Pickled in the Pub (Max’s Campervan Case Files Book 3)


Max’s Vanlife Adventure Screeches to a Halt When a Quiet Pint at the Pub Leads to Murder!

Max Effort never thought he’d find himself at The Dead Crow’s sixth annual pickled onion festival, but serendipity is a peculiar thing, so here he stood. He didn’t care, because his two best friends—Min his ex-wife, and Anxious the Terrier—were with him so life was sweet. With his VW campervan in a nice corner of the pub’s grounds, and his outdoor kitchen set up for another one-pot wonder, he couldn’t have been happier.

When the pub’s chef goes missing, Max reluctantly agrees to step in and save the day. Having vowed never to enter a commercial kitchen again, he soon regrets the decision, especially when the chef is found dead in a broom closet with a jar of pickled onions.

With the pub landlord under pressure to keep the premises open, and the death seemingly natural causes, Max relaxes in the bar where a fun evening of festivities with the fiddler band turns into an after hours lock-in like no other.

Booze, music, way too many pickled onions, and another body means there’s a murderer on the loose and a room full of suspects. Now certain that his vanlife is a means of helping out local communities by solving crimes, Max begins to peel back the layers of this most puzzling of pickled problems. It might leave a sour taste in his mouth, but the stakes are high and the cost of failure lethal. As the team navigates a labyrinth of suspects as slippery as the pub floor, it becomes obvious the motive for the killings is wilder than anyone could have imagined.

If you have a taste for mystery, and a healthy appetite for laughter, then hold on tight, because you’re about to embark on a culinary caper that’s as savoury as it is suspenseful.

Contains a stunning one-pot recipe at the end. Perfect for those on the road, or anyone who wants a great meal without all the washing up!

A journey of freedom, friendship, and murder mystery on the open road.

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Pickled in the Pub (Max's Campervan Case Files Book 3)