Royal Mysteries of the Tudor Period

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The Tudor period is familiar to British public in reading and viewing in books, TV series and film – list is endless, from Shakespeare and Fletcher in the 1600s to Hilary Mantel et al, and involving internationally famous authors and actors. This is backdrop to the ‘Royal Mysteries’ which reflect aspects of enduring modern interest. These include royal family drama, sex, scandal, violence, tragedy, murder both judicial and from personal rivalry. The period is dominated and overshadowed by the gigantic and brutal figure of Henry VIII , the ‘British Stalin’, with his six wives with two got rid of by judicial murder. Royal Mysteries occur throughout the period. The battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 did not end the Wars of the Roses, Henry VII’s claim was disputed by Pretenders, and following the unresolved disappearance of the ‘Princes in the Tower’, Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck with considerable and allegedly Yorkist support. Then came Anne Boleyn, who to many, including modern writers and top historians, a religious reformer, idealist and gifted woman, ruthlessly put down and maligned and executed by the brutal Henry VIII and victim of manipulating figures like Cromwell in a royal court full of ‘spin’ and ‘fake news’. And the stories Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots are similarly packed with mystery and scandal. Elizabeth’s possible suitor and potential husband was Robert Dudley and his ailing wife died in suspicious circumstances. And the long saga of Elizabeth and Mary involved Mary’s tangled affairs involving murder and conspiracy to replace Elizabeth on the English throne.

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Royal Mysteries of the Tudor Period

£20.00£23.80 (-16%)

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