‘A darkly compelling thriller . . . Morrison succeeds in summoning Depression-era Glasgow in a powerful work of crime fiction’ – Sunday Times

    Glasgow, 1933

    Murder is nothing new in the Depression-era city, especially to war veterans Inspector Jimmy Dreghorn and his partner ‘Bonnie’ Archie McDaid. But the dead man found in a narrowboat on the Forth and Clyde Canal, executed with a single shot to the back of the head, is no ordinary killing.

    Violence usually erupts in the heat of the moment – the razor-gangs that stalk the streets settle scores with knives and fists. Firearms suggest something more sinister, especially when the killer strikes again. Meanwhile, other forces are stirring within the city. A suspected IRA cell is at large, embedded within the criminal gangs and attracting the ruthless attention of Special Branch agents from London.

    With political and sectarian tensions rising, and the body count mounting, Dreghorn and McDaid pursue an investigation into the dark heart of humanity – where one person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist, and noble ideals are swept away by bloody vengeance.

    Cast a Cold Eye by Robbie Morrison is a dark historical crime novel and the sequel to Edge of the Grave, winner of Bloody Scotland’s Scottish Crime Debut of the Year.

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  • Creepy Doll & Scary Creatures coloring book for adult and teens: 41 Horror drawings for coloring, Gore & Spine-Chilling illustrations provides stress relief and relaxation for…

    Introducing the “Creepy Doll and Scary Creatures Coloring Book for Adults and teens ” — an unparalleled journey into the world of chilling artistry and relaxation. This unique coloring book offers an escape from the daily grind, providing a therapeutic outlet for stress relief and artistic expression.

    • 41 Terrifying Illustrations: Dive into a collection of spine-chilling doll illustrations, each waiting for your creative touch.
    • Single-sided pages prevent bleed-through, minimizing any unwanted show-through and preserving your artwork’s quality.

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  • David Baldacci Aloysius Archer Series 2 Books Collection Set (One Good Deed, A Gambling Man)

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    David Baldacci Aloysius Archer Series 2 Books Collection Set (One Good Deed, A Gambling Man):

    One Good Deed:
    Freedom never tasted so sweet. Poca City 1949. Fresh from serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, Aloysius Archer is ready to put the past behind him and start again.Who can you trust?Accepting a job as a debt collector for the local tycoon he gets embroiled in a long-running feud between the town’s most dangerous residents. When one of them is found dead, Archer is the number one suspect.

    A Gambling Man:
    A lucky roll of the dice. California, 1949. Aloysius Archer is on his way to start a new job with a renowned Private Investigator in Bay Town. Feeling lucky, he stops off at a casino in Reno, where he meets an aspiring actress, Liberty Callahan. Together, they head west on a journey filled with danger and surprises – because Archer isn’t the only one with a secretive past.

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  • DCI Logan Crime Thrillers 1-6 Books Collection Set By JD Kirk (A Litter of Bones, Thicker Than Water, The Killing Code, Blood and Treachery, The Last Bloody Straw, A Whisper of…

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    DCI Logan Crime Thrillers 1-6 Books Collection Set By JD Kirk:

    A Litter of Bones:
    Ten years ago, DCI Jack Logan stopped the serial child-killer dubbed ‘Mister Whisper,’ earning himself a commendation, a drinking problem, and a broken marriage in the process.Now, he spends his days working in Glasgow’s Major Investigations Team, and his nights reliving the horrors of what he saw.

    Thicker Than Water:
    When a badly mutilated body washes up on the shores of Loch Ness, DCI Jack Logan’s dream of a quiet life in the Highlands is shattered.While the media speculates wildly about monster attacks, Jack and the Major Investigations Team must act fast to catch the killer before they can strike again.

    The Killing Code:
    After twenty years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Logan thinks he has seen it all. He is wrong.When a nurse is murdered on her way home from nightshift, Jack and his team go on the hunt for her killer.

    Blood and Treachery:
    How far would you go to bury the truth?While searching for a missing hill walker, Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team uncovers a body – just not the one they were looking for.

    The Last Bloody Straw:
    How do you solve a murder when everyone’s a suspect?Tormented by the recent loss of a colleague, DCI Jack Logan is on the warpath, determined to bring down all those he holds responsible for the officer’s death.

    A Whisper of Sorrows:
    The hunter has become the hunted.Ten years ago, DCI Jack Logan caught the twisted child killer known as Mister Whisper. Two days ago, Mister Whisper escaped.Now, Jack must track down the most ruthless enemy he has ever faced before he can strike again.

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  • Deadly Game: The stunning thriller from the screen legend Michael Caine

    ‘Hugely entertaining… has all the charm of many of Caine’s screen roles – think The Ipcress File and The Italian Job… The action does not flag for a moment…. Told with Caine’s trademark ironic humour, it’s an old-fashioned delight’ DAILY MAIL

    *** An explosive international thriller from the Hollywood legend and British icon Sir Michael Caine***

    ‘Excellent, with an old-school hero and a plot rich in twists and turns . . . Caine’s debut is the thriller you hoped he’d write’SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

    DCI Harry Taylor has no respect for red tape or political reputations – but he’s great at catching criminals.

    And all his unorthodox skills will be needed as an extraordinary situation unfolds on his doorstep: a metal box of radioactive material is found at a dump in Stepney, East London, but before the police can arrive it is stolen in a violent raid.

    With security agencies across the world on red alert, it’s Harry and his unconventional team from the Met who must hit the streets in search of a lead. They soon have two wildly different suspects, aristocratic art dealer Julian Smythe in London and oligarch Vladimir Voldrev in Barbados. But the pressure is on. How much time does Harry have, and how many more players will join the action, before the missing uranium is lighting up the sky?

    Deadly Game is a compelling, fast-paced novel of international intrigue and twisting suspense from a legendary actor and British icon.

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  • Dirty Thirty: 30 (Stephanie Plum)


    Janet Evanovich, the “most popular mystery writer alive” (The New York Times), is in top form as she sends Stephanie Plum on the trail of a stolen stash of dirty diamonds.

    Stephanie Plum, Trenton’s hardest working, most underappreciated bounty hunter, is offered a freelance assignment that seems simple enough. Local jeweler Martin Rabner wants her to locate his former security guard, Andy Manley (a.k.a. Nutsy), who he is convinced stole a fortune in diamonds out of his safe. Stephanie is also looking for another troubled man, Duncan Dugan, a fugitive from justice arrested for robbing the same jewelry store on the same day.

    With her boyfriend Morelli away in Miami on police business, Stephanie is taking care of Bob, Morelli’s giant orange dog who will devour anything, from Stephanie’s stray donuts to the upholstery in her car. Morelli’s absence also means the inscrutable, irresistible security expert Ranger is front and center in Stephanie’s life when things inevitably go sideways. And he seems determined to stay there.

    To complicate matters, her best friend Lula is convinced she is being stalked by a mythological demon hell-bent on relieving her of her wardrobe. An overnight stakeout with Stephanie’s mother and Grandma Mazur reveals three generations of women with nerves of steel and driving skills worthy of NASCAR champions.

    As the body count rises and witnesses start to disappear, it won’t be easy for Stephanie to keep herself clean when everyone else is playing dirty. It’s a good thing Stephanie isn’t afraid of getting a little dirty, too.

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  • Don’t Look Back: A haunting mystery perfect for the long, dark nights (Fenton House)

    Adam’s eyes swelled in horror at the sight that confronted him. Henry was standing with his back against the front door, pale and rigid, his left hand pressed to his neck. Blood was seeping between his fingers, running down his wrist and dripping from his elbow onto the back of Jacob’s head. Jacob was facedown on the tiled floor, arms outstretched to either side with blood pooling around his wrists. There was a faintly metallic butcher’s shop smell in the air…

    After the tragic death of their eleven-year-old son, Adam and Ella are fighting to keep their family from falling apart. Then comes an opportunity that seems too good to be true. They win a competition to live for free in a breathtakingly beautiful mansion on the Cornish Lizard Peninsula. There’s just one catch – the house is supposedly haunted.

    Mystery has always swirled around Fenton House. In 1920 the house’s original owner, reclusive industrialist Walter Lewarne, hanged himself from its highest turret. In 1996, the then inhabitants, George Trehearne, his wife Sofia and their young daughter Heloise disappeared without a trace. Neither mystery was ever solved.

    Adam is not the type to believe in ghosts. As far as he’s concerned, ghosts are simply memories. Everywhere he looks in their cramped London home he sees his dead son. Despite misgivings, the chance to start afresh is too tempting to pass up. Adam, Ella and their surviving son Henry move into Fenton House. At first, the change of scenery gives them all a new lease of life. But as the house starts to reveal its secrets, they come to suspect that they may not be alone after all…

    What Amazon and Goodreads readers are saying about Ben Cheetham’s books

    ‘I love love loved this book! Had me gripped right from the start and just had to keep reading it!’

    ‘A dark and twisting narrative that will keep you turning the pages. Ben Cheetham’s characters, though sometimes tainted or, indeed, pure evil, are completely believable.’

    ‘The only trouble with this book is that sleep and work got in the way.’

    ‘I loved this book and continue to think about the characters after I finished.’

    ‘Brilliantly written and had me totally captivated. Didn’t want to stop reading as I felt myself getting pulled into the drama and wanting to find out what happened next.’

    ‘Wow! I loved this book. The suspense kept me on the edge of my chair!’

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  • Double or Nothing: An explosive new 2022 spy thriller novel, blowing the world of James Bond wide open! (Latest official 007): Book 1


    The start of a brand new trilogy following MI6’s agents with a licence to kill, that blows the world of James Bond wide open!

    James Bond is missing and presumed dead. In his absence, MI6 is left struggling to pick up the pieces in the face of the world’s deadliest threat yet.

    Moneypenny’s elite Double O agents – Sid Bashir, Johanna Harwood and Joseph Dryden – are tasked with infiltrating the deadly terrorist organisation Rattenfänger, and unearthing its connection to tech billionaire Sir Bertram Paradise.


    Ast time ticks away, the stakes couldn’t be higher – and the fate of our lives rests in their hands…

    What everyone is saying about DOUBLE OR NOTHING:

    ‘Filled with characters so real we feel we know them, the novel races through its surprising plot twists like an Aston Martin in high gear’ Jeffery Deaver, author of Carte Blanche, a James Bond novel

    ‘Stylish, explosive, fresh and fun, Kim Sherwood takes one of the world’s most beloved series and makes it her own’ Chris Whitaker, author of We Begin at the End

    ‘Kim Sherwood has taken the world of James Bond and turned it on its head’ Charles Cumming, author of BOX 88

    ‘A cleverly plotted and absorbing novel with a fantastic cast of fully rounded characters’ Lisa Ballantyne, author of The Innocent One

    ‘Delivers everything you could want and more from a high-octane, high-stakes spy thriller’ Tim Glister, author of Red Corona

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  • Dublin Murder Squad Series 6 Books Collection Set by Tana French (In The Woods, The Likeness, Faithful Place, Broken Harbour, Secret Place & The Trespasser)

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    Dublin Murder Squad Series 6 Books Collection Set by Tana French:

    In the Woods:
    When he was twelve years old, Adam Ryan went playing in the woods with his two best friends. He never saw them again. Their bodies were never found, and Adam himself was discovered with his back pressed against an oak tree and his shoes filled with blood.

    The Likeness:
    Still traumatised by her brush with a psychopath, Detective Cassie Maddox transfers out of the Murder squad and starts a relationship with fellow detective Sam O’Neill. When he calls her to the scene of his new case, she is shocked to find that the murdered girl is her double.

    Faithful Place:
    The course of Frank Mackey’s life was set by one defining moment when he was nineteen. The moment his girlfriend, Rosie Daly, failed to turn up for their rendezvous in Faithful Place, failed to run away with him to London as they had planned.

    Broken Harbour:
    In Broken Harbour, a ghost estate outside Dublin – half-built, half-inhabited, half-abandoned – two children and their father are dead. The mother is on her way to intensive care. Scorcher Kennedy is given the case because he is the Murder squad’s star detective.

    The Secret Place:
    Even in her exclusive boarding school, in the graceful golden world that Stephen has always longed for, bad things happen and people have secrets. The previous year, Christopher Harper, from the neighbouring boys’ school, was found murdered on the grounds.

    The Trespasser:
    Being on the Dublin Murder squad is nothing like Detective Antoinette Conway dreamed. Her working life is a stream of thankless cases and harassment. Antoinette is tough, but she’s getting close to the breaking point.

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  • Going Rogue: Rise and Shine Twenty-Nine: 29 (Stephanie Plum)

    Stephanie Plum breaks the rules, flirts with disaster, and shows who’s boss in this whip-smart and fast-paced thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling “crown princess of detective fiction” (BookPage) Janet Evanovich.

    Monday mornings aren’t supposed to be fun, but they should be predictable. However, on this particular Monday, Stephanie Plum knows that something is amiss when she turns up for work at Vinnie’s Bail Bonds to find that longtime office manager Connie Rosolli, who is as reliable as the tides in Atlantic City, hasn’t shown up.

    Stephanie’s worst fears are confirmed when she gets a call from Connie’s abductor. He says he will only release her in exchange for a mysterious coin that a recently murdered man left as collateral for his bail. Unfortunately, this coin, which should be in the office–just like Connie–is nowhere to be found.

    The quest to discover the coin, learn its value, and save Connie will require the help of Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur, her best pal Lula, her boyfriend Morelli, and hunky security expert Ranger. As they get closer to unraveling the reasons behind Connie’s kidnapping, Connie’s captor grows more threatening and soon Stephanie has no choice but to throw caution to the wind, follow her instincts, and go rogue.

    Full of surprises, thrills, and humor, Going Rogue reveals a new side of Stephanie Plum, and shows Janet Evanovich at her scorching, riotous best.

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  • Halfway House

    Called to an urgent meeting at a mysterious shack in the middle of nowhere, attorney Bill Angell finds his brother-in-law, traveling salesman Joe Wilson, stabbed. With Joe’s dying breath, he manages to convey that his murderer was a veiled woman. Was it the wild-eyed woman who had sped past Bill on his way up the dark road to the shack?

    To help him unravel the mystery, Bill calls on his old friend Ellery Queen. But first Queen will have to unravel the victim’s double life – starting with the shack where he’s been found dead, smack dab between two very different worlds.

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    Halfway House

  • Harlan Coben Myron Bolitar Series Collection 1-10 Books Set (Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away, Back Spin, One False Move, The Final Detail, Darkest Fear, Promise Me, Long…

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    Harlan Coben Myron Bolitar Series Collection 1-10 Books Set:

    Deal Breaker:
    Investigator and sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised on the edge of the big-time. So is Christian Steele, a rookie quarterback and Myron’s prized client.

    Drop Shot:
    The young woman was shot dead in cold blood, dropped outside the stadium, in front of a stand selling Moët for $7.50 a glass. Once her tennis career had skyrocketed.

    Fade Away:
    Myron Bolitar once had a promising career as a sportsman, until an accident forced him to quit.

    Back Spin:
    The boy was born and raised on the Main Line. But he vanished on Philadelphia’s mean streets – last seen in a down-town cheater’s hotel.

    One False Move:
    Myron Bolitar might have a slightly dubious past, but he knows how to handle himself and is doing just fine as a sports agent.

    The Final Detail:
    Myron screwed up. His job was to protect someone. He fell in love with that someone and then she died. End of story.

    Darkest Fear:
    Life isn’t going well for Myron Bolitar. His business is struggling, and his father, recently recovered from a heart attack, is facing his own mortality – and forcing Myron to face it too.

    Promise Me:
    The 2am phone call is from a young, frightened, lost girl who has called the one adult who had promised to help her if she ever got into any trouble: Myron Bolitar.

    Long Lost:
    Myron is summoned to Paris at the behest of an old lover, Terese. She is in unspecified trouble and needs his help.

    Live Wire:
    A beautiful woman walking into Myron Bolitar’s office asking for help should have been a dream come true.

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  • I Know It’s You: The utterly gripping, new emotional thriller for 2024 from the Sunday Times bestselling author


    Don’t miss the next emotionally gripping thriller from Sunday Times bestseller Susan Lewis!


    The first chapter of a manuscript arrives on Publisher Marina’s desk. She assumes it’s just another novel by another aspiring writer…


    As the chapters arrive one by one, Marina is convinced they are about her past. There’s only one person who can know everything about the scandal, the trial, and the trauma that nearly broke her.


    This is one story that should never be told, and Marina is so desperate she will do anything to stop it getting out.

    Susan Lewis’ book ‘Who’s Lying Now?’ was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 22-08-2022.

    Readers LOVE I Know It’s You!

    ‘I could not put this book down. It had me hooked from start to finish with a great storyline and many twists and turns along the way. What a rollercoaster!’ Reader review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘Wow this book is amazing. I am a huge fan of Susan Lewis but this book had me up most of the night reading’ Reader review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘A great holiday read. Two stories being told next to each other with some great twists… the characters are fantastic’ Reader review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘Oh what a tangled tale, my suspicions moved from character to character as I read the book. A fantastic read’ Reader review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ‘This one did not disappoint, I couldn’t put it down desperate to discover what was going to happen next. I would have given this more than 5 stars if I could’ Reader review, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Susan Lewis’ book ‘Who’s Lying Now?’ was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 22-08-2022.

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  • I Will Find You: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Fool Me Once


    From the # 1 author and creator of the hit Netflix drama Stay Close, a page-turning thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page. The new Harlan Coben blockbuster has arrived.

    David and Cheryl Burroughs are living the dream – married, a beautiful house in the suburbs, a three year old son named Matthew – when tragedy strikes one night in the worst possible way.

    David awakes to find himself covered in blood, but not his own – his son’s. And while he knows he did not murder his son, the overwhelming evidence against him puts him behind bars indefinitely.

    Five years into his imprisonment, Cheryl’s sister arrives – and drops a bombshell.

    She’s come with a photograph that a friend took on vacation at a theme park. The boy in the background seems familiar – and even though David realizes it can’t be, he knows it is.

    It’s Matthew, and he’s still alive.

    David plans a harrowing escape from prison, determined to do what seems impossible – save his son, clear his own name, and discover the real story of what happened that devastating night.

    Readers are loving I Will Find You . . .

    ‘A thrilling roller-coaster ride’
    ‘Harlan at his absolute best!’
    ‘Couldn’t put is down’
    ‘Bravo on another fab story’
    ‘Such an amazing writer’

    Praise for Harlan Coben . . .

    ‘Unbelievably brilliant’ RICHARD OSMAN
    ‘Never lets you down’ LEE CHILD
    ‘Simply one of the all-time greats’ GILLIAN FLYNN
    ‘The modern master of the hook and twist’ DAN BROWN
    ‘One of the world’s finest thriller writers’ PETER JAMES

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  • Karen McManus Collection 4 Books Box Set (One Of Us Is Lying, One Of Us Is Next, Two Can Keep a Secret & The Cousins)

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    Karen McManus Collection 4 Books Box Set (One Of Us Is Lying, One Of Us Is Next, Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins):

    One Of Us Is Lying:
    Five students go to detention. Only four leave alive.Yale hopeful Bronwyn has never publicly broken a rule.Sports star Cooper only knows what he’s doing in the baseball diamond.Bad boy Nate is one misstep away from a life of crime.

    One Of Us Is Next:
    Welcome back to Bayview High . . .It’s been a year since the events of One Of Us Is Lying.But nothing has settled for the residents of Bayview. Not now someone has started playing a sinister game of Truth or Dare. Choose truth? You must reveal your darkest secret.

    Two Can Keep a Secret:
    A perfect town is hiding secrets. Secrets that somebody would kill to keep hidden.Ellery’s never been to Echo Ridge, but she’s heard all about it. It’s where her aunt went missing at age sixteen, never to return. Where a Homecoming Queen’s murder five years ago made national news.

    The Cousins:
    The Storys are the envy of their neighbours: owners of the largest property on their East Coast island, they are rich, beautiful, and close. Until it all falls apart. The four children are suddenly dropped by their mother with a single sentence:

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  • Killing Moon: The NEW Sunday Times bestselling thriller (Harry Hole, 19)


    *Pre-order the paperback now*


    ‘Nesbø is one of today’s most interesting thriller writers’ LEE CHILD


    When a body is found in the forest, the police make a horrifying discovery: her scalp has been removed and sewn back on. But they have no idea why.

    With a second woman reported missing, detectives fear their worst nightmare has come true.

    A serial killer is stalking the streets of Oslo.

    With time running out to find the woman, former detective Harry Hole is called in to think like a murderer thinks… and to track down this killer before they strike again.

    But Harry has ulterior motives for wanting to solve this case and, if he fails, there could be more than one life at risk.


    ‘Nesbo deploys all the key ingredients of a cracking good thriller… effortless’ Guardian

    ‘The undisputed king of Scandinavian crime fiction’ The Times


    Killing Moon is the 13th novel in the Harry Hole series, although each title reads as a standalone.


    Killing Moon appeared in the Sunday Times top 10 bestseller list on 04.06.2023

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  • Loyalty: The brand new novel from the bestselling author


    ‘The Queen of Crime is back!’ Closer

    Don’t miss the brand new novel from legendary author Martina Cole.

    If you want to survive in this world, there’s one thing you should value above all else: LOYALTY.

    Dara Tailor has had to grow up fast. With a mother addicted to cocaine, Dara must look after her seven younger siblings, until social services split them up for ever.

    Grace Perry has led a sheltered life. Until her widowed mother is attacked and left for dead and Grace is taken into care.

    At Holly Brookes Children’s Home, the two girls unite in the face of horrific abuse and form an unbreakable bond of loyalty.

    But when their loyalty is tested can they rely on each other to do the right thing?

    Friendship – it’s all about trust.

    Don’t miss the explosive new novel from the queen of crime Martina Cole.

    ‘She’s a total one-off’ Guardian

    ‘The stuff of legend . . . utterly compelling’ Mirror

    ‘Superstar crime writer’ This Morning

    ‘The undisputed Queen of crime writing’ Erwin James

    ‘Her gripping plots pack a mean emotional punch’ Mail on Sunday

    ‘One of the best fiction authors around . . . spectacular’ Closer

    ‘Dark and dangerous’ Sunday Mirror

    Due to health reasons, Martina Cole has chosen to collaborate with writer Jacqui Rose to finish her upcoming novel Loyalty.

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  • Misery: King Stephen


    One of the true classics of psychological suspense, about a writer and his No. 1 fan, now with a stunning new cover look.

    Paul Sheldon used to write for a living. Now he’s writing to stay alive.

    Misery Chastain is dead. Paul Sheldon has just killed her – with relief, with joy. Misery made him rich; she was the heroine of a string of bestsellers. And now he wants to get on to some real writing.

    That’s when the car accident happens, and he wakes up splinted and in pain, in the remote mountain home of his rescuer, Annie Wilkes.

    The good news is that Annie was a nurse and has pain-killing drugs. The bad news is that she has long been Paul’s Number One Fan. And when she finds out what Paul has done to Misery, she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like it at all . . .

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    Misery: King Stephen

  • Mr Mercedes (The Bill Hodges Trilogy)


    King’s incredible crime thriller featuring Bill Hodges and introducing Holly Gibney is now released with with a stunning new cover look.

    Who is going to be the fish in this relationship, and who is going to be the fisherman?

    retired cop, tormented by ‘the Mercedes massacre’, a case he never solved.

    perpetrator of that notorious crime, and preparing to kill again.

    Now each is closing in on the other in a mega-stakes race against time from worldwide bestselling master of suspense, Stephen King.

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  • Murder in the Family: The #7 Sunday Times bestseller and gripping tiktok sensation that reads like true crime from the million-copies-sold author




    ‘This devilishly clever, ground-breaking novel will keep you guessing’ IAN RANKIN

    ‘This book had me riveted to the page. It is original, inventive and totally 21st Century… Just brilliant!’ JANICE HALLETT

    From the author of IN THE DARK and CLOSE TO HOME comes a brilliant standalone thriller you’ll never forget




    In October 2003, Luke Ryder was found dead in the garden of the family home in London, leaving behind a wealthy older widow and three stepchildren. Nobody saw anything.

    Now, secrets will be revealed – live on camera.

    Years later a group of experts re-examine the evidence on Infamous, a true-crime show – with shocking results. Does the team know more than they’ve been letting on?

    Or does the truth lie closer to home?

    Can you solve the case before they do?

    The truth will blow your mind.

    Over a million copies sold of Cara Hunter books across all formats (paperback, ebook and audio) as of 1st July 2023

    MURDER IN THE FAMILY was a #7 Sunday Times bestseller for week ending 3rd September 2023


    ‘Unique and hugely enjoyable.’ Sunday Express

    ‘Addictive’ Sunday Times

    ‘An excellent, wholly original whodunnit!’ Gilly MacMillan

    ‘Genius premise with all the twistiness you’d expect from Cara Hunter. Her best yet!’ Victoria Selman

    ‘Reads like True Crime―relentlessly twisty and utterly compelling’ Shari Lapena

    Cara Hunter’s book ‘Murder in the Family’ was a Sunday Times bestseller w/c 07-08-2023.

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  • Murder on the Dance Floor: The gripping and sexy debut cosy crime novel for 2023 from the star of Strictly Come Dancing


    Behind the sequins and the sparkles, the competition is about to turn deadly . . .

    ‘I loved it! I’m quite convinced I’ve danced with Lily Richmond, and if anyone can solve a few crimes she can . . .’ ANTON DU BEKE

    When a promising young dancer collapses during the opening tango of a major competition, Lily Richmond, dance legend, teacher and one-time world champion, is convinced that murder is afoot.

    There’s only one person who can help Lily solve the mystery: her former student, now turned private detective, Susie Cooper. But Susie vowed she’d never return to the ballroom . . .

    As the competition gets fiercer and the bodies pile up, Susie will be forced to go undercover in Blackpool and come face to face with a man she thought she’d left behind. Can Lily and Susie unravel the rumours from the rumbas and expose the murderer’s identity before they strike again?

    Sex, lies and ballroom dancing. Murder on the Dance Floor is a backstage pass to a world where the most ambitious will stop at nothing to win.

    🔎🔎 Two amateur detectives on the case
    🌹 One second chance romance
    🌶 Sex, lies and backstabbing
    🔪🔪🔪 And a whole lot of deadly ambition. . .

    If you like your crime deadly and your romance spicy, look no further

    * * *

    Readers are LOVING Murder on the Dance Floor:

    ‘If you are a Strictly fan, get reading’

    ‘Loved this twisty, turny murder mystery set in the ruthless world of ballroom dancing’

    ‘A glamorous and intriguing whodunnit . . . No one could bring it better to life than Shirley Ballas’

    ‘It’s a ten from me. . .Who would have thought the world of dancing could make such a great backdrop for a murder mystery?’

    ‘Full of fun, mystery, sequins and, of course, dance!’

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  • Myron Bolitar Series Books 1 – 5 Collection Set by Harlan Coben (Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away, Back Spin & One False Move)

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    Myron Bolitar Series Books 1 – 5 Collection Set by Harlan Coben:

    Deal Breaker (Myron Bolitar 01):
    The truth can get you killed… A stunning thriller from the SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author of SIX YEARS.Investigator and sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised on the edge of the big-time. So is Christian Steele, a rookie quarterback and Myron’s prized client.

    Drop Shot (Myron Bolitar 02):
    The young woman was shot dead in cold blood, dropped outside the stadium, in front of a stand selling Moët for $7.50 a glass. Once her tennis career had skyrocketed. Now, at the height of the US Open, the headlines were being made by another young player from the wrong side of the tracks.

    Fade Away (Myron Bolitar 03):
    Myron Bolitar once had a promising career as a sportsman, until an accident forced him to quit. After a spell in the FBI he now runs his own business.Then Myron is approached to find Greg Downing. He knows Greg from old – they were once rivals, not just in sport, but for a woman they both loved. Now Greg has vanished.

    Back Spin (Myron Bolitar 04):
    The boy was born and raised on the Main Line. But he vanished on Philadelphia’s mean streets – last seen in a down-town cheater’s hotel. For sports agent Myron Bolitar, his client, superstar Linda Coldren, comes first, and that means unravelling the mystery of her son’s kidnapping.

    One False Move (Myron Bolitar 05):
    Myron Bolitar might have a slightly dubious past, but he knows how to handle himself and is doing just fine as a sports agent.And then he meets Brenda Slaughter, one of the hottest female sports stars around. She’s gorgeous

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  • Never Lie


    A twisting, pulse-pounding thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Housemaid and The Coworker!

    Sometimes the truth kills…
    Newlyweds Tricia and Ethan are searching for the house of their dreams. They think they’ve found it when they visit the remote manor that once belonged to Dr. Adrienne Hale, a renowned psychiatrist who vanished without a trace years ago. But when a violent winter storm traps them at the estate, the house begins to lose its appeal.
    Stuck inside and growing restless, Tricia stumbles on a collection of audio transcripts from Dr. Hale’s sessions with patients. As Tricia listens to the cassette tapes, she learns about the terrifying chain of events leading up to the doctor’s mysterious disappearance.
    With each tape, another shocking piece of the puzzle falls into place, and a web of lies slowly unravels. But by the time Tricia reaches the final cassette, the one that reveals the entire horrifying story, it will be too late…
    From New York Times bestselling author Freida McFadden comes an addictive, unpredictable thriller that will keep you asking the question: what is the truth?

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    Never Lie

  • Never Never TikTok made me buy it! The Sunday Times bestselling dark romantic suspense thriller from the BookTok sensation and author of It Ends with Us and the author of The…


    Forgetting is terrifying. Remembering is worse…

    Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash have been best friends since they could walk. They’ve been in love since the age of fourteen. But as of this morning… they are complete strangers. Their first kiss, their first fight, the moment they fell in love… every memory has vanished.

    Now Charlie and Silas must work together to uncover the truth about what happened to them and why. But the more they learn about the couple they used to be… the more they question why they were ever together to begin with.

    Forgetting is terrifying, but remembering may be worse.

    The Number One Sunday Times bestselling author of It Ends with Us joins forces with the New York Times bestselling author of The Wives for a gripping, twisty, romantic mystery unlike any other.

    Praise for Never Never:

    ‘Gripping’ Bella

    ‘Compelling page-turner from a great writing duo’ My Weekly

    ‘A glorious thriller – you’ll be asking for more!’ Chat

    ‘A tortuous romance mystery that will keep you guessing’ Sunday Post

    Readers love Never Never…

    ‘Incredible chemistry between the characters… will keep you glued to the pages’

    ‘Thought provoking, exciting, original, and so romantic’

    ‘Kept me on the edge of my seat’

    ‘Never once did it disappoint’

    ‘Didn’t want it to end!’

    ‘Such a good read’

    ‘Couldn’t put it down!’

    ‘Refreshingly different… read it in a day’

    ‘Such a captivating concept and plot’

    Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher’s book ‘Never Never’ was a No.2 Sunday Times bestseller w/c 27-02-2023.

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  • Normal Women

    New mother Dani has a lot going on. She’s just moved back to her hometown, where her father was once known as the Garbage King; she’s fed up of not being a manicure-sporting, perfectly coiffed Normal Woman; and most of all, she’s worried that her seemingly healthy husband, Clark, will drop dead, leaving her and her new baby Lotte destitute.

    And then Dani discovers The Temple. Ostensibly a yoga center, The Temple and its guardian, Renata, are committed to helping people reach their full potential. And if that sometimes requires sex work, so be it. Finally, Dani has found something she could be good at, even great at – meaningful work that will protect her and Lotte from poverty, and provide true economic independence from Clark. But just as she’s preparing to embrace this opportunity, Renata disappears, leaving Dani to step into another role entirely – detective.

    Darkly comic, sharply witty and fiercely smart, Normal Women asks how our societies truly value female labour – and what independence really means.

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    Normal Women

  • Palace of Shadows: A Spine-Chilling Gothic Masterpiece from the Award-Winning Author of the City Blues Quartet


    ‘An absolute triumph’ – Sunday Express

    ‘Gloriously bonkers . . . a hugely entertaining slice of Gothic fantasy ‘ – Andrew Taylor, bestselling author of The Shadows of London

    An outstanding historical novel for fans of The Essex Serpent and Piranesi, Ray Celestin’s Palace of Shadows can lay claim to having at its centre the most Gothic House of them all . . .

    “I’m not asking you to build something impossible. I’m asking you to build something that contains all the strangeness and confusion that you can muster.”

    Samuel Etherstone, a penniless artist, is adrift in London. His disturbing art is shunned by patrons and critics alike, his friend Oscar Wilde is now an exile living in Paris, and a personal tragedy has taken its toll. So when he is contacted by a mysterious heiress, Mrs Chesterfield, and asked to work on a commission for the house she is building on the desolate Smugglers’ Coast of North Yorkshire, he accepts the offer.

    Staying overnight in the local village pub, Samuel is warned not to spend too much time there. He is told of the fate of the house’s original architect, Francisco Varano, chilling tales of folk driven mad by the house, of it being built on haunted land where young girls have vanished, their ghosts now calling others to their deaths…

    It is only on arrival at the Chesterfield house that he learns the sinister details of Varano’s disappearance. And yet its owner keeps adding wing upon wing, and no one will tell him the reason behind her chilling obsession . . . But as Samuel delves deeper into the mysteries that swirl about the house, the nature of the project becomes terrifyingly clear.

    ‘Palace of Shadows moves exhilaratingly into Gothic territory’ – Financial Times

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  • Pet Sematary


    The house looked right, felt right to Dr Louis Creed.

    Rambling, old, unsmart and comfortable. A place where the family could settle; the children grow and play and explore. The rolling hills and meadows of Maine seemed a world away from the fume-choked dangers of Chicago.

    Only the occasional big truck out on the two-lane highway, grinding up through the gears, hammering down the long gradients, growled out an intrusive threat.

    But behind the house and far away from the road: that was safe. Just a carefully cleared path up into the woods where generations of local children have processed with the solemn innocence of the young, taking with them their dear departed pets for burial.

    A sad place maybe, but safe. Surely a safe place. Not a place to seep into your dreams, to wake you, sweating with fear and foreboding.

    Read more


    Pet Sematary

  • Rachel Lynch Series Di Kelly Porter 9 Books Collection Set (Dead End, Dark Game, Bitter Edge, Blood Rites, Deep Fear, Bold Lies, Little Doubt, Lost Cause, Lying Ways)

    Please Note That The Following Individual Books As Per Original ISBN and Cover Image In this Listing shall be Dispatched Collectively:

    Rachel Lynch Series Di Kelly Porter 9 Books Collection Set:

    Dark Game:
    After a scandal forces DI Kelly Porter out of the Met, she returns to her home turf in the Lake District. Crimes in the Cumbrian constabulary tend to be of the minor sort.

    Deep Fear:
    DI Kelly Porter is back. But will this new case push her beyond her limits? On a peaceful summer’s morning in the Lake District, a woman’s body is discovered outside a church.

    Dead End:
    When the seventh Earl of Lowesdale is found hanging from the rafters at Wasdale Hall, everyone assumes the aging aristocrat finally had enough of chasing the glory of his youth.

    Bitter Edge:
    DI Kelly Porter is back, but so is an old foe and this time he won’t back down. When a teenage girl flings herself off a cliff in pursuit of a gruesome death.

    Bold Lies:
    Seemingly unconnected, unexpected links between the gruesome crimes emerge and it’s up to DI Kelly Porter to follow the trail – all the way to the capital.

    Blood Rites:
    When a young woman is found unclothed, unspeaking at an ancient stone circle it’s not clear if any crime has been committed.

    Little Doubt:
    When Ella Watson, a woman of wealth and status, is brutally stabbed to death in broad daylight it sends a shockwave through the Lake District community.

    Lost Cause:
    One icy cold morning, the remains of a woman are discovered. She has been abused, then butchered. DI Kelly Porter knows this is the work of a monster.

    Lying Ways:
    Highton prison sits nestled within the moors of western Cumbria, close to the coastal road. When two former inmates turn up dead, DI Kelly Porter is tasked with finding out why.

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  • Royal Mysteries of the Tudor Period

    The Tudor period is familiar to British public in reading and viewing in books, TV series and film – list is endless, from Shakespeare and Fletcher in the 1600s to Hilary Mantel et al, and involving internationally famous authors and actors. This is backdrop to the ‘Royal Mysteries’ which reflect aspects of enduring modern interest. These include royal family drama, sex, scandal, violence, tragedy, murder both judicial and from personal rivalry. The period is dominated and overshadowed by the gigantic and brutal figure of Henry VIII , the ‘British Stalin’, with his six wives with two got rid of by judicial murder. Royal Mysteries occur throughout the period. The battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 did not end the Wars of the Roses, Henry VII’s claim was disputed by Pretenders, and following the unresolved disappearance of the ‘Princes in the Tower’, Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck with considerable and allegedly Yorkist support. Then came Anne Boleyn, who to many, including modern writers and top historians, a religious reformer, idealist and gifted woman, ruthlessly put down and maligned and executed by the brutal Henry VIII and victim of manipulating figures like Cromwell in a royal court full of ‘spin’ and ‘fake news’. And the stories Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots are similarly packed with mystery and scandal. Elizabeth’s possible suitor and potential husband was Robert Dudley and his ailing wife died in suspicious circumstances. And the long saga of Elizabeth and Mary involved Mary’s tangled affairs involving murder and conspiracy to replace Elizabeth on the English throne.

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  • Shadow State: The gripping new novel from the original SAS hero


    ‘Terrific’ Sunday Times


    In the dark world of cryptocurrency, there’s a high price to pay . . .

    From the central bank of El Salvador to a tantalum mine in Rwanda, the Acropolis Museum in Athens to the biggest freeport on the planet in Dubai, enter a world ruled by ones and zeroes and inhabited by people who don’t believe in trust.

    Nathan Pike is one of those people. To some he’s a digital Robin Hood. To others he’s nothing but an amoral hacker. A codebreaking and encryption expert, he sells his skills to whoever can pay him what he wants or give him something he needs.

    And when he’s sprung from a Cambodian prison by a woman calling herself Melody Jones, he’s made an offer the likes of which he’s never seen before.


    ‘A tremendous adventure story’ – Daily Telegraph
    ‘Extraordinary’ – The Times
    ‘A rollercoaster ride’ – Guardian
    ‘Full on, fast-paced, gripping’ – Sunday Sport
    ‘Authentic to the core’ – Daily Express
    ‘Stunning’ – Sun
    ‘Unstoppable’ – Daily Mirror

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  • Southern Seas

    The body of Stuart Pedrell, a powerful businessman, is found in a Barcelona suburb. He had disappeared on his way to Polynesia in search of the visionary spirit of Paul Gauguin. Who better to find the killer of a dead dreamer than Pepe Carvalho, overweight bon viveur and ex-communist? The trail for Pedrell?s killer unearths a world of disillusioned lefties, graphic sex and nouvelle cuisine – major ingredients of post-Franco Spain. A tautly-written mystery with an unforgettable – and highly unusual – protagonist.

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  • Standing in the Shadows: The last novel in the number one bestselling Alan Banks crime series


    The brilliant last novel in the number one bestselling Alan Banks crime series – by the master of the police procedural.

    ‘The best mystery-procedural series on the market. Try one and tell me I’m wrong’ STEPHEN KING

    Late November, 1980. Student Nick Hartley returns from a lecture to find his house full of police officers. As he discovers that his ex-girlfriend has been found murdered in a nearby park, and her new boyfriend is missing, he realises two things in quick succession: he is undoubtedly a suspect as he has no convincing alibi, and he has own suspicions as to what might have happened . . .

    Late November 2019. An dig near Scotch Corner unearths a skeleton that turns out to be far more recent than the Roman remains the archaeologist is looking for. Detective Superintendent Alan Banks and his team are called in and, as an investigation into the find begins, the past and the present meet with devastating consequences.

    ‘The master of the police procedural’ MAIL ON SUNDAY

    Read more

  • The Actor (Hard Case Crime)

    NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTUREDonald E. Westlake’s lost masterpiece MEMORY, adapted for the screen as THE ACTOR.

    “An unsparing look at a man adrift, it’s a fitting final dispatch from a master.”–Time

    “Terse and bleak and low-key emotional… indelible.”–Entertainment Weekly


    Hospitalised after a liaison with another man’s wife ends in violence, Paul Cole has just one goal: to rebuild his shattered life. But with his memory damaged, the police hounding him, and no way even to get home, Paul’s facing steep odds–and a bleak fate if he fails…

    This never-before-published novel by three-time Edgar Award winner Donald E. Westlake is a noir masterpiece, a dark and painful portrait of a man’s struggle against merciless forces that threaten to strip him of his very identity.

    Read more

  • The Chalk Man: The chilling and spine-tingling Sunday Times bestseller





    It was only meant to be a game . . .

    None of us ever agreed on the exact beginning.

    Was it when we started drawing the chalk figures, or when they started to appear on their own?

    Was it the terrible accident?

    Or when they found the first body?



    ‘A must-read’ Daily Express

    ‘A tense gripper with a leave-the-lights-on shock ending’ Sunday Times

    ‘There are shades of Stephen King in this very creepy timeslip’ Guardian, BOOKS OF THE YEAR

    ‘A frightening Stephen King-esque coming-of-age story cum murder mystery’ Daily Telegraph, BOOKS OF THE YEAR

    ‘There are shades of Stephen King when the reality bends into the sinister, and a deliciously creepy finale’ Daily Mail

    ‘Deliciously creepy with a side order of Eighties nostalgia’ Good Housekeeping

    Read more

  • The Chinese Orange Mystery: 0 (An American Mystery Classic)


    A topsy-turvy crime scene sends a detective on a puzzling quest for the truth.

    The offices of foreign literature publisher and renowned stamp collector Donald Kirk are often host to strange activities, but the most recent occurrence­ the murder of an unknown caller, found dead in an empty waiting room is unlike any that has come before. Nobody, it seems, entered or exited the room, and yet the crime scene clearly has been manipulated, leaving everything in the room turned backwards and upside down. Stuck through the back of the corpse’s shirt are two long spears and a tangerine is missing from the fruit bowl. Enter amateur sleuth Ellery Queen, who arrives just in time to witness the discovery of the body, only to be immediately drawn into a complex case in which no clue is too minor or too glaring to warrant careful consideration.

    Reprinted for the first time in over thirty years, The Chinese Orange Mystery is revered to this day for its challenging conceit and inventive solution. The book is a “fair-play” mystery in which readers have all the clues needed to solve the crime. In 1981, the novel was selected as one of the top ten locked room mysteries of all time by a panel of mystery-world luminaries that included Julian Symons, Edward D. Hoch, Howard Haycraft, and Otto Penzler.

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